She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 18

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:44 PM
Chapter 18

"Umm…Don't misunderstand me . I was just trying to help you . I could tell that you didn't want to go along with Malon Nang . I did not plan to spend this much, you should be thanking me Miss Bai . " Alex hurriedly made up a lie to cover up his straightforwardness .

He was so convincing Zunnie couldn't help but believe him . She sighed and stretched out her hand, "Zunnie Bai…please to meet you . Thank you for spending ten billion dollars to help a lady in distress . I promise your money will not go to waste . "

Alex smiled then looked down at her hands . He hesitated for a while to tease her, then took her hand in his for the handshake . Her hands were soft and slender, her fingers were delicate, yet she was giving him a firm business-like handshake . Alex was so amused he chuckled .

Zunnie furrowed her brow when she heard him .

"So, now that I've thanked you for helping me . Must we still have dinner?" Zunnie was still cautious of him .

"Saying only thank you is not worth ten billion dollars . Have dinner with me on Wednesday . "

"Why do I feel like I don't have a choice?"

"Haha…I'm glad you can tell . "

"I have to check my schedule . We may have to negotiate if I can't make it . "

"Ahh no rush…I can make time when you're free . "

"Mr . Zi I'm…"

Alex . . . Call me Alex . " He cut her off before she finished .

"Alex, I'm just wondering why exactly you would spend so much money to help someone you've never met . I'm sure I could have managed without your interference . So, what is it do you really want?"

"What can I say? I'm fascinated by you . I saw how you were admiring each of the paintings earlier and it made me curious . Are you a painter?"

"No, I am not . I know someone who loves to paint . " Zunnie smiled as she thought of her little darling Nyo . She hadn't seen him for two weeks and thinking about him now made her missed him .

Seeing her smile as she said so, Alex felt a pang of jealousy . 'So, the captivating smile that could melt a man's heart, belongs to someone else . '

Even if Alex had dated a few girls, yet he had never fallen in love with them . As he stared at the girl sitting with him, his heart began acting strange . He didn't quite understand what was happening . . . he suppressed the urge to lean over the table to kiss her .

"Mhm…nice chatting Miss Bai, I should leave . " Alex decided to end the conversation seeing Zunnie uneasiness .

He stood up walked away…

"Also, when the time comes don't refuse me for dinner, I would be crushed if you do . " Alex turned to say before he disappeared into the crowd .

A dazed Zunnie stared at Alex's back as he blended into the crowd . She had no idea what to make of the conversation she just had . Her heart was pounding against her chest and her cheeks were flushed . She let out a breath and placed her hand over her chest to compose her heart .

"What's wrong with my heart . . . . and why the hell is it beating so fast?" She mumbled then ate the cakes on her plate .

However, before she could finish, Eyan Bai walked over to where she sat .

"Hey ten-billion-dollar sis . " He grinned pulled the chair next to Zunnie .

"I'm glad you find it funny . By the way what do you know of Alexander Zi?"

"He's the heir and current brains of Arch . deZIgns…very successful and handsome too . I hear a lot of the ladies are interested in him . I still think he's crazy for spending that much money tonight . "

"Ohh…he said he did it to help me because he knows of Malon Nang's reputation . Do you think he has other motives?"

"Ahh, could be . He's a genius . But if he did it because he likes you, I won't object . I hear he's single as well," Eyan winked at Zunnie .

"Hmph, so quick to marry your only sister off . " Zunnie pouted and stuffed the last piece of cake into her mouth .

While Zunnie and Eyan were busy chatting, someone walked over to them .

"I forgot to give you my number . You won't have an excuse for not showing up to dinner . " Alex handed Zunnie a card with his cell number written on the back .

"Ahh, you're right . . . " Zunnie smiled, took the card and placed it in her bag .

"Eyan Bai, you did a good job for the gala tonight . "

"Mr . Zi thank you . . . and for your generosity tonight, thank you . I promise you that Zunnie here will make good use of your money . She's the goddess in charge of the Bai Children's Hospital . Please take care of her during the dinner . " Eyan shook Alex's hand and explained .

Alex grinned then glanced over at Zunnie . "Don't worry she will be in good hands if she shows up . "