She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 49

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:55:08 PM
Chapter 49

The moment the elevator dinged on the third floor, Alex lifted Zunnie princess style . He knew she was tired and wanted to pamper her after the tough day she had .

"Darling what are you doing?" She clutched her handbag tight to stop it from dropping to the floor .

"Relax honey, I'm carrying you back to my condo because that's where you're sleeping tonight . "

"You don't have to carry me I can walk just fine . " Zunnie tried to protest but Alex was not letting her have her way .

"I know, just let me be . Let me spoil you whenever I want to . Now be quiet and enjoy being treated like my princess . " He planted a kiss on the tip of her nose and pushed his way through the door .

Alex carried Zunnie up to the bathroom, turned on the warm water to fill the tub, then began undressing her .

An embarrassed Zunnie quickly placed her hand over her breast when Alex was about to remove her bra;

"I-I can do it . " She said in almost a whisper . Alex could see that her face had turned red . He loved teasing her, so he ignored her plea and purposely allowed his thumb to brush over her protruding nipple . She was wearing a sexy black sheer bra .

Seeing her tightly shut eyes, Alex smiled, leaned over and whispered seductively in her ear, "Do the panties match?"

Zunnie's eyes flew open when he did that . Her deep blue eyes were glaring at him . A warm feeling was growing inside her and even if she wanted to scold him for being naughty, she enjoyed it very much .

When Alex saw her deep blue eyes staring back at him he continued to erotically taunt her .

"Don't close your eyes . I want you to look at me . Now answer me that, do the panties match?" Alex ran his thumb over Zunnie's nipple once more . That got him a soft moan .

"Hmm, is that a yes?" He whispered near her ear and felt her nod .

He undid the zipper of her pencil skirt and it fell to her feet . Alex took a step back to examine her closely . She attempted to cover herself but failed miserably . He smiled, satisfied with what he saw . He turned the tap off .

Hell pulled Zunnie into his embrace . He gently placed soft kisses on her neck to her shoulders . He cupped her butt with his left hand and became aroused . He wanted Zunnie right now, but he wanted to savor every inch of her; thus he made the foreplay go on a bit longer .

Alex planted a kiss on her lips and parted her partially opened mouth with his moist tongue . Her lips tasted like grape . He played with her tongue when sucked on it . She kissed him back, removed his suit jacket and slowly undid the button on his black dress shirt .

Every move Zunnie made caused Alex's arousal meter to go up an inch . He used both hands to cup her bum . He lifted her up and sat her on the bathroom sink top . He helped her remove his shirt, then caressed her back as he continued to devour her sweet and warm mouth .

She caressed his manhood and the heat from her touch ignited a fire within him . A moan escaped from Alex's swollen lips when Zunnie undid his pants and grabbed his shaft . She massaged it, causing it to erect fully . Alex could not wait any longer . He needed her . He wanted to feel her and delve himself in her softness .

He wanted to ask Zunnie if she wanted to shower first but his mind wouldn't let him process the question .

Alex unhooked Zunnie's bra and slid the matching lace panties down her legs . He picked her up and carried her to the tub of warm water . The water was still warm . He walked into the tub with her in his arms and positioned her onto his shaft .

His lust-filled eyes took in every expression she wore on her face . She hugged his neck and moaned while he slowly rocked her back and forth, up and down until they both climaxed .

Alex washed Zunnie then himself and afterward carried her to the bedroom . He knew she was tired, but he was still aroused . He had not made love to her for two weeks and his desires had not reached its peak .

Alex was drying Zunnie's hair with a towel when he heard her say;

"I love you Alex . I'm not sure if I'm doing this the right way since you're my first love . I do know that I care about you; more than my any of patients ha-ha . I enjoy being with you . Let's grow old together . "

A happy Alex picked Zunnie up and carried her towards the bed .