She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 73

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:41 PM
Chapter 73

The first thing Zunnie did during her free time that week was to visit her dad . She knew how much he wanted her to settle down and start a family and having some father-daughter time sounded like a good idea .

Papa Bai was in the indoor garden when she arrived . Lately, he had taken it upon himself to start gardening . He was busy pruning a begonia and did not notice she had entered the room .

"Papa, I'm home . " She said in a tone to not startle him .

"Ahh, pumpkin what a surprise . Let me wash up . "

"Yes, I missed you . You don't have to stop since I'm spending the night at the mansion . "

"Really? Is there something going on? You only come home when you're lonely or something's bothering you . Is Alex treating you well? Shall I have a word with him . "

"Ha-ha, Alex and I are fine . He finally gave me a ring last night . " She extended her left hand, so her father could see her ring .

"It's beautiful . Oh, how I wish your mom was here to see how brilliantly our children have grown . "

"Yeah, I really miss her . Shall we visit her grave this weekend?"

Okay, pumpkin . Don't worry too much we both know she's smiling down on you . " Wan Bai reassured his daughter as he patted her shoulder .

The two walked back into the mansion with arms linked while they chatted .

Even though Alex had finally gotten her a ring, she still felt bitter-sweet because her mom was not here to share the moment with her . Many years had gone by but her bond with her mom had remained unforgotten .

As she walked toward the mansions with her dear father, Zunnie reminisced the happy days she had as a child when her mom was alive . She was the happiest then and now that she became an adult she craved her mother's smile and motherly love .

"Pumpkin, what would you like for dinner?" Her father asked bringing her back to reality .

"I'll have anything prepared . You know I'm not picky . "

"Alright, well I'll Marco surprise us . Shall we have some snacks and watch TV We haven't spent time together like this in a while . "

"Sure Papa," Zunnie left and went to the kitchen to get the snacks prepared .

When she returned her father had already found a show to watch . They watched until Zunnie's phone rang . She left the room to answer .

"Hello, Mr . Zi . " She said answering Alex's call .

"Honey are you done with work?"

"I am but I'm with my dad at the mansion . I'm spending the night . "

"Hmm, you're not coming home . Is everything okay?"

Yeah, I haven't spent much time with him these past few months and my mom's death anniversary is coming up . I wanted to keep him company . "

"Okay, next time let me know . "

"Alright, I'm sorry but so you know I didn't plan it . Did work go well?" She quickly changed the topic .

"Yeah, I did have an interesting meeting . The design you wanted for the new wing at the hospital needed a few changes . I'll show you the new design when you come back . "

"Well, I'm fine with whatever you decide as long as it meets our requirements . "

"Don't think too much, your staff will like our design . Go take care of your dad . Sleep well . "

After she hung up the phone Zunnie called Sanua . They had not spent much time together because her good friend had been extremely occupied with work .

When she picked up the phone Zunnie hurriedly spoke .

"Don't even think about saying it . "

"He-he, well if it isn't…" She ignored Zunnie and continued to say .

"Ah, ah, ah, I said quit it . . . " She cut her off and giggle into the phone .

"Fine Zunnie boo . Are you getting ready for our trip with my adorable little husband?"

"I haven't told him yet . Will wait when we get closer to the date . Plus, we have Christmas . That's too many surprises for his little heart . Took him shopping for some clothing this week . " Zunnie informed Sanua .

"Sounds like a plan . Is everything okay? The anniversary is coming up . Have you been eating? My mom is worried about it and keeps forgetting you're no longer a child . I swear if you stayed with her she would personally spoon feed you . Ha-ha…"

"I'm actually back home with dad . I miss her but being home is good . "

"Oh, that's good . Will have to call you tomorrow . My secretary needs something . . . kisses . " San said into the phone before speaking the someone next to her .

"Alright, will see you . Don't work too much . "

When she walked back to her dad, he was slowly getting up from the couch holding his back .

Zunnie frowned and rushed to help him .

"Dad is everything okay? You're not over-working yourself, are you?"

"Pumpkin this is nothing serious . I'm just getting old . "

"You always say this, when was the last time you went for a check-up?" She asked him frustrated that he used getting old for everything instead of going to see a doctor .

"It's been a while…" Wan Bai replied .

Zunnie furrowed her brow said nothing more and helped him to the dining table for dinner . She would have to call his doctor in the morning to find out what was going on .