She Knew She Loved Him - Chapter 77

Published at 9th of April 2019 04:54:36 PM
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Chapter 77

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Whilst Alex and Zunnie rolled in the sheets, a group of women was plotting against Zunnie .

"It's time for someone to teach that bitch a lesson and put her where she belongs . " Tami Rougé stated .

"Can you imagine the lies she must have told Alex for him to fall in love with her?" Another girl who has never met Zunnie said .

"Ladies, there's no need to say such things . What's there for me will always be mine . " Talia reassured them with a bright smile .

"You're right . " The ladies replied simultaneously .

"Did you speak to Alex when you went out?"

"Yeah we spoke, but he was tired and couldn't stay for longer . " Talia lied .

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She had been watching Alex from the moment he walked in . So, the moment he walked she saw him walking to the exit, she told her clique she was going invite him to drink with them .

When she caught up to him next to his car, Alex did not look contented upon seeing her . The nonchalant expression in his eyes made Talia's heart skip a beat . She had no idea if Zunnie had said anything about their previous encounters and that made her nervous .

Talia knew that Alex would not hate her because she had not given him a reason to . Falling in love with him was not a crime . Even though Zunnie Bai had made it clear that she ought to stay away from Alex; truthfully, she couldn't .

Alex's temperament caused her heart to ache . He did not try to have a conversation with her like he usually did . He habitually asked her how she was doing and if work was alright . However, tonight she got the impression that he really wanted to nothing to do with her .

'Maybe he's having a bad day . He and Zunnie could be having trouble . Don't give up Talia . ' She thought, standing outside looking at Alex .

A tingling sensation appeared in her eyes as she watched him get in his car and drive away . Talia tried hard to hold back the tears wanting to slither down her face .

She gazed at the car until it disappeared not aware that Carson Maule had seen and heard everything that transpired .

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The moment she turned around her eyes grew wide when she noticed him .

"Carson, I had no idea you were here . " She said composing herself as if nothing had happened .

"Ohh," was all Carson replied .

"Are you leaving as well?"

"No, I just came out for some fresh air and saw something very interesting . "

"Ha-ha, is that so?" Talia laughed nervously .

"So, you're in love with Alex hmm?" He asked without hesitation .

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"How is my personal life any of your business?" She snarled .

"Do you know that he's married?"

"H-How do you know that?" Talia was shocked at the revelation .

Not many people knew about this information . Yet, Carson Maule is here telling her something she knew which had not been disclosed by either person involved .

"I have my ways . But what's more interesting is you harboring feelings for a married man . Did not think you to be a home wrecker . "

Talia became irritated, glared and roared at Carson .

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"Shut up Carson! And I'm not harboring, he already rejected me . "

"Oh, is that so . But why are you still trying to get on his good sides? Do you think he's going to break up his relationship for you? Do you know he's married to your boss? Get a grip on reality Natalia and just marry Robert . "

She had not expected anyone but Tami to know about Robert . Carson had been well informed and that pissed her off even more .

"How do you know about Robert? And she's not my boss . "

"I have my ways . I am a well-versed gentleman . It's like gobbets of information is constantly finding its way to me . Don't worry your secret's safe with me . Even if she isn't your boss, her family owns your career . Don't be foolish . Stop what's you're doing or planning . " Carson grinned .

"Well, well, you're a very fascinating guy Carson; I'll admit that . But I thought you and I were similar . Did you also stop loving her? Yeah, I know as well . Tami does like to talk after all . "

Talia left Carson outside and walked back into Club Zen . She was grateful Tami had let her in on Carson's secret . Maybe she could use him to her advantage .

She smiled as she rejoined the group of ladies who worshiped her because of the things she could get them . Not that she cared; seeing they were all her puppets .

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