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Chapter 9

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As Alex was returning from brunch, Zunnie was getting ready to head over to her family's house for dinner . She took the stairs down to the parking lot since it was close to where she parked her car .

The moment she reached her car, the elevator to the third floor of her building opened . A fine-looking man in a black sweat pants and a mustard long sleeved top walked out and headed to the apartment door down the hall .

He had never once wondered who his neighbor was but for some reason the hallway had a faint scent of the girl he saw at Hunter's club . Thinking he was being weird, Alex shook the small ray hope that was trying to build in his heart away .

There was something about this girl and he couldn't figure out what it was . He wanted to see her one more time, maybe even own her . Perhaps if he saw her again he would understand his curiosity . It couldn't be love at first sight because he was not the type to fall in love so easily .

Since when had he become domineering…a sadist? Wanting to own someone's daughter he saw only once .

Alex entered his apartment changed his shoes and walked to the glass window facing the small lake outside . The sun was setting and looked amazingly beautiful…so he opened the sliding door and stepped onto the balcony to admire the scenery .

At the same time, Zunnie who was driving towards her dad's house, rolled down her car window to admire the sunset . She inhaled the late afternoon breeze and stepped on the gas . The road was empty on this lovely Sunday afternoon . She couldn't help being naughty and stepped on the gas some more to go slightly over the speed limit .

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Within fifteen minutes she arrived at the Bai Manor .

"Pumpkin!" Her dad welcomed her with his usual bear hug .

"Daddy it's good to see you . It's like you haven't aged one bit . " She eyed him up and down .

"My, my, can't say the same for you . How old are you again?" Wan Bai playfully chuckled and pulled his daughter along to the siting area .

"Way to tease your only daughter…Mr . Bai be careful what you say, or you'll die without any grand-kids . "

"Oh, don't worry Eyan is still around . His girlfriend is an attractive and educated young lady . She's a pediatrician, and your brother is very fond of her . " He replied and turned to wink shamelessly, stunning his daughter .

"If that is how you feel, then stop trying to marry me off . I am going to stay single till I die . " Playing along well, Zunnie kept a serious face to show her dad she meant what she just said .

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"Okay…Okay…Okay, I will stop interfering . But at least try to find a boyfriend pumpkin . You need a good companion to bring you happiness . "

"Fine, I get it," she agreed, just to stop her dad from nagging her more .

Eyan Bai brought his girlfriend to dinner so Zunnie would meet her . Selina Gunno was very intelligent . Her dad was right, she was attractive . Zunnie liked her and what she did . So, before she left Selina invited Zunnie to stop by her office to chat with some of her patients whenever she had time .

Driving back home, Zunnie couldn't help but be happy for her older brother . She could tell he really loved his girlfriend . The thought of having a little niece or nephew made her smile . She loved children and even planned to have two of her own if she ever found the one .

However, would she ever find someone to look at her the way her brother looked at his girlfriend?

She admitted she felt a little envious at how affectionate they were throughout dinner . She even caught her dad starring at her once .

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'This old man . ' She had thought and stuck her tongue out at him .

Her family was the most important people in her life and even if her mom was not alive they continued to take care of each other .

The drive back home was just as smooth at the ride to the manor . Zunnie arrived home at eight in the evening but didn't go upstairs .

It was a starry night; so she couldn't help but walk towards one of the benches in the park to enjoy the view . She sat down took her phone and captured the magnificent dark sky above . To get a better look, Zunnie stretched out on the bench for thirty minutes before the breeze got chillier . Feeling a little cold, she picked up her things and headed up the stairs .

Alex walked out of the bathroom with a robe on and went to his bedroom balcony . When he got to there he saw a familiar silhouette walking away from one of the benches in the small park .

'It's her . . . it's really her!'

Although he couldn't see the person's face, he knew the person outside was the same girl her saw the night before . He quickly threw some clothes on and rushed out to the elevator . . . pushed the down button and waited . Seeing it was taking too long, he ran past Zunnie's condo and headed to the stair case, through the parking lot and to the bench had seen her .

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He was too late, she was already gone .

"Was I hallucinating?" An out of breath Alex mumbled turning around to see what direct the person might have gone .

To his dismay she was nowhere to be seen .

Little did he know, when he got downstairs, the silhouette he saw from his bedroom balcony was now walking out of the elevator . She walked down the same hallway, to same door, he just ran past .

Zunnie walked into her apartment and headed to her study to review the patient's treatment plans she would be needing the next day . She had no idea that a handsome hunky ran three flights of stairs to bump into her .

Alex was bummed when he missed the person he had seen . He took the elevator to the third floor and walked back to the balcony . He sat there for an hour trying to read, hoping he would see the girl walk by . But she never did .

Both were unaware of what was happening .

Zunnie had no idea who her neighbor was .

Alex had no idea that the person he was curious about was living on the same floor as him .

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