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Published at 13th of July 2018 02:21:45 PM

Chapter 20

It broke through the Defense’s line .

It is amazing that there is a Pilot that can fight the Artificial Intelligence all the way to the boss .

The girl was watching the display that showed the state of the Battle .

One Battle-Robot is displayed .

That robot has already reach the edge of the flagship that she was on .

Originally it should have already been shot down before reaching such a place, but it appeared this Machine was a very special type

The Artificial Intelligence that is commanding the Fleet stores the basic date of the Enemies it encounters and fires each weapon to correspond to them .

Therefore most of the Federation’s robots were destroyed by the time they reached her fleet .

However, this machine has a totally different performance compared to the others .

It is obviously faster and more agile than the other machines, but not just that…

That pilot is probably an ace from how it was being maneuvering .

By the time the Artificial Intelligence finishes with memorizing their Avoidance Pattern of the enemy, they came out with a different pattern; they couldn’t keep up with the process of having to re-memorize another pattern .

Indeed, having a Machine enter the Flagship would be difficult…

Like a mouse .

I’m convinced because how long the process for the process for the Artificial intelligence takes to process was because of it being old .

There was a man in that machine .

She gnashed her teeth terribly as the it approached quickly in a hostile manner towards her .

Such emotions such as fear or anxiety was absent

The pilot was like a living knife

Whatever the situation is, you will advance; dissecting the enemy , but can only cut enemies .

A man that was a sharp knife, with such precision while shedding tears of blood; controlling that machine .

Oh, I broke through the defense line again . .

She knew that the Artificial Intelligence driving the fleet was impatient .

great! great! great!

Perhaps it will get close ?

But . . how come?

She examined his machine, but it did not have anything to do with weapons .

That is not all .

He, himself, held no handguns or even a knife .

With this, he wouldn’t be able to reach her position on the her Flagship?

The other Battle-Ships were somewhat inferior to the Flag ship, but they also had a strong defensive power .

Even those ships would not be hurt .

Only in his dreams would he be able to scratch the flagship with that degree of attack .  [Note: Did my best with interpreting this sentence “With that degree of attack, I will scratch this huge flagship, it is my dream again . ” I’m assuming the Author meant, if anyone else that actually knows the language wants to give me a better interpretation, that would be lovely . ]

Of course he knows it, but what is he doing? What is he suppose to do?

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She certainly could feel a strong will to kill her .

But he is not armed .

It is contradictory .

But she knows .

What seemingly contradictory things have a deep meaning .

Perhaps he has a secret .

What kind of secret is a man who has a strong sparkle in the dark universe?

Exciting .

To be excited .

She was paying attention to the display as if she got a gift that she could not see inside .

And finally, he found her .

The robot was terrible .

The engine is going to explode in around 10 minutes .

Will the hole-filled machine break down before that?

He is desperately sending out communications .

Since there is nothing to listen to, all it reached her ears .

His wish, his thoughts, determination and the secret strategy… All of it reached her ear . . and her heart…

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Oh, she saw .

Are you also?

You too … is that so … .


Why! You attract me so much!!

Why … why! Attract me so much! !

Who knew who it was! what?

Pure hostility ! Its not comfortable so far!

It’s warm so far! It isn’t no shaky murderous intention!

You never fascinated me so far, a solid determination!!

Say it will you!

Shoot me!!

Say it quickly and attack me!!

Please surrender! Don’t ask me to ask !

Ah! I want to see the moment when your determination will bear fruit! !

Ah! I do not want to feel your intention to disappear from the universe! !

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I do not want to! ! I do not want to! !

Feel! There is a huge amount of murderous intention coming from behind you! !

Hear! That whisper will not be your last voice!

The next moment, his Battle-Robot was blown apart and the attack hit the Flagship .

The Federation’s Fleet had already fallen close to the initial 30%, but the attack was by the remaining fleet of several million .

Huge amounts of beams and missiles sank all the ships that existed in that path of the attack .

And when the mass of light destroyed the man’s aircraft, he hit the flagship where the girl was .

With huge amount of energy hitting the flagship’s barriers, they desperately endured them .

However, although they were powerful barriers that were deployed numerous times, their thoughts surpassed them all of them .

The decision of the man and their enmity, hit the bridge where the girl was directly .

The shock was tremendous .

A massive beam pierced the barrier, puncturing the bridge’s armor and caused an explosion where the girl was .

Various parts were scattered, the bridge completely messed up .

but the Flagship started to repair itself just after that .

As black smoke emitted in the bridge, the restoration started instantly . The scattered parts collected, circuits that were destroyed restored themselves and reconnected . The display is restored .

The flagship recovered all it’s functions within a few minutes of the direct attack .

The small hole in the armor was also repaired as if the Flagship was never damaged .

That’s right . . there was no damage on the Flagship .

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