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Published at 9th of October 2018 03:19:14 PM

Chapter 21

Although the Planetary Federation’s fleet was able to deal some damage to the flagship the girl was in, the situation had not improved for them . In fact, it had only made a turn for the worse . The Federation’s headquarters was sent into a state of complete chaos .

The logistics fleet leaders were holding their heads while repeatedly mumbling ”It’s hopeless…” . There were commanders who asserted that the remaining fleet should be gathered together in order to carry out a single decisive strike . Among the leaders were also those who desperately began the paperwork, with the belief that they should surrender to the Earthen Army . (TL: Smart move but a bit late guys)


The young girl overlooked the situation from the bridge . She had already sent large amounts of invisible drones into the enemy fleet for surveillance, but she didn’t just stop there . The girl was also sending an innumerable number of her invisible drones out to the stars of the Planetary Federation . With this, the young girl was able to observe everything, both within the fleet as well as in their home systems .


Ahhh, they’re all fighting so desperately . They are fighting so desperately with all their courage, all their despair, frantically praying to god, wishing ever so strongly to remain alive against an opponent they will never be able to win against…

That soldier, his heart burning with hatred, is still clinging onto the almost-broken cannon as he frantically shoots back . This soldier, clutching a pendant containing a picture of his family, is pathetically sobbing in the empty hallway . And that soldier, legless and armless, is croaking out a loud violent laugh as he sprays his blood all around himself .

They are all desperately living, enjoying life to its fullest .


The result is this .

This is the outcome you’ve all obtained .

This is what you all… what the determination of the man from before has obtained .


She held up her own right arm .

Embedded within the slim arm she raised was a large broken hull fragment, sticking all the way through and coming out the other side . A considerable amount of blood was flowing out from the wound, spurting out in sync with the beating of her heart . The blood that flowed out dyed the girl’s white military uniform  a bright shade of red . Both her coat and trousers were slowly dyed vermilion, and eventually, the blood pooled at the feet of the young girl .


It would be easy to use the nano-machines to prevent any more blood loss but… I do not wish for that .

Let’s create the same amount of blood shed, let’s allow the blood to continue flowing…

… Ahhhhhh… It hurts… It’s painful… I’m cold…

Are these… their wishes?

The warm blood leaking from her raised arm dripped onto her face as a few drops trickled into her mouth, the taste of iron gently spreading over her tongue . She moved her tongue around and savoured the flavour within her mouth . The young girl felt their wishes as she greedily relished ‘her blood soaked with their emotions’ with her own soft tongue .


Ahhhh! I can feel it!!

Their piercing hatred!!

Their burning anger!!

Their bone-chilling fear!!

Their murky sorrow!!

Along with the flavour of their blood, it’s all pushing its way into my heart!!

They are, in fact, fighting!!

Fighting ever so desperately!!

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Ahhh!! I don’t want you to die!!

O beautiful you!! O prideful you!! O untainted you!!

Please! I implore you!! Do not die in this battle!!

Every single moment of yours! Imprint it all upon my heart, that it may never disappear!!


Ahhhhhh!! However, I can’t do it!!

Going easy against you, who are fighting with your lives on the line? I can’t do something so barbaric!!

I have to fight back with all the power I have!!

Only then will you truly shine! Shine even more than now!!

Only then can I do justice to this beauty you show me!!


Please! I beg you! Live through this hopeless situation!!

Please! I beg you! Fight till your deaths, clinging to your desperation!!


If possible, I too, I too would like to fight alongside all of you!

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Lining up shoulder to shoulder! Facing off against a far stronger enemy!!

Growing up together! Loving each other! Then dying together!!!

But I can’t do that! I can’t afford to do that!!

For that would be akin to mixing a drop of sewage into a pool of pure water!!

My power protects me, but it also locks me up!!

The pain in this right arm! This is the result of all your wishes!!

You’ve overcome an unsurpassable wall! This is the crystallisation of your determination!!

How wonderful it is!!

This instant! This location! Everything except me is shining at its maximum capacity!


Soldiers whose heads have been blown off!

Supply units whose bodies have been torn apart!

Commanders who’ve been disintegrated down to the molecular level!

People of the Federation who desire my death!

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Priests back on Earth who have committed suicide!

The new humanity who hope for my victory!


Everything about all of you is lovely!!

I want to observe all of you by being among you!

Of course! Of course!! I know full well that this is just an impossible dream!

If I were to do something so boorish, all of your alluring traits would be tainted! I know that!!

Even still! Someday, sometime!! I long to experience your life alongside all of you .


Still dripping from the girl’s arm, the blood filled the dim bridge, making the commander’s room appear to be a pool brimming with red water . The crimson surface of the pool had already reached the level of her knee, swaying and shaking each time the flagship fired .

The young girl, clad in a blood-soaked uniform, could be seen dancing within that red pool, the stench of iron filling the air .

Every time she spun, a new pattern would be splattered on the ceilings and walls . The console and display had already been dyed red by her blood as they emitted a crimson glow .

As the girl danced, she pulled out the shard of metal stuck in her right arm . As it came out, she let out a scream, either of delight or agony, which was followed by an intense spurt of blood from the open wound . Beautifully coloured pink flesh could be seen through the hole in her long sleeve . Beyond the flesh were untainted, pristine white bones . An ecstatic expression floated onto the young girl’s face as she glanced at the blood surging forth from her right arm . Then, she broke out into a violent dance once again as she started singing .

The display, stained vermilion by the young girl’s blood, reflected the sight of the Federation’s battleships turning to dust one after another . Each time a another battleship was sunk, she would pause to thoroughly savour the sight of their blood, her blood, all embedded with all their wishes . And with her face still dyed red, an angelic smile would form as she whispered words that were both blessings and curses . With the smile still plastered on her face, as she strung the whispered words together like a song, the young girl continued her maddened dance .

TL: Yes I am very smug 

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