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Published at 19th of October 2018 08:05:23 PM

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – 「Insanity」


Why is it so? Why do they always captivate my heart like this!?

My body! My heart! The very fiber of my being is captivated by all these residents of the universe! And it’s tearing and wrenching me apart too!

Right now! Every single being living within this universe is thinking of me! Thinking only about me!!


People living on distant planets are wishing for my death!!

Those from the Planetary Federation’s fleet hold a deadly fear of me!!

The New Humanity is in awe of my battle!!

The special priests are all praying for my victory!!


In this instant, I exist as the centre of the universe!!


Such intense pleasure!

Such murderous joy!

Such an orgasmic sensation!!


Ahhhh! I’m going insane!! This might just drive me insane!!

Just let me become insane already!!

Insanity! Ever continuing!! I want to live alongside you all!


I want to defile the beautiful you!!

I want to crush the adorable you to death with these very hands!!

Embrace you all with this chest! And let you all feel all the pleasures possible in this world!!


That will only become possible if I go mad!!

Let me throw away my sanity! I wish to become insane!!!


Ahhhh! But I can’t do that!!

I can’t go mad!!

Even if I wish to! My brain was made so I couldn’t!!

My consciousness is maintained regardless of the situation!!

My power protects me and yet binds me!!

Unable to even touch the gemstones which lay in front of me!!

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Ahhhh!!! O God!!!

WHY! Why did you create me!?

WHY! Why did you create the ever so precious them!?


「ANSWER ME!! O GOD!!!!!」


… No one answered the young girl’s question .


She who was stained red in her own blood continued her maddened dance within the red pool inside the bridge .


The Federation battleships were sinking one after another . The special priests chose to drink poison and take their own lives . The residents of the universe held their ancestors’ desires in their hearts as they wished for the destruction of Earth . The humans living on Earth trembled in fear from the battle in the skies above them .


A young girl existed at the core of that world . All alone on that ship existed a young girl who, in exchange for absolute power, had lost the enjoyment of living .


The Federation’s fleet was already down to their last few ships, and the supply fleet located behind the main fleet had begun their retreat . The supply ships, with their almost cubical shapes, had neither any decent weapons nor any armour capable of preventing any attacks . They were desperately revolving their giant masses around while revving their engines at their maximum capacities .

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Constant messages from the retreating fleet were being sent to the flagship where the girl was .



<I am the commander of the supply fleet! Our fleet surrenders to the Earthen army!! I request for you to accept!! Please!! I implore you!!>

<HAVE MERCY!! Please have mercy upon us!!! I’m begging you!! PLEASE STOP ATTACKING!!!>

<We won’t resist anymore!! Please! PLEASE!>



「Arghhhh!! God!! Save us!!!!」

「Mummy!! MUMMY!!! MUMMY!!!!」

「For things to turn out like this?! Why? WHY? WHY DID I COME HERE?」

「Raise the output already! Run away at full speeeeee-」


<According to the Federation’s wartime treaties, we ask for humane treatment as prisoners of war!!>

<Even… even if it’s as a slave! I will do anything! So at least spare my life!! AT LEAST JUS–>

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She listened to their communications, their desperate conversations, as she sat listlessly, staring up at the ceiling as she heard them pleading for their lives . Her wound had already sealed, leaving only her transparent white skin peeking out of the hole on her sleeve .


The surface of the pool of blood, which had been violently shaking earlier from her maddened dance, was now as still as a mirror, a crimson tranquillity emanating from its surface . Occasionally, the ring of a drip of blood falling down from the ceiling could be heard, creating small ripples on the surface . Those small waves rippled outward, reflecting off the walls repeatedly until eventually the surface of the pool was calm once again .


In the centre of the red mirror lay a ghost-like feeble looking girl, painted in a bright, crimson shade of red .

‘Ecstasy’, ‘Pleasure’, ‘Climax’…

The young girl who had an expression of these blended emotions gently raised her finger, dripping in crimson, pointed at the desperately retreating supply fleet, and ordered in a fleeting whisper:


「Begin… All out… Attack… On them…」

「Destroy… Leave no one… Alive…」


Obeying the girl’s quiet voice, the AI formulated the optimum parameters and, after taking aim, fired all of the available firepower at the retreating supply fleet .


The unarmed supply fleet had no power to resist . While watching the supply ships burning to pieces one after another, relishing the thoughts and wishes of the dying soldiers, the face of the young girl stained with red slowly distorted .


At that time, although just for an instant, the young girl’s wish of ‘becoming insane’ was granted .

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