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Published at 22nd of November 2018 03:06:33 AM

Chapter 23

It’s been quite a while now, ever since the Goddesses religion was restored, the world has mainly been under the administration of the church . Majority of royals had been executed and merchants who have once dared to bare their fangs towards the goddess are no longer in this world .

In this world, the church controlled the flow of all communication and information as the demons still lurked about the borders of each country, making it to be impossible for the traders to travel across countries with their merchandise .

Of course this isn’t just limited towards merchandise . As magic used for long distance communication still has not come into existence, the state of information networks were still in tatters where one was completely oblivious to even what was happening in a neighbouring country . Can you imagine just how valuable a “Bestowed who won’t be attacked by demons” would be in this despairing situation?


A Bestowed will not be attacked by demons, let’s say there is a large amount of demons within a forest, the Bestowed will not be under the danger of attack and so it naturally fell onto them to be managing the information network in this world .

One person would transport many linked sizeable magic carriages each carrying a hefty amount of supplies all the while bringing information all across the world . As a result, the church held a tremendous amount of power and the Bestowed were treated just like the “Servants of Goddess” .


My parents are still proud to this day when they think about the time I was born . Both of my parents are priests capable enough to be called first class despite their young age and when they were children, they had been smart enough to be known as geniuses .

Of course their high abilities played a role but more importantly was their unfathomable and absolute faith in the Goddess . Their unshakable belief in the Goddess was what set them apart from the other priests and from them, I was born .


When a baby is born into this world, they will be judged as to whether they’re a Bestowed or not . Most of the babies aren’t but around one in a few hundred thousand to a million, there will be a baby who holds the power of a Bestowed .


I was one of those born as a scarce Bestowed . When my parents found out I was a Bestowed, my dad had apparently kneeled on the spot and continued his prayers for days and mum who has yet received after birth treatment sang hymns till she collapsed . All my relatives blessed my birth and a parade was held in town .

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It was already decided that I, who has the Goddess’s blessing from birth would become a special priest in the future . Being a special priest basically meant a ‘premium life ticket’, being treated as special just for living . I would be affirmed and praised no matter what I do .


It was the same as when I entered a parochial school for the Goddess’s religion, all the first class and second class priests who’ve spent a long time as teachers in the school would use honorifics with me . Not to mention those third class priests who would basically prostrate before me just as a greeting .

Any mischief I got into never mattered . Punching the heck out of those I didn’t like was a daily routine of mine during my schooling years . They would never fight back . There was a guy who glared back at me once but he was restrained by the teachers and forcibly expelled in under an hour . Looks like it was only his grades which were excellent, his life choices were poor .


If there was a girl I liked, I could drag them to behind the school all I wanted . The most hilarious one was when a girl whose uniform was all torn up after I’ve had my fun with her come lowering her head at me saying “Oh Bestowed one… It is an honour… For you to be so merciful towards someone as foolish as me… Thank you so very much” .

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As long as I was a special priest, everything would be forgiven . Maybe I won’t be punished if it’s only on the degree of murder? Others would probably be satisfied if I told them “This one here is a Satanist . Therefore I punished it”, in fact they might even treat me as a hero .

And after graduating school and becoming an official special priest… I could even create a paradise just for myself .


The special priests’ jobs are fundamentally “management of information and products” and the “maintenance of faith” . To be honest, most of the special priests other than me take their jobs so seriously, it makes one wonder if their heads are stuffed full of shit . But there is a minority of special priests like me .


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Each and every special priest has their own district they’re in charge of and during harsher times, each person was apparently in charge of many different countries . But well, since the amount of special priests have been on the rise, things won’t get as bad as that now, and as proof, I only manage two countries . I’ll go back and forth in between these two countries and ferry various items and information .

If this was still the era without demons, these two countries would be close enough for a normal human to take two days of travelling in a magic carriage to arrive . But now the demons swarm around the highway .

An ordinary person would most likely be turned into shredded meat if they went through with a magic carriage… . No, I’ll be troubled if they’re not . I’ll be out of jobs if an ordinary person could break through .


I continued down this ‘dangerous highway’ inside the large magic carriage . Although I sometimes see a demon from the highway, I am well aware that as long as I don’t stimulate it, it won’t do anything back .

After humming to myself as I head down the highway where there is no one else, I could see a large-ish wall in the distance . That is one of the countries I’m in charge of . The wall itself wasn’t that large but comparatively speaking, it was good enough for a run-of-the-mill country .

As I thought there’s probably still a few hours till I arrive, I grinned .

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