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Published at 25th of December 2018 03:41:57 AM

Chapter 25

After dinner, several knights dragged the girl in while I waited inside my bedroom . She struggled as the knights on either side grabbed her arms and was then shoved onto the bed by those knights and constrained, where she then desperately yelled out:


“Oh Bestowed One! A child is already inside of me!! I beg you! Please wait until this child is born!! It is a child I finally have!”


The girl spoke up with tears inside her eyes .


“Just when I had given up on having a baby, I was blessed with this child! I will have to give up on the baby if it’s agitated now! Please! I beg of you!”


This pregnant woman is begging me with her tear-soaked face even as she is constrained by the brawny knights, unable to make a single move .



I see…

You had, those things happen to you…

I had, tried to rape a woman in that condition…






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I haven’t had this feeling in so long!!

Let me penetrate the fruits of all your hard work with my “faith”!!



Next morning . The pregnant bitch sleeping next to me had already gone cold .


Come to think of it, her temperature was quite high at first, but midway through, it had suddenly dropped . I did for one, pour some highly concentrated alcohol into her stomach from the anus, but in the end, her temperature didn’t return .

…Well, it felt quite good since it was cold though . It was a new experience . I think I’ll try it again next time .


Did she die? Dammit, what a waste . The alcohol I poured down her anus was quite the high grade item . Well, I can easily get my hands on both the high grade wine and women anytime I want .

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This is because I am a Bestowed .

All of my actions will be forgiven .

Every one of my actions will be affirmed, gathering the respect from those trash .

It doesn’t matter how many of these bitches die .

I will still be worth more than every piece of shit living in this country combined .

Plus, shouldn’t that woman be happy? She was loved by a Bestowed during her end . She’s probably being blessed by the Goddess by now .

Good for you . Congrats .


I gave a few orders to the knights on standby outside my bedroom and left them to clean up this fresh trash .

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My my, she’s trash because she died from that much . Honestly, I’m just a victim who fell for the venomous fangs of that bitch . This bed was one of my favourites but because that fresh trash was on there, I’ll have to get a new one now .

Guess it can’t be helped, I’ll go sleep in the bedroom next door tonight . What a pain in the ass . I really wish she would consider my feelings .

I’m starting to question whether she lacked the fundamental emotion of “compassion for others” .  Putting up with it for a bit longer is the least you could do, you know? That’s why she went from trash to fresh trash .

Looks like I have to spread the faith of the Goddess a bit more . Sigh, the stupidity of these trash is causing a headache already . There really is nothing but trash (excluding the Bestowed) in this world .



…Now, I picked myself up and decided to go pick a few bones with the chefs in charge of my breakfast .


After confirming the knights have dragged out the human-sized bag containing the fresh trash from my bedroom, I elegantly rang the bell to notify the kitchen staff . The delicate tinkles of the bell echoed throughout the room .

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