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Published at 25th of December 2018 11:25:51 PM

Chapter 26

Once a year, the special priests will assemble at the Head Temple of the Goddess for a conference . During this conference, everyone will disclose their findings of the world in the past year and determine where the Church will be headed for in the future .


Inside this massive conference room, various people of different ethnicity are gathered from all over the world . I too, sit down and wait for the conference to begin . The chairman for the meeting heads off to call the great priest after confirming all the special priests have taken their seats . Soon the trembling great priest enters the room, leaning heavily on his cane and takes the largest seat in the room . Once the great priest sits down, the special priest conference for this year then starts .


The progression of the conference is simple . One by one, we stand up and speak of our views towards the world . That’s it . Some of the veteran special priests’ views and findings were just so out there that they became a topic of discussion during the meeting . On the other hand, a newbie special priest like me won’t have any important topics or themes which could potentially become a discussion point for the meeting . At the most, it’ll be something on the level of “I feel that recently, there has been an increase of people who have less and less compassion towards others” .


A statement like that which does not contribute to the conference in the least would only earn a few nods from the other special priests .


That’s it for my job . I sit back down and quietly wait for the conference to end . We temporarily disperse when evening comes and continue the next morning . Rinse and repeat, continuing for a whole week .


Honestly, I’m really just bored out of my mind, but this is the country which hosts the Head Temple of the Goddess . A massive temple was built upon where the world’s largest country used to be . In other words, there is a boundless amount of beauties in this country .


Not just that .


Lower class priests are also working inside the temple, among them are some really cute ones . There’s too many choose from . If I call out to them, they’d probably happily follow me into my room . And since I don’t need to take care of the child if they have one, I can play around all I want .


In actuality, there was one time where I got a woman pregnant and a representative of her family came to greet me . An old man of considerable age was sobbing as he thanked me .


“Thank you! Thank you very much!”

“There is no higher pleasure!! For a child of the Bestowed to be entrusted to us!!”

“We will treasure the child given to us! I promise, they will live without any hardships!”


Then the old man brought over a large amount of high quality goods as a “token of appreciation” .


Man, it’s the best to be able to have sex with the woman you like and have no lingering responsibilities . The more I get them pregnant, the more they come thanking me . Youreally can’t stop being a special priest once you’ve gotten a taste for it!!

I only need to sometimes arrogantly read out a sentence from the bible and I’ll receive gratitude from the surrounding fools . If I wind up in some weird troubles, I only need to remain silent and the fools will get the wrong idea and the problem will then solve itself .

Everything is all thanks to the Goddess and the great priest!! I am thanking you both every night you know? But it’s while I’m covered with women though!!


As I crackled to myself, I maintained my calm appearance . Piece of cake .

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Evening came and today’s conference ended . It’s free time until the morning now .


Now, what should I do? It would be nice to go out to town . Should I get the knights to bring back a woman I fancy? I did bring quite an amount of aphrodisiacs, just in case . I’ve heard how to effectively inject it into women so with this amount of aphrodisiacs, the result should be excellent .

No, maybe it would be better if I visit a company .  I have some high expectations for the “donations” in a country this big .


Excitedly, I tried to leave the conference room . It was then .


It was when stars had already begun to shine and the sun was half-way down . Without any warning, a huge “ball of light” appeared in the night sky .


It was as though it was still noon outside .



Due to this emergency situation, the conference was prolonged .


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The clock was already pointing at nine . However due to the sudden appearances of those balls of light one after another, it was as bright as a summer afternoon . These balls of light would abruptly appear, radiating light as though it were the sun, then silently disappear after a few seconds . Several balls of light flashed in the night sky . If this doesn’t qualify as an abnormal situation, what will?


The conference room was in an uproar .


“What is that light!! What’s happening!!”

“This must be something major!! Earth might even be in danger!!”

“Have the larger demons gone berserk or something!?”

“Are you saying that there are shining demons in the sky!? Ridiculous!! What are you saying they will do by shining in the sky!!”


The normally calm special priests lost their marbles and were bellowing at each other as they argued . On the contrary, while this emergency situation unfolded, I was thinking:


I don’t know what happened but I really wish they wrapped things up soon . I still have to think about my plans for tonight… . Come to think of it, the second class priestess I caught a glimpse of just then was quite the cutie . Great, I’ll settle for her tonight . Well, since there still are six days until this conference ends, it’s forbidden to go all out now . There’s a limit to the aphrodisiacs I’ve brought so I’ll have to use it sparingly .

…Ughhhhh… But knowing it’s me, I might just get caught up in the moment and use it all up in one night . That’s a problem… Uhhh… What should I do…

Ah! I know!! Perhaps they sell aphrodisiacs in this country as well!? It is the largest country in the world so there must be some!!  I can just get the more powerful people to “donate” them over by the boxes!!

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Now that’s decided, I can use all the aphrodisiacs I brought over on that priestess tonight!! There’s a custom made injection machine capable of injecting a lot at once inside my personal belongings after all!! I’ll inject in ten to twenty people’s worth in at once, into the said most effective blood vessel!!

That priestess will definitely feel good enough that she might even meet the Goddess!!

So, does this second class priestess have any “compassion for others”? Guess it doesn’t matter, it’ll be fun even if she doesn’t!! A woman whose gone cold did feel really good!! I’m looking forwards to tonight!!!



Without a single change in expression, my mind was filled with plans for tonight .


Inside the bloodthirst riddled conference room, the great priest arrived . He quietly sat down and let out a word .


“Silence” .

With that one word, peace dawned upon the originally rowdy conference room, leaving behind only the breaths of the special priests audible . The great priest verified that everyone had indeed settled down, before firmly announcing:


“Now is the time! It is time for us to show our strengths as the Bestowed!”


My fate was determined by those words .

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