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Published at 28th of December 2018 03:41:07 AM

Chapter 28

Shit!! Shit!! SHIT!!


I swore to myself internally . Inside a massive room inside the temple was a diverse amount of dishes lined up on the many tables, arranged for use .


I’ve already killed so many chefs but there is just too many kitchens inside the temple . Food was being brought out, like mice out of a rat-hole . Of course I hindered them – I would yell out at the lower class priests bringing the food out, ordering the knights to cut them down .


That wasn’t enough . That’s how we wound up in this situation, with dishes beautifully lined up before us . I probably could have done a bit more but that fucking geezer went out of his way to taste test the food, praising them .


“Delicious . Everyone, you have done well to bring forth this much food in such a short period of time . ”


A lowly newbie special priest would never be able to stop whoever the geezer praised, meaning, I could no longer do anything about it .


The balls of light is still obnoxiously hanging over our heads in the sky!! At this rate, I really will die!! This calls for a change of plans, now that it’s come to this!


I shifted to the shadows of a pillar as to not catch anyone’s attention and gulped down the “secret plan” I prepared for emergencies like this .



Supper was lavish . However, due the lack of time, none of the special priests made an attempt to start a conversation, solely focusing on shoving the food down their mouths .


Ahhhh… The faster you eat… The sooner you’ll have to drink the poison…


A lower class priest approaches me, stunned still . She’s that same second class priestess I was previously licking all over with my gaze .


Fuck!! I should be playing around with her already!! That shitty geezer!! What “it’s time for us to fulfil our duty”!! I still wanna live!!

Doing it will all the women!! Cutting down anyone I don’t like, making my own paradise!!

But then!! BUT THEN YOU!!




As those thoughts run through my head, I maintained my outer calm, and the lower class priestess came speaking to me .


“Oh Bestowed One… Please… Please… I want to fight with everyone… with the Goddess, against Satan…”

“Could I ask-… Could I ask for you to allow me to accompany everyone…?”


……HUHHHHHH??? What is this piece of shit saying? IF YOU WANNA DIE SO BADLY, DO YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW?? I’M TRYING TO THINK OF HOW I CAN STAY ALIVE AND HERE YOU ARE-!! This is why I hate you lower classed pieces of shit!!


Hearing the words of the lower class priestess, the other special priests snapped .


“YOU!! You’re just a second class priestess!! And you wish to accompany us to the Goddess!?”
“Insolence!! Someone like you who has no protection granted!! It is obvious that you will side with Satan in the end!!”
“Do you know why you scum aren’t granted protection!!? It is because evil exists inside your heart!!”

“Are you saying that you want to head to where the goddess is with us!!? DO YOU INTEND TO DISHONOUR OUR GODDESS!!?”


Under the intense assaults by the special priests, the second class bit down her lip in frustration and continued pleading as she got down onto her knees .


“Please!! I’m begging you!! If you could send my faith to the Goddess!! I won’t get in your way!! Please!!”


“How foolish!! Are you not currently!! Getting in our way to head out!!?”

“Could you be! An underling of Satan!? He must have ordered you to waste our valuable time like this!!”

“Whatever!! Take this woman away!! She’s an eyesore!!”



The prostrating second class was tied up by the knights and thrown out of the room .


“Nevertheless, I had never imagined that Satan’s claws have reached even the temple…”

“That was dangerous . They might have come after us when we head off to the Goddess . ”

“We can’t have that!! This battle! We must win!!”

“How about this . Until the clashes has stopped, all lower class priests are prohibited from suicide or murder . ”
“I see, that way, they will not be able to head to the Goddess . But what if there are still those who secretly try to tag along?”

“Rest assured . If there is such an unfaithful person present, we shall revoke their priest status and handle them as a criminal . ”

“Good, good . That way, those people will be headed to hell, meaning they cannot come to where the Goddess is!”

“Exactly . Only us Bestowed are allowed to head to where the goddess is . ”
“Absolutely… It appears that the impure and evil ones cannot apprehend this sacred act . How deplorable…”



As this conversation took place, all the special priests were still shoving food inside their mouths .


Only I, stood in the shadows, alone . I still have not taken a single bite from the vibrant platter presented before me . I cannot eat . For the plan will fail if I do .


Just a bit more, I just have to hold back a bit more . If I do, I can survive . I can escape from this crazy scene!!



A while later, most of the dishes have been cleared out . Satisfied, the special priests were now discussing plans of how to fight Satan as they rubbed their stomachs .


And once again, the glass cups were brought back in .


I can no longer prevent it anymore . I have to drink it . Still, I have my secret plan .


If this plan succeeds, the world will be mine!! Turning misfortune into fortune!! I will make it a reality!!


While I’m still solidifying my determination, the shitty geezer climbs onto the stage and declares .


“Everyone!! Prepare yourselves!!”

“For the world!! For the Goddess and her battle, we will sacrifice ourselves!!”

“As the Bestowed!! We will die for faith!!”

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He raised his glass and yelled out;




Before emptying his glass in one gulp



The special priests too yelled out




Before emptying their glasses one after another . In the next instant, blood spewed out of everyone’s mouth and the died .


I trembled as I followed


“F- For victory!!”


And gulped down the drink . The poison entered my mouth, and continues down my throat……


……Alright!! The poison stopped in my throat!! I’m saved that I shoved down the bag earlier!!


This poison seems to be a really potent one . I never expected it to be able to instantly kill a person!!




After a while, the lower class priests enter the room littered with corpses and begin their retrieval .


A single lower class priest approaches my body and lifts me up . It was then .


“!!! This person’s heart is still beating!!”


They yelled out .


Fuck!! Now my plan to play dead has failed!!

But it’s fine!! I still have a backup!!

If I say this!! I can be saved!!

No, not only will I be saved!!

The Goddess’s religion!! The whole world will be mine!!


In response to the loud yell, the other lower class priests gather around .

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“It’s true!!”

“To think he had not died after drinking such a powerful poison…”

“The protection on this person is not normal!! It might even be stronger than that of the great priest!!”


Yes!! Go on!!

Just like that!!

And now!


“I heard a voice just now . ”

“The voice told me that this world, one which no longer has the great priest, has been entrusted to me . ”
“That I must now be the one to guide the world . ”
“For that, our Goddess has endowed a very powerful protection with me . ”

“From now, the church is to obey my orders . ”


If I say it, the world will be mine!!

Now, I’ll say it!!


Move my mouth!!

I only need to say it!!



My mouth won’t move!!

My body won’t move!!

Shit!! Was the bag too small!?

There’s no doubt that some poison entered my system!! That’s why my mouth is paralysed!!

Arghhhhh!! Shit!! Shit!! SHIT!!

What should I do now that it won’t move in a time like this!!

My normally garrulous tongue won’t obey my orders!!

My lips which normally spew out the most scurrilous insults won’t open!!



That lower class priest stops a passing by knight . The knight’s sword clatters against his armour as they jog over .


Wh- What are these guys doing!! What are they gonna do to me!!


The stopped knight looks at me with surprise .


“Don’t tell me!! He’s still alive after drinking that poison!!”

“Yes!! From the looks of it, this person’s blessing is very strong! He cannot head to the Goddess from something on the level of poison!! ”

“Hmmmm… Such strength! We must return it to the Goddess!!”

“Indeed!! That is where I would like to request of you!! Could you please behead this person so that he does not suffer!?”

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“Ugh!! I see! Not suffer… is it… but…”

“What is it!! Every one of you knights who protect the temple should be proficient with the sword! Why can you not do it!!”

“Certainly, it would be simple to cut off his head with my skill but… please take a look at this . ”


The knight drew his blade and showed it to the lower class priest .


“What?…!!! This is!!?? What!!?”

“Actually, there was a gathering of Satanists in the kitchen earlier, and in order to cut them down, some oil got onto my sword…”

“Not only that . It as gotten onto the tip as well… With this… it won’t even be able to penetrate to the heart… Is there any way you could lop his head off in one swing?”

“Please forgive my incapability . However, it would be possible given a few swings . ”

“…Ugh . I can’t help it . We are short on time . That is the only way . Please do it . ”



Clasping the sword, the knight approached the limp special priest . Several lower class priests propped up my limp, unmoving body, securing it as though it were a sinner on execution .


Stop!! Stop!!

What are you doing to me!!

I’m a Bestowed you hear!!

I’m loved by the Goddess!!

I’m not an existence you can touch to easily!!

Don’t bring those dirty hands near me!!

Arghhh!! Stop!! Stop, you pieces of shit!!!



Holding the shining sword, covered in oil, the knight continued to shorten the distance, his armour still rattling with each move he made .




He yelled and he swung his sword down onto my neck, again and again and again and again and again .


Every time the sword was swung, I would be assaulted by an inconceivable amount of pain .

Every time the sword was swung, my head would droop down a little lower .


And finally, the last piece of skin connecting my head was chopped off and my head rolled onto the floor . The last scene burned into my eyes was my own headless body, from which blood was gushing forth .





…What… fucking… goddess…


…this world is… all… shit…

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