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Published at 21st of March 2020 12:31:41 PM

Chapter 44

My oldest memory… I was being stared at by a crowd of mothers and fathers .


My parents were both garbed in white clothes, smiling at me . Some were cheering loudly and hugging each other .



That was my… first memory as a homunculus .  



Back then, I was incomplete . My artificial soul lived in a borrowed body, unable to leave the glass tanks of growth medium .  


But even so, my parents spoke to me with a smile, occasionally reading me a picture book or two .  


I was happy . I believed from the bottom of my heart that I would be able to stay together with my kind mothers and joyful fathers in this house forever .


However one day, their treatment towards me changed .


That day, a group of men in black came and told mothers and fathers something . Then, their faces turned very sad .


One of those men came closer and yelled at mum and kicked one of my dads right into the glass tube which held me with a great force, before finally leaving our residence with loud, resounding footsteps .


My mothers nursed my fathers who were knocked down, and one of them walked over to me, his face swollen .


“I’m sorry… truly… I’m so sorry…” He said .



After that incident, they started to cover up the glass tube I was in . Not only was I unable to see anything outside, I wasn’t able to hear any of my parents’ voices either .


I shouted, ever so desperately .


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“I’m sorry if I did something bad!
I won’t ever do it again!
So please, please take this cover off!”



…But no one took the cover off for me .


There were a few times every year when they would take the cover off for a moment, but those were just moments .


Whenever the cover was removed, I would apologia . I was hysteric .

I lowered my head as much as the narrow tank allowed me to, and even if I hit my head against the tank, I never stopped .


… But it was of no use . My parents only looked at me with sad expressions before fixing the cover back on .


This continued for a few years, when out of nowhere, the cover was removed from the glass tank .


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My apologies were frantic as usual, and the next thing I knew, my soul was pulled away from my body . By the time I woke up, my artificial soul was resting inside a true physical body .


Yes .

I was completed on this day .

I tried to climb out of my bed, but my body was unusually heavy and refused to comply . The men in black peered at me with bitter faces .


Then the man spat on my face, and shortly thereafter kicked another one of the fathers and then stormed out of the residence .


Thereupon, I sat there with a dazed face . One of the mothers tenderly wiped it down .


“Sorry… we’re really… sorry . ”


They apologised over and over .


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Father too, even if he was hit,


“We were too foolish… It shouldn’t be like this… We’re really sorry…” He apologised .


I was puzzled .


But I might be shut back into the glass tank if I’m selfish again .

I didn’t want to be stuck there again .

So I gently smiled, and said;

“I love mother and father . ”




A few days later, the country was destroyed .

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