Short, Light, Free - Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Immortal Cultivation Studies III

Dad and I flew for some time before arriving outside a private house .

Dad shouted, "I've brought him with me, Pang Dahai . "

The door opened slowly and Dad shoved me in . "I'll wait at home . "

"You're not coming in with me?" I asked .

"No . Go home on your own later . " He flew away without waiting for my agreement .

I walked in and was greeted by all kinds of mechanical equipment .

I saw a fatty sitting on the sofa as tools floated above his workstation . He seemed to be assembling something .

He looked over at me and waved .

I saw that his whole hand was silver in color .

"Mechanical arm?" I asked in shock .

"Heh heh . I developed it on my own to deal with daily work . You can make a custom order at 63 gold pieces an arm . 20% discount if you have a member's card from the federation . "

I put my backpack down and pointed at his workstation . "What are you working on right now?"

"A fatal weapon that can shoot metal-type ammunition . It's a kind of concealed weapon and I intend to name it MT Pistol . Any time before a battle, when your opponent has his guard down, you can use this to attack . He won't have any time to dodge your bullet," Fatty told me with a proud smile .

With a wave, my backpack flew right into his hand .  

He looked at it carefully . "This is good stuff . I'll be able to reduce the size by half after some analysis . "

He waved again and the assembled MT pistol flew into my hand .

I grabbed it tightly and an ammunition clip floated in front of me .

"Put it in and undo the safety lock . There a small hook where you can rest your finger on . Aim it at the target and pull the trigger . "

I followed his instructions .


A hole appeared on the target right before my eyes .

I ran forward and noticed that the metal plate behind had an indentation .

"Isn't this too powerful? If it can shoot consecutively with such speed, no shield can defend it," I cried out .

"You finally get the idea . I've been thinking about it recently," Fatty said .

"I'm Li Goudan . My father, Li Jing, called me over and said that you're the principal of Azure Flight Institution?" I responded .

"Goudan? Good name, and yes, I'm Pang Dahai, the principal of Azure Flight . Your dad is managing the navy well but I'm still surprised that his son is such a genius," he said, grinning .

I shook my head . "No, no, no, I'm not even of Split Body standard when it comes to cultivation . "

"So what? I wouldn't change your brain for anything, even over ten Ordealers . "

"I'm not that great . I'm interested in Science and while I know this is not mainstream and is even considered as demonic, I'm doing it as a hobby . . . " I paused, not knowing how to continue .

"Do you know why I'm interested in you? I've seen what you wrote in your book . You're much better than most students and even teachers at the school! Wanna know why?" he asked .

"Why?" I repeated .

"Students and teachers at my school have bold and imaginative thoughts and unlimited passion toward Science . Yet, they have all succumbed to a misconception that the basis of Science is imagination . In reality, practice is the foundation of Science . With careful calculations, you have turned your imagination into actual simulations . While these numbers may not be accurate, you've already exceeded the capability of everyone at my school," Fatty explained, sending a jade strip into my hand .

"So you're saying . . . " I grabbed the jade and read it . It contained all the steps to create and use a pistol . The length of the gun body, the angle of firing, the method to operate, and the way to stabilize the trajectory . I felt overwhelmed .

"If you came without your backpack, I might've just accepted you as a student . Since you showed up with it, that's enough proof that you have every right to join my institution as a teacher," he told me laughingly .

"That jetpack?" I asked, smiling .

"I had thought that it was merely a concept . I did not expect you to have actualized it . "

"I've made everything in that book," I stated .

Upon hearing that, he shuddered . "Is that true?"

I nodded .

"Bring in all of them tomorrow . No, no, no . I'll go over with you now . Let me see your stuff!" he exclaimed excitedly before bolting up .

. . .

News that Li Jing's son Li Goudan, with his Split Body qualification, had become the assistant principal in Azure Flight Institution spread across the whole immortal world the next day .

Two groups of people emerged .

Cultivators were convinced that Dad had used his connections to secure my future .

There were also some who knew that Pang Dahai was a stubborn person and wouldn't be swayed like that, so the news got them interested in my abilities .

as such, the news got them interested in my abilities .

On that day, during the news conference, Pang Dahai only said that time will tell if his assistant was worthy of his position .

When it was time for me to speak, I simply put on my jetpack and made a live demonstration .

After landing back on the ground, I said to the audience, "No cultivation is needed at all . Azure Flight Institution accepts custom orders . It won't cost more than 10 gold pieces . "

The crowd surged and split into two groups once again .

One side deemed my jetpack useless while the other believed that my invention was a step into the future .

I bowed and left the stage .

Because Science was still considered demonic, news that oil lamps were being replaced by light bulbs could already be seen in the newspapers .

Times were changing and good things were hard to overlook .

Since then, orders came in continuously . I was surprised . Of course, many felt that it was cheap so they purchased one just for the fun of it .

Upon receiving the blueprint, students and teachers at school started mass producing the jetpack . Three gold pieces were needed to cover the material cost and two gold pieces to cover the assembling cost .

The remaining five gold pieces came to me and I made a windfall out of my invention .

. . .

I invented the fridge a year later .

Powers weren't needed to preserve fresh food . Five gold pieces a set . Custom orders accepted within Azure Flight Institution .

I invented an air-conditioner three years after that .

No powers required to control the temperature in a room . Custom orders accepted within Azure Flight Institution .

Five years later, our Science and Technology Institution was officially established and more inventions came along: The airplane and three artificial satellites .  

With our own unique way of doing things, our institution became one of the best educational establishments .

I invented the mobile phone seven years later .

With data transmission from the satellites, it was like a portable television with many different types of channels . People no longer needed to stay at home to get information . Mass produced, it was being sold for fifty gold pieces a set .  

Then came WiFi and computers . . .

Azure Flight Science and Technology Institution became the best establishment within the whole world of immortals, with Pang Dahai and Li Goudan leading as the principal and vice principal .

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