Shura's Wrath - Chapter 133

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Chapter 133

Xuanyuan Xue Yi

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“Big brother, you don’t have to carry me… I’ll walk myself . ”

Shui Ruo, who was being carried by Ling Chen, struggled with determination . He put her down as she had insisted, but kept both his hands at her waist in case she fell . After she had taken the 13223 drug, Shui Ruo’s body had recovered relatively quickly . However, she was still weak and needed more time to fully regain her strength, despite there no longer being any trace of the disease in her body,

“You sure you can do this?” Ling Chen hoped that Shui Ruo would surprise him, but still asked, as he was worried .

“Older brother, look at me carefully, don’t blink . ” Ling Shui Ruo smiled sweetly at Ling Chen, then, placing both feet on the ground she carefully stood up from the bed .

Her body was still trembling a little, but now she was completely relying on her own strength to stay standing . Letting go of Ling Chen’s body, she began to walk forward, with a face full of confidence and a soft, yet wilful smile . Although she didn’t walk very fast, every step she took was now very stable and straight, unlike previously when she was barely able to move .

Before he knew it, Shui Ruo had moved out of his hands . Now, he was no longer holding onto her at all, as she walked ahead . Inching her way out of the bedroom, she briefly smiled back towards Ling Chen, then took another step as she moved towards the dinner table, before sitting in the chair that she always sat in . Although it took a while, there was not once where he doubted that she would fail .

With every step she took, Ling Chen could feel his heart melting on the inside . He stared at her as she sat at the table, and when he finally looked up, it was impossible for him not to cry .

Shui Ruo, in this life, only you, can bring me so much happiness .

Money, fame, strength, power… these things pale at the very sight of your smile . So long as you are by my side, I would be the happiest man on earth, no matter what happens . For you, I would give up anything .

Shui Ruo, being able to meet you in this life is a gift of God, the best thing that’s ever happened to me .

Yun Feng, your kindness, I do my best to repay it .

It was almost 1pm when Ling Chen appeared in the territory of the Red Eyed Lizards, right where he had logged off before .

Looking at his surroundings, it appeared that he was the only there, apart from the other Red Eyed Lizards that were crawling around . Yun Meng Xin’s group either hadn’t arrived yet, or had gone elsewhere, as the area was too dangerous for them .

He was just about to summon Xi Ling and Xiao Hui, when an enchanting figure appeared in a shadowy glow that swept by his side .

Like a goddess, shrouded in her black robes, she walked with an air of grace, her raven hair flowing down to her sides where it danced across her slender waist .

Every time he saw Qi Yue, he would lose control of his mind . She had tight eyebrows, starry eyes, pursed lips, a beautiful nose, and porcelain skin; it would be hard for anyone to control themselves .

Ling Chen stared at her body, before ripping his eyes away and coldly saying: “Didn’t I say that you weren’t allowed to come out unless I said so?”

Qi Yue bit her lip; her lightly arched eyebrows twisted a little, and a trace of sadness flashed across her beautiful face: “Young master, do you really not want to see me that badly? The whole morning, young master was surrounded by beauties, so beautiful that I wanted to keep them as pets when I saw them . Young master must have had his soul taken away by them, who knows, maybe young master doesn’t even remember his own name . ”

Ling Chen: “…”

But in fact, based on features alone, Ling Chen had never seen anyone that could compare to Qi Yue . After all, she was a character in a virtual world and could be created to perfection . Such was her beauty that no feature of hers lacked devilish temptation, especially her full chest which was covered only by a thin layer of black threaded clothing . Moreover, her clothes were tightly worn, highlighting her curves even further . While she was talking, her breasts bounced up and down, almost overflowing from her garments, which Ling Chen found especially attractive .

This was a woman that would make any man’s life short-lived… staying by her side would be far too dangerous . The best Ling Chen could do was try to avoid her, as he knew that every time she appeared he would feel the uncontrollable urge to rip off her clothes and take her down .

“Qi Yue, can I ask you a question?”

“Oh?” Qi Yue went to Ling Chen’s side, glancing around as she pursed her red moist lips .

Ling Chen closed his eyes, and said: “If one day I find both the Saint Orbs and God Orbs will I have the strength to fight the whole Yan Huang Alliance?”

If Ling Tian’s words fell on the ears of a normal person, they would think he was crazy… but as he said spoke, his face was that of complete seriousness .

Qi Yue laughed; what the Yan Huang Alliance was she knew from the conversations between Ling Tian and Yun Meng Xin: “If you can return the Lunar Scourge to its complete state, you will be able to trample on anything, even the Gods . All humans will be humbled in the face of your power, even the Yan Huang Alliance; if you want to destroy tens, hundreds, thousands, the power will be at your fingertips .

The words of Qi Yue made Ling Chen’s heart skip a beat; there was a moment of silence as he pondered over whether what Qi Yue was saying was true . Could an item that strong really exist in a video game world?

Of course not!

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“However, the search for the God Orbs and Saint Orbs would be very difficult . Young master was already incredibly fortunate to find the Sagittarius Orb… for another one to appear would be nigh impossible . If you want to find the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, then the best approach is to scour every inch of the land of the Forgotten Continent and the waters around… but young master needn’t worry, he’ll be able to find it within 1000 years . ”

Within a 1000 years… what a joke! After a few hundred years I won’t exist in the world anymore, let alone 1000 years! Ling Chen secretly cried .

A heart-fluttering fragrance blew by as Qi Yue gently breathed into his ear, her whole body now pressed up against him: “Young Master, are you thinking about the Lunar Scourge? When you’re back, accompany me; I still haven’t finished talking to you…oh that’s right, do you like any of the little sisters that were with you this morning? If you do just tell me and I’ll immediately help you with her… if you like them all that’s fine too . I can make them all your personal pets, how about that?”

His heart began to beat faster upon feeling the warmth of her body and hearing her soft breathing in his ear . Qi Yue stopped; her beautiful eyes turned to look at him . With a wave of her tender hand and charming smile, she disappeared, and the fragrance in the air slowly wafted away in the breeze .

At the same time, not far from Ling Chen, a white figure appeared, heralded by the frigid aura that enshrouded her .

Mu Bing Yao .

Seeing Ling Chen, Mu Bing Yao’s eyes darted around, and convinced that no one else was around, she quickly stepped towards him . Now standing in front of Ling Chen with her right hand across her chest, she bent down on one knee before him, her forehead hanging downwards .

“Master . ” The word escaped from Mu Bing Yao’s mouth, voice as cold as ice without any emotion .

Qi Yue’s departure allowed Ling Chen to let out a breath of air . He looked over Mu Bing Yao and gave her an indifferent smile: “Get up . How many times have I said it, you don’t have to kneel before me . ”

“Bing Yao dares not be equal to master . ”

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Under the orders of Ling Chen, Mu Bing Yao rose, but her forehead was still drooping, so as to lower her body as much as possible .

Ling Chen was too lazy to continue to deal with this problem; it was almost 1pm and Yun Meng Xin and her group would be arriving soon . After thinking, Ling Chen asked: “Tell me what their real identities are . ”

Mu Bing Yao expressionlessly nodded: “Yung Meng Xin, the Yun financial group chief’s only daughter, aged 19 and currently living alone in the North of Beijing . Her residence is called ‘Heart’s Dream workshop . ’ Xiao Qi and Su’Er currently also spend most of their time there . I am also living there too . ”

Mu Bing Yao treated her words like gold, saying as little as possible . Everything that Ling Chen already knew about Yun Meng Xin, she didn’t spend much time repeating .

“Xiao Qi, the Northern Chinese Mafia Godfather Xiao Zhan’s daughter, aged 17 and known as ‘princess’ in the Battle Alliance . She has an older brother known as Xiao Qiu Feng, who is very strong . ”

“Su’Er, the Mayor of Beijing, Xing Hua Su’s only daughter, aged 15 . Her mother died when she was young, so she had never had a sense of security from a young age . She has a weak character and almost never goes out . ”

“About Su’Er…” Ling Chen interrupted Mu Bing Yao . He knew Su’Er’s background was not simple, but he did not think that she was the mayor’s daughter: “I heard she has a fiancé, do you know who it is?”

“I do . You also know that person,” Mu Bing Yao responded .

“I do?”

“Xuanyuan Xue Yi”

“What!?” Ling Chen’s brow rose, and his eyes suddenly became cold .