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Siana - Chapter 26

Published at 29th of August 2019 09:27:41 PM

Chapter 26

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Cain was still in a daze trying to understand what was happening when he realized that she started pinching his cheeks with a mischievous smile on her face . This finally made him come back to his senses . Not entirely though . . .

He raised his hands and covered hers with his own . He directed their hands down from his face and then looked up at her incredulously . Knowing full well that it was futile, he still made a miserable attempt to escape from her knowing gaze,

"Missy, I think you got the wrong person?"

His words angered Sia so much that she retorted back with contempt,

"Oh, really? Now that you say that, you really aren't my king who would never lie to me . Sorry for the misunderstanding . "

She tried to retract her hands but Cain quickly tightened his hold on them,

"Okay, I am sorry . . . you win Queenie . But . . . how? . . . Since when?"

Sia, who had somehow sat on her knees in her seat, now relaxed and sat back normally while still facing Cain . She was happy beyond words and she even thought for a moment that this was all a dream, which was why she started pinching Cain . But seeing that he actually reacted to it and questioned her back she finally let out the breath she was holding .

Wasn't this just great? The guy she craved to meet for all these years was now sitting next to her holding her hands as if they were the most valuable yet most fragile treasures in the world .

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She wanted to be mean to him, but realized that she couldn't help her smile . So with excitement and self appreciation she started her story,

"Well, it all started on the day of my arrival . I mean why would the devil king Cain even bother to help me out from a sticky situation? I have been thinking about this all the time but decided to wait and see how King would react . I mean, for all I know, after you started calling me 'Queenie' or 'my Queen' around 4 years ago, your level of possessiveness reached the skies . Need I remind you, how you were even getting jealous of women around me let alone men .

So, in short, seeing that the King didn't take any action against the Devil King I decided to ask personally . "

She stopped to take a breath and to enjoy the expectant and puzzled expression on Cain's face . Smiling even wider than before she continued,

"So your answer was really weird and out of character . I mean, every time there is a talk about any guy you will jump and find all the dirty secrets about that person and show them to me . And you will also start to tell how they are much worse than you .

But with 'Cain' you just asked me how I felt about him . I mean, isn't that weird? And also there were some loopholes in Ren's situation . But let's talk about the most important part: the events on the plane .

I mean you do realize that you did something totally out of ordinary again, don't you?"

Cain shook his head and then thinking of something nodded and said with the same husky voice that was so well engraved in Sia's memory,

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"I sat next to you . "

At his words Sia nodded excitedly and continued with renewed enthusiasm,

"Exactly! I mean, the jealous King that I know would always book the whole raw next to me as well as in front and behind of me just so there is no one near me! And here you are, coming and sitting right next to me! And also those bodyguards of yours that have the faces of 40-45 year-old-men but bodies of max 30 year-olds . "

When the people in the other seats realised that the two were looking at their directions they couldn't help but shift uncontrollably in their seats . They all had the same thoughts running in their minds,

'Why does the lady boss need to be a devil Queen? Can't she spare us from all these revelations? The king is totally gonna blame us that she found out!'

"That still doesn't explain how you know the face of 'Cain Greydale'," Cain said skeptically .

Sia lightly snorted at his remark and said matter-of-factly,

"Well, that's because the name Cain Greydale is enough to explain everything . You might be the best hacker in the world, but don't forget that I am almost at your level . So even though very few people know of your true appearance, at some point of my procrastination I found the pictures of the most handsome men and you happened to be in the leading positions among those . "

After her words settled down, a ruthless aura started surrounding Cain, and not bothering to control it he simply asked with a detached yet self-mocking voice,

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"So? I was just in the leading positions? Did that mean that William Harding was on the top position of your leaderboard?"

Sia looked at him with widened eyes and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the guy's reaction and thoughts . Wasn't it clear that the only man she had ever been interested in was and had always been him? How could this genius man loose all his senses whenever he got slightly jealous .

Now, it finally made sense why all the men that courted her ended up so tragically: in this state this guy was surely best described as a Ruthless Devil King .

Cain took her silence as a sign of agreement . He felt so elated moments ago when she simply held his face in that soft and warm palms of hers . He was so happy for the smile she gave him .

But now . . . it felt like she just slapped him on his face crashing to pieces all the elation that she caused in him .

'Why give me hope if you are going to destroy it so fast?'

He released her hands and turned to face the side of the isle, away from her .

Sia on the other hand was dumbfounded at Cain's childish behavior . She honestly wanted to mess with him, but seeing this regal man's defeated and depressed expression she couldn't help but shove the idea away from her mind .

As Cain was blankly looking at the other side of the plane, she was racking her brains to come up with a way to coax the Devil . Suddenly, her eyes shone with an idea she was so proud of that she felt like patting herself on the back . So taking a deep breath she started to poke Cain's shoulder non-stop .

Cain, however, couldn't feel anything at the moment . He felt like all the life was drained from him . He wasn't blaming her . No . . . it wasn't her fault . It was his . He should have come to her earlier . He should have tried harder . He should have . . .

His thoughts were interrupted by the feeling in his shoulder . If it was anyone else, his trained body wouldn't even feel anything from that kind of a touch . But it was like his body had a mind of its own . Every time she was near him, or especially when she touched him, his body would react on its own .

So, not having a choice he just turned lifelessly towards the source of that pricking feeling . For the last time before he gave up on her, he simply wanted to see that innocent face of hers that made his heart beat uncontrollably . However, instead of facing her, his sight was blocked by that same face that was now inches away from his face .

Before he could grasp what she was up to, soft, petal like lips covered his own for a fleeting second . The next moment, her tomato red face rested itself on the crook of his neck .

With her loud, erratically beating heart near his chest and her hot breath on his bare skin, she said in her soft and alluring voice,

"You now have my first kiss as the proof of my feelings for you . I liked you despite not having seen you ever, ignoring the possibility that you could be an ugly, creepy man who knew nothing but hacking and maybe eating and also being jealous .

In my eyes, my king has always been the most handsome and suave man ever, because he was everything I wished to see in a man . In my imagination he consisted of the finest attributes a man could have . In a way, I made him the Frankenstein of my own .

So yeah, 'Cain Greydale' was in the leading positions because the top position always belonged to the one man who had been my pillar of support and the source of my light for the past few years . To the man, who I liked not because of his looks, but because of who he was .

It belonged and will always belong to my jealous King aka . the alter ego of the Devil king himself . Which, by the way, I am happy about, cause you really turned out to be the most handsome man I have ever seen so I don't need to be scared of having fallen for a creepy man anymore . "

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