Siana - Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

Cain was never one to negotiate: he had always been too domineering for people to dare argue with him . And Alex was no exception . So, willingly or unwillingly he accepted the 'proposal' Cain made . He still wanted to talk to Sia, but discovered that the line was already disconnected .

'That d*mned Cain!'

On the other side, Sia quietly left to visit her pre-op patients in the outpatient clinic . She had a duty to fulfil, and she couldn't let people down because of her personal life .

Cain also didn't stay back as he had a lot at hands: be it the task on 'Black Lily' or the Lion . Thinking about these, his apathetic eyes showed a slight glint in them: there was finally something interesting to do . Thus he left the way he had come: freely yet unnoticed by anyone .

The rest of the day passed relatively well until Sia received a call from an unknown number .

"Is this Dr . Siana Illes?" A woman could be heard from the other side of the call .

"Yes, it is . May I know who I am speaking to?" Sia knitted her brows hearing the woman's rude way of talking . How had she offended this woman?

"Hmph, I am manager Elisabeth Hart of the Complaints and Improvements department . A patient sued you for your lack of professionalism . Come to the office tomorrow at 10am . "

"What? Who?" she couldn't hide her surprise in a moment of total confusion .

She had made mistakes that were detrimental before: however she had been honest with the patients and their families and never tried to avoid the blame or hide the truth, though she could easily do so . Small mistakes were fine and could be easily dealt with during the operations so it couldn't be connected to those . On the other hand, the last big mistake she made was close to two years ago . This was what she found strange . But she was never one to hide from her mistakes .

"You will see tomorrow . Now, bye,' Elisabeth hang the phone .

However, Siana was left completely flabbergasted: this woman was not exactly nice to her, and she seemed to be purposefully making it hard for her . Or maybe she was simply imagining things: she had to go and see whatever it was .

Without further ado she called back, however, her call was rejected . She now felt really pissed: she had a surgery planned at 10: how the h*ck was she supposed to go there at that time!?

She called one more time, and was rejected just the same . She didn't call any more: the woman truly seemed to have a thing against her . She felt extremely irritated: how was she going to tell her patient off and ask him to wait some more time to remove the tumour in his brain!? How could she explain to him why he had to wait more: tell that some crazy manager refused to carry her duty in the right way? Or tell that she somehow offended the crazy woman? Or maybe the woman was just crazy in general? God, she was going crazy herself now!

Cain wasn't home when she came back and this made her even more irritated: how dare he come and go as he pleased without informing her?

Realising that she had snapped for the first time in a while, she took deep breaths and tried to calm herself down . She needed to vent her anger somehow . After some thinking she took her laptop to dig into some networks: it always felt fulfilling when she led such a double life and contributed to the society in another way . It was time to catch some criminals!

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She turned on her laptop and after entering the hidden mode, she saw that there was an encrypted message . Upon closer look she felt like hitting her own head: she had completely forgotten about that other team of hackers that tried to contact/attack her the other day . Seemed like they had dealt with her bug: not too bad .

It didn't take long before she decrypted the message:

"Join us and we'll give you anything you want . "

Her eyebrows raised in amusement: was this some kind of a cult or what . What was with giving her anything she wanted . Should she call these people ingenious or just dumb?

She sent her own message in a simpler format, yet not forgetting to erase any traces of her activity afterwards .

- Secret base -

Everyone in the room was scrawled in front of the screens as if their lives dependent on them . Suddenly, a string of an easy code appeared on the black background . Everyone almost cried from happiness . It had felt like forever since they sent that message .

Robert was the happiest of the lot, but his happiness was short lived, as the message was simple yet destructive:

"Not interested . " - codename Q

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Everyone was on the verge of a breakdown, but they had been prepared for such a situation . So without wasting time they sent another message .

"Our boss is the most powerful person in the world . You won't regret . "

When Sia saw the message her amusement reached a whole another level . Those guys were truly confident to call their boss the most powerful, after all, there were so many hidden snakes and dragons everywhere that the concept of power was really relative . There was no power ranking for this: probably even the Underworld Emperor couldn't be considered to be the strongest, so how could they be so sure?

However, whether they were bluffing or not, they actually caught her attention . Birds of a feather flock together: their boss should be someone as proud as a peacock to have such confidence in him .

While Sia was mulling over the events, Robert and the team were rejoicing: Number two surely felt intimidated, they were a step close to the completion of their mission . However . . .

"Not interested . " - codename Q

It was like being struck by a lightning . Why was nothing going according to common logic!? Deep breaths, deep breaths: this was their worst case scenario but they were prepared for this .

Robert nodded, and one of his team members sent the next message:

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"What does it take to get you?"

Sia's frustration was slowly dissipating . She was actually interested in the identity of their cocky boss but she preferred getting information first . So, with her mischievous side kicking in, she gave them another reason for a stroke:

"Not selling . " - codename Q

It had the desired effect: Robert felt like pulling off his hair . But it was not time for that yet: he couldn't afford to offend this person or more so to fail the mission . So he quickly contacted the higher ups for instructions .


At the moment Luke was enjoying himself, while Paul was guarding outside . Paul knitted his brows after looking at the caller ID . He picked up the call and without any prior notice was bombarded by a barrage of information and follow up questions .

Upon taking in the whole situation, he knew how important it was to Luke . He turned and quietly knocked at the door three times fast and one time after delay: a message that things were of primary importance . He waited for a response despite knowing full well that the situation on that side was quite . . . messy .

Luke was woken from his pleasures . Paul wouldn't have used this signal in just any situation . He tossed the woman away without even thinking twice and promptly let Paul in .

When there were only the two of them in the room, Paul finally opened his mouth,

"Boss the situation is like this . . . "