Sinister Ex-Girlfriend - Chapter 129

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Chapter 129

Chapter 129:Misplacement of the Daughter(2)

The morning sun shines through the clean, bright floor-to-ceiling windows of the classroom, and the sun shimmers so that people can’t open their eyes .

In class three, Senior Two, the students have not yet arrived . Looking at the strange and familiar young faces around her, Su Wan opened the bag on her seat . There are only a few new textbooks in it, not even a pen . Things like homework, how can that kind of thing exist?

“I didn’t bring the homework . ”

Su Wan dumped her school bag, and then smashed the empty bag to Xu Nuo’s face, shaking it in front of her eyes .

“Ah, it’s okay, it doesn’t matter . ”

Xu Nuo did not expect Su Wan to talk to herself so gently, knowing that in the past few days she was like gunpowder . Whoever talks to her will be shot .

Xu Nuo waved her hand at Su Wan and turned away . Just when she turned around, she suddenly seemed to think of something and hesitated to stop, looking at Su Wan with a look of hesitation: “Su Wan, your face looked worse . If you are really uncomfortable, will I still send you to the school hospital?”

To be honest, Su Wan’s appearance looks really bad now .

Last night, the original owner drank a beer all night . In the morning, she stumbled into the class with her dark circles and wearing a crumpled school uniform, and the first thing she sat back in her seat was to sleep .

In this state, it was a strange thing if the look on Su Wan’s face looked good .

Feeling the care and tension in Xu Nuo’s tone, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile at her: “I’m fine, um, I will go to Teach Wen and ask for leave . ”

Wen Wenhao, a high-level student, was the newly appointed class teacher of class three, Senior Two .

In the memory of the original owner, Teacher Wen was a very handsome gentleman, but she must not know that this Wen Wenhao is actually an heir to a big family, and he will be one of Jiang You’s pursuers in the future .

Talking of the devil and he comes, Su Wan is thinking of Jiang You, and Jiang You’s slender figure has appeared in the classroom door .

Yes, they are still classmates .

Jiang You is tall and inherited the beauty of Wen Shu . Although they were wearing a blue school uniform, Jiang You stood in front of everyone and took a distinctive atmosphere .

At this time, Jiang You’s eyes turned around in the classroom . When she saw the figure of Su Wan, her eyes immediately became bright and went straight to Su Wan .

“Xiaowan, why didn’t you go home yesterday? Do you know that Mom and Dad were very worried!”

Jiang You’s voice was very crisp . At this time, she did not deliberately suppress her voice . As she asked, the very noisy classroom was quiet .

Su Wan did not go home one night .

It is normal for an adult to do that . However, they are still students . Everyone is only seventeen years old this year, and there is no adult .

The most important thing is that Su Wan is still a girl, a beautiful school belle .

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It must be the best title to the school that the beauty school belle did not go home all night?

Feeling that the people around them were whispering, and Jiang You, who was aware of it, also stunned . Then Jiang You scratched her head towards Su Wan: “Xiaowan, I didn’t mean that, I mean . . ”

When Jiang You wanted to explain, Su Wan suddenly put an empty bag on her shoulder, and then stood up indifferently: “I don’t want to know what you mean, and it is not your turn to intervened me . ”

Speaking of this, Su Wan did not look at Jiang You and carried her bag and heading toward the door of the classroom .


Jiang You did not give up, she quickly rushed to the door of the classroom to stop Su Wan: “Xiaowan, the monthly exam is coming, so you can no longer skip classes . ”

“Who said that I am going to skip classes?”

Su Wan squinted her eyelid at Jiang You lazily, and a sneering smile on her lips: “I didn’t bring stationery, can’t I go home to get stationery? Jiang You, don’t always be so self-righteous . There’s a lot of things that are not like what you think it must be right . Let me go!”

After speaking this sentence, Su Wan forced Jiang You’s arm which is stopping her, and strode out of the classroom .

Jiang You stood at the door of the classroom and looked at the direction of Su Wan’s departure . At this moment, the expression on her face was grievances and sadness, but these negative emotions were quickly suppressed by her . Jiang You habitually tapped her own white cheeks, smirked and said to herself: “Jiang You, you can! One day, Su Wan will like you someday!” General Su is looking at Jiang You . Could Jiang You feel it? Girl?

Like to prove her determination, Jiang You grabbed her litter fist hardly and smiled and turned back to the classroom . At this time, a straight figure was standing by the window of the classroom corridor, and Jiang You’s every move was in a teenager’s eyes .

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“She’s an interesting girl . ”

The teenager at the window muttered to himself, and then turned and left slowly .

The playground of the Feng Heng School is particularly large . To ensure the safety of the school, it is forbidden to drive into the campus .

Of course, all the rules are used to destroy .

Su Wan was carrying an empty school bag and wandering around the playground of the campus . A Porsche car rushed toward the playground on a rampage .

Perhaps because there are no other people on the playground at this time, so Su Wan, who was solo wandering alone has become a very obvious goal .


With the roar of the motor and the harsh brakes, the red Porsche car stopped in front of Su Wan .

Su Wan did not change her face, and her eyes looked calmly as a red-haired boy jumped from the car .

Su Wan knows this red-haired boy .

Ling Qing, the heir to the Ling’s enterprise, is also a twelfth-grade student in Feng heng School, one of the buddies of the scholar-lord Luo Yu .

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Ling Qing is also an influenced man in Feng Heng, and he has always not been low-key when he can high-profile .

“Su Wan, I just haven’t seen you for a few days . Why are you so spiritless?”

When Ling Qing was in the car, he actually saw Su Wan who was haggard . When Su Wan and Luo Yu were together, there were a lot of problems . The girl like Su Wan is not the type that Ling Qing likes . Now that Luo Yu finally comprehended and broke up with Su Wan . Leng Qing is not easy to meet with Su Wan, and naturally can’t let go of the embarrassing opportunity for her .

Listening to Ling Qing’s ridicule, Su Wan just looked at him quietly, then picked up her schoolbag, turned and walked silently toward the school gate .

There are not many other things in this world except a lot of mad dogs that support the female leading role . Ling Qing also is the pursuers of Jiang You . Even because of Jiang You, Ling Qing is still enemies with Luo Yu .

Of course, how to fight for the female leading role is for men . The most important thing to be considered by Su Wan is where Su Rui is .

Because there are too many males in this world who like, adore, have open love and unrequited love to Jiang You, many of these people are not seen by Su Wan’s original owner, so the current, Su Wan can not estimate the identity of Su Rui .

According to the original story of the world, Su Wan is going to be assaulted, and the reason why she was used as cannon fodder is that she was ungrateful to be opposed against Jiang You again and again .

Shortly, there will be many excellent men around Jiang You . These men are each more powerful than next, and each more malicious than next .

The original owner Su Wan was finally killed by a gangster, and the acquaintance between that gangster and Jiang You was also very weird . At that time, the man’s gang was in chaos, that gangster was seriously injured, fainted in the alley, and finally, Jiang You who left school and passing the alley kindly “picked him” and took him home!

In this regard, Su Wan only wants to say that as a good student, if she saw a person injured on the road . Shouldn’t she be alert first? Does she think she was a doctor? Does she think that gunshot wounds can be cured by herself?