Sinister Ex-Girlfriend - Chapter 130

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Chapter 130

Chapter 130:Misplacement of the Daughter(3)

Su’s villa is not far from Feng Heng School . When Su Wan was out of school, she sent a message to Wen Wenhao to asked for day off of one class, and then took a taxi back to Su’s villa .

Su Haicheng had already gone to the company to work in the morning . When Su Wan opened the door and entered the house, the hourly worker at home named Aunt Zhang was cleaning .

“Miss, you are back!”

Seeing the figure of Su Wan, Aunt Zhang immediately put down the rag in the hand and looked at her nervously and respectfully . Aunt Zhang also worked in Su Family for several years . She was also very clear about the temper of Miss Su . And after the appearance of the real Miss, Jiang You, that the temper of Su Wan was each worse than the next day .

Children of this age are actually rebellious and arrogant . Like the original owner who suddenly changed from a princess to a “Cinderella” . The drop in her heart can be imagined .

Just like every naughty and rebellious bear child, they don’t really want to dominate . Perhaps, they just want to get a little more attention from others .

Su Wan was originally a princess of this family . She has no worries about food and clothing and has unlimited love from her parents . Since Jiang You appeared, because the Su couples felt that they owed their biological daughter, they subconsciously wanted to be double-kind to Jiang You . And Jiang You is particularly considerate and sensible, so the relationship between the family of three has heated up sharply, and the original owner feels that she has been deserted and abandoned, which is also inevitable .

In fact, there are no bad parents in the world, and the Su couple is both kind and enthusiastic people . To be honest, they have treated Su Wan very well .

In the original plot, Su Wan was jealous of Jiang You because she took away one of her beloved boys, and she resented that Jiang You had stolen her own parents, so she did against Jiang You everywhere, and eventually, she went a road of cannon fodder .

“Su Wan?”

A gentle male voice interrupted Su Wan’s thoughts . She stood subconsciously in the living room and looked up at the thin figure on the stairs .

The man on the stairs wore a clean and fresh beige sweater . He leaned on the side of the stairs, and his slender fingers gently rested on the handrails of the stairs .

Su Wan subconsciously glanced at his hand, which was used to save people, but also a weapon for killing .

“You are back . ”

Su Wan retracted her eyes and greeted the man without enthusiasm or coldness in accordance with the tone of the original owner in the memory .

“What, you don’t even call me brother now?”

The man on the stairs smiled gently at Su Wan, and then he slowly walked down the stairs step by step . The man was very handsome, whose eyes were rare and gentle, and people like him laughing like a spring breeze . It’s hard to dislike him .

But Su Wan has a very strong alert to such boys in particular .

There is no way, the shadow that Xu Ce left her that year is really too serious . As long as Su Wan sees such a gentle and noble son, her heart will have a strong aversion .

Su Yu walked gracefully in front of Su Wan . He looked at his “cousin sister” with a gentle gaze, and obviously, she had the same face, but he felt strange to the girl in front of him . The light flashed in his eyes, but his face still maintained a mild smile: “Aunt’s body is getting worse and worse, I just checked her out, and she fell asleep . Su Wan, you can spend more time with her if you have time . “

Wen Shu hasn’t lived long, and Su Wan actually knew this .

Hearing Su Yu’s words, Su Wan nodded earnestly: “I know, I will stay with her . ”

When Su Wan said this, she stepped upstairs, and when she turned around, Su Yu grabbed Su Wan’s shoulder suddenly .

Su Wan frowned, and looked at Su Yu with a cold face: “What are you doing?”

“There is something on your shoulder . ”

Su Yu smiled lightly at Su Wan, then raised his hands without any trace, and looking innocent .

Su Wan didn’t say anything . She carried her schoolbag and returned to her bedroom on the second floor .

After entering the door, Su Wan leaned on the door of the room with a pale face immediately . She ripped off her school uniform and leaned her head to check her shoulder . At this time, her white shoulder had left a slender fingermark, and the red marks are particularly noticeable .

Su Yu

Su Wan lowered her eyes, thought that Su Yu was really an unfriendly guy .

According to the mission plot mastered by Su Wan, Su Yu is a doctor on the surface but is actually a senior killer being wanted by the Interpol for many years .

His existence is similar to an invisible cheat plug-in . When the Su family is in trouble, he will help . When Jiang You and her man are conspired by the enemy, he will also help .

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The two people had met each other just now, but it was clear that Su Yu, who had the keen instinct of the super killer, had doubts about herself, and he had no worries and attacked her directly .

This is a temptation and also is a warning .

After putting her clothes in order, Su Wan no longer thought about Su Yu but found her stationery and other learning tools on the messy desk according to the original owner’s memory . After packing everything, Su Wan was turned around and went downstairs .

Outside the villa door, a black Lexus car was parked quietly outside, and Su Yu saw Su Wan carrying her schoolbag out . Su Yu, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, smiled and lowered the window: “Go to school? I can take you . “

Su Wan didn’t answer, but walked silently to the car, opened the door and sat quietly on the back seat .

Along the way, Su Wan leaned on the back seat and closed her eyes, and Su Yu drove intently . No one spoke until the car stopped at the school gate . Su Wan quietly opened the door and got off . She left without seeing a word, and Su Yu finally said slowly: “Su Wan, uncle, and aunt always treated you as their biological daughter, you must not let them down . ”

Su Wan’s figure paused for a moment, and she turned slightly, staring at Su Yu in the car .

“I know . ”

Leaving these three words, Su Wan shook her head and left carrying a schoolbag .

Su Yu, who was sitting in the car, watched the petite figure farther and farther until she disappeared, and then he retracted his sight, raised his slender hands, and smiled gently with his hands crossed .

Obedient children are good children .

Disobedient children can only disappear .

There was a flash of light in his eyes, and Su Yu then started the car and left .

When Su Wan returned to the classroom, the second lesson was halfway through . She knocked on the door without going to see the teacher’s face and returned to her seat . Then she took the book out of the schoolbag and concentrated on the lecture .

The high school curriculum in this world is not difficult . As a person who has been taught by a special tutor, Su Wan has no stress during the class .

The morning passed unknowingly . When the lunch break ring rang, there was a cheer in the classroom . Everyone rushed to go outside . At this time, a tall figure appeared at the entrance of class three, Senior Two .

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When Su Wan and Luo Yu were together, she went to be with Luo Yu for lunch, but now, Luo Yu has to report here every day . Of course, the person he wants to meet is Jiang You .

Sure enough, the favored people will have such preferential treatment .

Seeing Luo Yu’s figure, all the boys in the class looked crazy .

When a person is so good that they don’t even have the courage to envy him and hate him, they can only worship him fanatically .

Scholar-lord Luo Yu is such a particularly outstanding person . The entire students in Feng Heng school, girls and boys, can only bow to him .

Su Wan has been sitting in her seat to pack things slowly . The school work for her is just a waste of time . Now Su Wan is already thinking about the future .

She knows that the original owner had a bank card with her New Year’s money and pocket money in these years . Now she has saved nearly 100,000 yuan . This money is enough for Su Wan to find a place to live in, and then slowly develop her career .

Su Wan did not leave her seat, and Jiang You in the classroom did not leave . When everyone else left, there was only Luo Yu in the door .

Luo Yu was very tall and in good shape . He was naturally dazzling when he stood there . He was surrounded by people passing by the corridor . Luo Yu frowned and went straight to the classroom and looked at Jiang You from afar . “Jiang You, let’s go!”

Hearing Luo Yu’s words, Jiang You turned her gaze, came to Su Wan’s desk with a smile and looked at her sideways with a smile: “Xiaowan, let’s eat together!”

Jiang You knows Su Wan likes Luo Yu, so even if Luo Yu is a very good person, who is also a favorite of his sister, and she can’t take others’ favorite .

Obviously, now Jiang You is still thinking about combining Luo Yu and Su Wan, but she seems to have forgotten that there is a sentence in this world called “go for wool and come home shorn . ”

Sure enough, when Luo Yu heard Jiang You’s words, his slender eyes subconsciously landed on Su Wan’s face, and the coldness was revealed in his eyes .

In Luo Yu’s heart, Jiang You has always been so warm and kind, but she is just so kind, she can’t see Su Wan’s full maliciousness towards her .

“I have an appointment . ”

Su Wan finally packed her things and slowly looked up at Jiang You and Luo Yu . When she saw what Jiang You wanted to say, Su Wan added a sentence indifferently: “Also, don’t always let me with this person, I am not very familiar with him, please let me go! “

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While talking, Su Wan stood up and bypassed quickly around Luo Yu’s side .


Jiang You yelled behind her again . Seeing Su Wan leaving in a footstep, Jiang You’s face was anxious and she raised her foot and wanted to chase it . As a result, she was about to raise her foot and was pulled by Luo Yu who was beside her .

“Why are you holding me?” Jiang You looked anxiously, trying to break free from Luo Yu’s restraint .

“She doesn’t want to take your kindness at all . Why are you asking for trouble?”

Luo Yu looked at Jiang You who was with stubborn looks in front of him and felt a little distressed for her . She tried so hard to get Su Wan’s approval, but what about Su Wan?

That woman just doesn’t know anything .

Seeing Luo Yu’s face was cold when she mentioned of Su Wan, Jiang You couldn’t help but bit his lip: “Xiaowan is also very kind, she just misunderstood me, and it will be okay if the misunderstanding is eliminated . Don’t always target her, in fact, she really likes you . “

Having said that, Jiang You’s tone is a bit complicated . In fact, she also appreciates such excellent and elegant boys as Luo Yu, but whenever Jiang You remembers that Su Wan’s disappointing appearance after broken-heart in love, she forces herself not to have “delusion” about Luo Yu .

“She likes me? What about you? You don’t like me?”

Luo Yu heard Jiang You’s words for a moment, then leaned across the body, and the tall body instantly brought Jiang You to the side of the desk .

Looking at the closer face, Jiang You’s heartbeat accelerated unstoppable .


Jiang You’s face was red, and her tone of voice was involuntarily eager: “I don’t . ”

“No? Then why are you blushing?”

Luo Yu looked at Jiang You’s flushed face because of shyness, couldn’t help but get closer, his long eyelashes were about to touch Jiang You’s cheeks, and at this time, a weak female voice suddenly sounded outside the classroom: “Jiang, Jiang You, two people at the gate of the school are looking for you, and they said they were your friends!”

Xu Nuo stood embarrassed outside the classroom . She did not expect to see such a scene .

Did Luo Yu and Jiang You already be together?