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Sleep Learning - Chapter 7

Published at 22nd of August 2016 06:29:52 PM

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Lunch-time Nap

Harumi and Gin, with Maia, Christa, and Mia decided to have lunch together . Since they are in a big city, the restaurant had a large table for the group to stay at . This was the first time Gin had come here, so the women (including Harumi even though he was a man) led the way .  However, there was the worry who was going to pay for five orders of food out of pocket . (店一番のおすすめ料理を五人分自腹で注文する。) Since this was also the inn Maia was lodging at, it was not a cheap place .

“I’m really sorry . What is good? It doesn’t seem cheap . ” (Harumi)

“That’s all right, because I’m actually quite rich . ” (Gin)

“I’ll say thank you then!” (Harumi)

Although looking down on them as usual, Meer was inwardly friendly as she only wanted to say thank you .

“Gin is generous-” (Harumi)

Harumi grabbed the knife and fork to both hands as he watched for the food to be brought out .

His cat ears and tail twitched happily as they talked .

“…Cute . ” (Christa)

Christa was sitting next to Harumi and the swishing tail .

After a while a portly lady came carrying the food and Harumi began to dig in with great gusto . (しばらくして恰幅のいいおばちゃんが料理を運んでくると、フシャーとか言いそうな勢いで春眠ががっついた。) Harumi was not to be outdone by Meer in momentum .

“She has already started eating!” (Maia) (TL: she calls Harumi “Momoka” for some reason here?)

“Oh! That’s not fair! Me too!” (Meer) (TL: she uses ‘Atashi,’ a feminine usage of ‘I’ meant to sound cute)

Christa wasn’t that hungry, and liked Harumi more than the food .

Wiping his mouth when it got dirty, Harumi’s tail swished Niginigi as he enjoyed the food .

“…Cute . ” (Christa)

Though Harumi is older, when viewed from the side, Christa appears to be taking care of a pet .

“Munching-Munching” (Harumi)

“Hey, that was mine!” (Meer)

” …… Squirrel-like . Cute ” (Krista)

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Meanwhile, Gin and Maia conversed during the meal with friendliness and maturity, giving off the air that they were like the parents or guardians of the group .


“Again . I am Maia . Currently an adventurer . ”

“I am Gin, and also an adventurer . Have you formed a party here?”

In this world, asking that in this profession is common sense . Also, because only nobility have a last name, most people only introduce themselves by their first name .

“Oh yes, that’s right . We realized we had lingered too long in the safe area south while we were waiting for weapons and armor . I heard of the Lizardmen and flew in, but I was late and everything was over when I arrived . The people in the Bronze country who live near the border are strong, as expected . However, we are also doing some quests in the northernmost Haunts . ” (Maia)


“Haha, it was quite a lot for us adventurers, don’t you think? Well, during the Lizardmen raids everyone in the town persevered for the city, adventurers, Knights, and militia . Since this is the place where the adventurers originated, there is now a feeling of unity . ” (Gin)

“Did Gin-san also join the fight?” (Maia)

“Yes! With one swing of this sword I cut 20 animals! But thanks to the favor of this sword I may be becoming useless, do you think?” (Gin)

“…Excuse me, not to be impolite but what is your rank?” (Maia)

Hearing Gin boast, Maia felt free to express her surprise and incredulity . It is rude to hear another’s rank, but she had asked Gin anyway . In fact, asking for another adventurer’s rank is often taken as an invitation to duel, but this was not Maia’s intention .

Since Gin understood her intent, he replied honestly .

“Oh… I’m embarrassed . I’m still a novice F rank . But as for capability, I have received endorsement from Gilman for being an A . What is Maia’s rank? Oh, you don’t have to say it if you don’t want to . ”


“Munch-munch” (Harumi)

“I am not happy to be defeated!” (Meer)

“…was a treat . ” (Christa)


“I do not want to stand out too much, so do not be too surprised?” (Maia)

“Of course . ” (Gin)

Gin expected her to be a B or A rank . To securely hunt Lizardmen you have to be rank B or above, and with Meer and Christa seeming to be magic users the only outlier is Maia . It was so predictable . An unbalanced party does not do well, so since they are good, Gin decided she is probably A ranking .

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“It is S rank…though not right now, as I’m in the [Blizzard] party of the [Cold Princess] . ” Maia momentarily faces Christa and then turns her smile towards Gin .

“…… To!?”  (Gin)

Larger than the fact that his prediction was off, the thought that he had not only been talking happily with an S rank but had taken her party out to lunch was something only seen in dreams . Gin opened his mouth wide, his jaw stunned agape . Completely astonished, he had no voice and no power in his body .


“Munch-munch . ” (Harumi)

“UPU! I can’t take anymore excessiveness from this cat!” (Meer)

“…… Cute . ” (Christa)


By the time Gin again came to, lunch had been finished and cleaned up . Everyone was enjoying afternoon tea .


“Seriously! That’s a lie right?!” (Gin)

“You noticed?”

“I was like an untapped shell . ” (Gin)

“…All right?”

“Fe? Didn’t Gin die of shock and surprise– ?” (Maia)

“What do you mean by ‘Fe?’ Hey! Do not kill me freely! Such a thing is no good! Maia! Can you not add me as a member?!” (Gin)

Gin’s dream was to become a member of an S-rank party, and with Maia here it was right in front of him .

“I’m sorry . Not right now . It is not a time that the leader can decide . ” (Maia)

“That’s right . I know that it is not so easily decided in such a short time . But, is it possible to ask advice of the [Cold Princess]?” (Gin)

“Yes . Tell me . ” Maia looked at Christa who was watching the Mofumofu of Harumi’s tail .

As for Gin, the leader [Cold Princess] of the S rank party [Blizzard] was here . So, he had asked to be added to their group . Yet, ‘Not right now’…It was Harumi who had noticed the deeper meaning of the wording . Because there is neither rank nor party that smacks his interest from the black tea .


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“Mm~ these are delicious~ cookies . ” (Harumi)

“How do you still feel like eating!?” (Meer)

“…Fluffy . ” (Christa)


As they were relaxing the bells rang loudly, echoing through third city Hairun . In surprise, Harumi drops the cup in his hands . After enjoying the taste of the tea, it had spilled on the pillow that had been prepared for his nap later, causing Harumi to be at a loss for words .


“hu-e…” (Maia)

“That hurts my ears!” (Meer)

“…Loud . ” (Christa)

The people of Hairun in the store stood up with pale faces . And Gin was the same .

“It can’t be!” (Gin)

“The bells? Is it the sound of the alarm?” (Maia)

When Maia asked in confusion, Ginn explained the situation in dismay .

“Yes .  It’s the alarm . With that many rings, the danger must be high . There must be many monsters to have been rung the maximum amount of three times…” (Gin)


In the city of Hairun, the alarm bell system adjusts according to the danger level of attacking monsters . The bell increases in number of times rung according to the threat level of the attacking monsters, and one ring urges caution . When it rings twice it is prompting a high alert, and when it rings three times it is a crisis as it means the defense force of the city is not enough . The sound of the three bells resounding in Hairun was the same as the attack of the lizardmen half a year ago .

The position where the alarm bell echoed from was from the northern gate . The direction of attack was from Yaminodai Forest .

“Let’s go!” (Maia)

Maia called on the party members of [Blizzard] at that time .

“[Blizzard] must help the people!” (Meer)

“Yes! We will head out immediately!” (Maia)

The figure of a knight dashed into the store .

“Ne, rather than that, the Knights leader wants to create a strategy in preparation for the monster attack, so come to the station!”

“Huh! What are you doing during an emergency un –” Meer stopped yelling when she looked up and saw the face of Gin . Because Gin’s face had warped in rage .

“What is the intention of the Knights…who do nothing . ” (Gin)

“You! You are Gin! Silence! We Knights must be victorious whatever the means in creating safety! In order for us to protect the Crown Princess!”

“Tch…” (Gin)

The knight and Gin glare at each other, but Harumi was oblivious to the atmosphere .

“Noisy —– annoyance!” (Harumi)

“Gaha!?” The knight made a sound as he was *Gasshan* blown away

With an intense punch from a level 102 to the face, the fully clad knight could not get up from the one shot KO .


His stomach was now perfectly full, the afternoon tea was enjoyable and relaxing, and Harumi had already removed his pillow from the item box in preparation to nap .

However, his pillow had been polluted .

Along with the loud sound of the bells and the noisy knight, Harumi was upset and angry .


“Harumi! What are you doing!?” (Gin)

“Ah? Do you think that Knight is okay?”

“A good punch . Exhilarating! It seems the Knights have brought it to this point . ” (TL: This sounds like Maia, but the MTL translation itself is weird .  「良いパンチね。スカッとしたわ! どこの騎士団もこんなもんだし」)


“…Gasshan . ” from groin to tail, Harumi woke up completely and full of anger .

Only Harumi can see the map of the status screen, skill [Region Border], and with [Search] activated, in the North was reflected thousands of hostile red points .

“I… a response, there are monsters to eradicate in the North . ” (Harumi)

Gin, who had seen the adventurers nearly killed, heard the melody of death in those claws as they scratched the table .

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