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Published at 19th of August 2019 09:52:50 AM

Chapter 5

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Two days past after the couple fight . Meng Fei returned to the company after resting for two days at the hospital . The first thing she did when she arrives at the the company was to knock her head with her own fist .

Sitting in the office, Yan Rui was working dilligently for the past two days . When he notices Meng Fei he quickly got up and pulled her into a hug .

"Baby, where have you been? I miss you so much . Look, I am working dilligently . Im sorry to put into so much stress . Baby, are you okay? Do you need more rest? We have a meeting today . There will be a new director in our company . He is Uncle Zhuang's nephew . He will be incharge of marketing site . Can you come with me to the meeting?" Yan Rui

In one breath, Yan Rui spoke in one breath afraid that Meng Fei will lash out at him again . Blinking his eyes in cute way, he is anticipating her answer .

"Okay . " Meng Fei

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Yan Rui stared deeply into her eyes .

"Which one is okay?" Yan Rui

"I will go to the meeting with you . Have you prepared everything needed for the meeting?" Meng Fei

"Prepared what? Isn' it Liu Qin who should prepare the 'everything' you mention . " Yan Rui

Meng Fei pinched her eyebrows . Stress level : 5+ .

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"What time is the meeting?" Meng Fei

"Uh . . 9 am?" Yan Rui

"CEO Yan, its already half past 9 . Shouldnt we head over there already?" Meng Fei

"Oh my! Baby come come come . " Yan Rui

Yan Rui quickly drag Meng Fei . The team were in daze when Yan Rui shouted .

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"What are you guys waiting for . We have a meeting . " Yan Rui

Without waiting for the team, Yan Rui dragged Meng Fei quickly to the elevator . The team then snapped back to their senses and started to follow Yan Rui .

When they arrives at the meeting room, all the boards director were already there waiting patiently .

"Young Master Rui, . . . " All boards director .

"Am I missing out already?" Yan Rui

One of the director answer back .

"We have not start yet Young Master Rui . "

The team then enter the room and filled the vacancy seat . Meng Fei seated next to Yan Rui .

"Okay . Shall we start now?" Yan Rui

The others director nodded . One of the Director, Han Zhuang stand up and greeted Yan Rui and the rest before started the meeting .

"Good morning Young Master Rui, Miss Meng, CEO's Team and directors . The purposes of today's meeting is to introduce our new marketing director that will replaced our former marketing director, Director Jing that will retired next week . So let me introduced you to our new director, Han Muxing . "

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