Sore, Itadakimasu - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


The Senette household’s lessons regarding sex are thought early .

It’s a compulsory thing to do, breathing and absorbing inki is matter of concern for the surrounding adults . Everyone in the family of Sennete household , whether they are real children or adopted ones are raised that way .

Despite being young, even if theories doesn’t get through, the body will still remember the inkitransformed into mana and since it has  good influence on the physical condition, proper sex education is necessary .


Things like why does this person emanates this, or how to absorb it after being emanated became significant matters . Well, the lack of sexual desire actually doesn’t mean much like here in the capital which have quite a number of people in the city rather than absorbing, controlling the number if not, is as much as difficult . It’s not even an exaggeration to say that the inki here is as amazingly high up to the sky!

A while ago I’ve been having a hard time understanding how to absorb let alone even to control it . All I can do is just smile wryly even though I’m told「It’s fine Salirosa~」 .


Things about sex education .


That’s why, I of course, knows stuff regarding men and women . However, saying about experience in application of it or things like trying to apply it, that being said is a different story . The Sennete household is unexpectedly conservative you know! Though we prefer theories about making money more than that .

But I’m already 19-years-old . It’s not like I’m not interested in that kind of things you know…… !


That being said, since there’s a chance that that kind of thing will happen so I’m going to tidy up . Pulling out the laundry, tossing it to the basket on the shelf and hiding it under the bed . Dusting the books and placing them to the shelf or under the bed . Different kind of ornaments too are placed on the shelf or under the bed ――


「Meow !」


Miel lying under Meriland’s bed complained .


「What’s wrong, it’s just fine since your small anyway」

「Meooow !」

「Mou, just keep quiet . …… Ah~ the space of the basket feels nice Miel . It’s not only the lace that I’m going to place alone ne~」

「Meow ~」


Kukuku . How easy .

Making a delighted face across with lips curling upwards as she giggled with her upper body loosened and lightly trembled .


「All done~」


Pushing my head down to the bed and spreading my knees all over that was leaning the edge of the bed facing downwards . Even though cottons were stuffed under, it’s still hard huh . My knees hurts…… ,




My protruding butt squirmed as I try to get up to respond to the voice that called out to me .

A faint voice called out as the door opened . At least knock!


「What are you doing?」



The ceiling bed is low-leveled . Just as expected, I bumped my head and fell down the bed heavily landing with my butt on the floor .


「Are you alright!?」


*Kachaan*  1 with a somewhat shrill sound, Captain Judius hurriedly came to my side through the narrow space between Meriland’s bed area . Captain, the tip of your leather boots is touching my butt a little .


「Let me see」

「Eh? Yaa…… it hurts, it hurts – desu!」

「Of course it’ll hurt after bumping」



Chiiiii .

I shut my eyes as my mind went blank for a while unable to say to the Captain that stroked the back of my head with his hand, using his finger tip to caress my hair and check the bump . I can’t hear anything .


「……It seems like it’s not bleeding」

「Eh!? But it really hurts you know!?」


It’s inside me that is bleeding severely . The Captain desperately checked on me as his big body shook and breathing on my nape . …… is he laughing?


「Since it made a high-pitched sound . I got concerned for the floor 」


「Stop frowning . ――I brought you a meal . You’ll eat it right?」



Captain stood up and moved from the narrow space at the same time hearing my reply . Then I realized that I haven’t even said thanks aside from letting one of the most important person in the fortress serve me a meal like a servant whilst placing the food on the floor .


「Well then,  let’s eat」


A dish with soup for two people has been brought (spoon included) . A long bread smeared with honey and oranges peering from the basket .

――Hold it .

Bringing in that many and still opening the door, hold it hold it hold it hold it then these dishes, are we eating these on the floor?

I wanted to thank you somehow and if possible also retort .

You even invited me earlier saying in a hurry「Let’s go to the dining hall together」……






However, the dining hall would be here, with the two of us huh .

The soup was added with the leftovers from lunch and also a large piece of meat included . A lot were served . However, at the bottom of the bowl slightly, there should be traces if dirt remaining .




I stole a glance at Captain who was sitting in front of the sofa while I brought the spoon with soup close to my mouth .

This person really did came bringing it in……


Even so, there’s no way I’ll be able to eat here on the floor, I moved to the desk at the corner and placed the soup bowl on it . Holding it while eating . I left the basket containing the bread and the likes near my foot .

Sitting on the round chair without a backrest of the desk that I usually use . Since the desk is small and subtle to move it ―― well, it was the captain that moved that in ――not that I mind it though, well putting that aside, we’re now at a situation where we are facing each other .


Why are we this close .


Both my knees are in between the Captain’s legs that were spread while sitting on the sofa .

Ah, it’s alright -desu . Since Captain’s legs are long, there is a leeway distance where I can still lower the bowl a little!

Even though I say that, being sandwiched between both of his legs worn with black-like leggings, rather than the food, it was that figure that’s coming to my sight closely―― it’s making it hard to eat…… !

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「I always thought of it」



Captain suddenly talked in admiration as he was dividing the bread .


「You seem to eat well」

「……There is no such thing, I’m just nervous」


It’s getting hard to eat!

As I was thinking about, I placed the emptied soup bowl without a single leftover on the desk . Even so, when Captain handed me the sweet bread, I unconsciously brought it to my mouth .


「It’s good eating a lot」



Those blue eyes were looking at me as I was chewing making me feel warmth .


――The meals I had eaten so far were psychological battles that is fought until the end . Chewing the peeled oranges, swallowing…… ah, finished it already .

By the way the Captain has already finished eating and was intently looking at me .

The strong yellow light from behind the lamp gleamed the golden hair and a beautiful pale shadow shook .

Pure white feathers hanging on both of his earlobes, it was firmly closed like the usual as if when I saw it dispersed was just a dream .

Though I thought about maybe this man’s face having feathers on his face was subjected to a punishment game but mysteriously, it didn’t bother me because of the beautiful facial features that I’m used to seeing .


More than anything else, I can’t get use to Captain’s blue eyes .

It’s scary . In many ways .


「……Thanks for the meal」

「Was it enough?」


「Was it really enough?」



How rude .

You should know too that with this distance is also rude . Captain then smoothly reached out his hand as the corner of his lips turned upright .




Even if I reflexively dodge it, I would still be caught by Captain’s big hand that was stretched out towards me . His fingertips inserted on my hair and caress my ears moving his thump to my lips stroking it .  Uuugh, I wonder if there were orange juice leftover or the likes…… .


「Were you able to control sucking inki already, Salirosa?」


「Can you?」


Captain moved from the sofa and facing me down and exerted more force on the hand that was holding me . Just like descending ――just like beings from the spiral castle in heaven descending ―― Captain Judius’ face softly moved closer to mine .

Closely . Almost touching .


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Chuu 2, glancing down at me after parting of the lips echoed, Captain took his other hand to my waist and made me stand up .

Since I was baffled from being too close, he moved both of his hands to my back and made me lean into his body . Awkward breathing leaked from my mouth with my cheeks resting on Captain’s wide and firm shoulders .


「Control your sucking of inki, Salirosa」


「I want you, when I emit it」


「I’ll continue to embrace you like this if you don’t hurry」



I tightly grasped Captain’s coat with both my hands, raising my chin and took in a deep breath .

And at the same time wishing my worry to fade .

All around Captain’s head were somewhat golden light flickering and swaying smoothly, aren’t all of those inki!?

Ah, it’s all inki alright! And all of it is coming to me………! !




I’m tearing up .

*Dododoo* 3, delicious ―― it’s really luscious! ――the inki kept on coming inside me . It’s filling me . A lot, a lot more……!

Miel, Miel ―― I need to look for my familiar . ……Yeah, she’s sleeping . Yeah, that’s right .



「Make an image of you to overlay yourself, Salirosa」


Even though I’m about to cry here, Captain this time is calmly yet strictly commanding me to hold my sword properly like a soldier .

I’ve already resisted if I can!


「I’ll give you feathers, it would be useless if you can’t make an image」


Haaa, feathers .

Feathers . Captain’s feathers .

White feathers were fluttering from his blonde hair were reflected on my vision .  You can spread it anytime you want you know~, were words I tensely laughed at . Yeah, I want to absorb it like what I saw that time .




Fwuah ugh ugh .

I knew it would be difficult for me if I suck more than this . I bit my lips and tightly shut my mouth . But, the inki found a place where it can be sucked, it enters to the pores of the skin part that it contacted to .

The image of my sister who intentionally thought me about inki only being sucked through the mouth showed up at the corner of my mind laughing at me then faded . ――if not, it would be difficult! Was that I want her to say too…… .

Yeah, this situation is what I’m really in now……

The inki wrapped all over my whole body, not only from the skin of my bare hand but also all over my bare skin and of course it also went under the hem of dress .  (TL: Well this may sound lewd, well it’s a lewd WN so, imagine tentacles invading/wrapping her whole body but instead of tentacles imagine smoke or the likes . Teehee)


Hold itー!! So tenacious!!

It’s moving like it has mind of its own!?


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Haaa, Captain, the feathers, are moving . Captain, the feathers…… ! It’s scattering, it’s moving ! ! And, it was then……

Something popped up on my mind while I was staring at the feathers on my eyes .

――That’s right, I thought it resembles something .

It was the feather duster used for cleaning at home .

That being said, it has almost the same shape as Captain’s feathers .

Up until now I’ve only thought of it as something used to clean the dust from the corner of the room or windows .


*Sasasasaa*  4


Nostalgic feathers are being nimbly flowing on the wrist ――……




It ended shortly .

I know there was nothing climatic that happened .

I was able to suck it .

The inki were still drifting on the air despite being noticeably thin . But it’s not like it was aiming at me or it was going to be sucked by me despite whether I like it or not .

――I wonder why I’m hearing hasty noise at the corner of my mind .


「You were able to do it huh」


Captain’s thick arms tightly embraced me, muttered with a relieved tone . It hurts .

Even though ―― it hurts, I feel at ease on his arms, even though there was strength applied .

I-It’s not like I think it’s comfy here―― well just a little .


「It’ll work well in the future if the image is properly made . You were able to well,  Salirosa」


The image I used was actually a feather duster to cover me rather than the actual though……


「I was worried since you seem to be comparing yourself to your sister that unlike her, you can’t properly suck inki」



Th- That’s right! I felt a little relieved .

Right !  It’s not like I like the person himself but it was the Captain’s inki or something like that…… !


Th-that’s right, right!?

Foot Notes:

[1] heavy sound

[2] kissing sound

[3] sucking sound

[4] fast movement sound

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