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Chapter 221

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As Eisen was hanging from the rope at the back of the ship, he continued to carve the oversized enchantment as quickly as he could . Of course, it took a bit longer than before . Earlier, he had a relatively stable footing and a way to smoothly move around, but now he had to climb up and down the rope, shimmy across the wooden surface, and carve everything while holding onto the rope with one hand .

As such, it was obvious that it would take longer, but even then, Eisen did his best to finish this as quickly as he possibly could . For quite a while, that was all that Eisen then did . While swinging around, he managed to support himself with his two demonic wings somewhat as well, which was quite a surprise to Eisen .

Although that did make sense in the end, considering that Bolremgar instructed him on how to shape realistic wings for his body . Maybe at some point, he may be able to fly using them, although that still seemed quite a while away . And until then, Eisen would stay firmly grounded .

So, he continued carving the enchantment and managed to do so in about two hours, at which point he managed to finish it finally . With a satisfied nod, Eisen climbed up the rope and disembarked the ship the regular way, before joining Xenia at the stern of the vessel, where the High-Elf was currently taking a look at the enchantment .

"Nice job, old man, as expected of you," Xenia said with a smile as she crossed her arms and looked at the Titan-Demon next to her . "Thanks, although it wouldn't have turned out so great without such a fantastic design . For the most part, it somewhat looks like just decoration, right?" Eisen asked, and Xenia nodded her head immediately .

"Mhm, it does . I'm sure there are some hostile people on the ocean as well, like pirates or something, and I don't want them to be able to figure out everything about the enchantments right away . " She explained before Eisen nodded his head slowly, understanding the reasoning .

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"Is that why the large runes were made up of smaller runes of other kinds? To make them think it's something else?" Eisen asked as he looked at the runes that were supposed to assign an element to the enchantment, but the High-Elf quite swiftly shook her head . "Nope, that's actually something else . It's like… an element within an element . The large one is the base, and the runes that are used to form that base are the descriptor . "

"Huh, so what does that do for the enchantment?" Eisen asked curiously, and Xenia began thinking of a good example . "Erm, I guess it just helps enhance it? Like you specify something . Hmmm . . . if you take fire for an example, it can be used for a lot of things . Cooking, Forging, or to keep your body warm, and if you make up a fire rune with runes describing that use, or the way that the fire is supposed to portray itself, then that enhances that fire for its specific purpose . While it's going to be less effective for its other uses . " She explained, and Eisen nodded his head in understanding .

"Well, I didn't actually try using Skill-Runes to shape a large rune yet, but I'm sure that should be possible . At the very least, you could take a fire rune, and then form it with 'heat' runes to create a flame that's far hotter than it usually would be, I guess . " Xenia told the old man .

"Interesting . When we're actually traveling in a few days, we need to sit down together sometimes and work on a few items together . I'm sure we could make some nice things . " The old man laughed before he remembered the blueprints for the Core Guardian, which did actually mention something that he first really heard about while he was working on the ship .

"That reminds me… What is a 3D Enchantment?" Eisen asked, before Xenia looked at him surprised . "oh? You don't know about that? As the name says, it's just a three-dimensional enchantment . Usually, it's a free-form thing, but I guess I could explain it with the regular shape…" She muttered out, before grabbing one of the mana-crystals that she was experimenting with before to figure out some enchantments, wiping off the enchantment that was currently on it and handing the mana-crystal to the old man .

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"Here, let's just try for a moment . Just form that into a sphere . " Xenia instructed, before Eisen nodded his head and did as told . "Then, you form a hollow sphere in the middle of that, and a few smaller hollow spheres all around there . " She told him, and Eisen once more did as instructed, already seeing what this was supposed to be .

"I get it, so in the center there it's for the image, and then the others are for the type specification… And where do I put the supportive runes?" The old man inquired, and Xenia happily nodded .

"Yup, that's it! The supportive runes go on the outside . Try to cover it as tightly as possible, but it's not that big a deal if there are some free spaces . In the type specification parts, you can just put a 3D rune as you would normally so that you could read it from the outside, and then in the center, like normal, need to put an image, or in this case a model, of what you're imagining . " Xenia explained to Eisen, and the old man slowly nodded his head .

"I see… Thanks, I'll try it out then . " Eisen said with a smile before he squatted down onto the ground and began playing around with this . He thought that he could do a few interesting things with this, but for now, he wanted to try something relatively simple out . Using transmutation, in half of the type specification spheres, Eisen placed a 'Gravity' rune, while the other half got a 'Return' rune .

On the outside, the old man then carved the specifications so that he could control how much gravity would be taken off the sphere, and after how long it would return for him . And at last, in the center of the orb, he modeled a small human merely throwing a ball away that would then twist around in the air and return to the thrower, which he displayed by creating a few different small balls along the path that the ball should fly . And that was about it .

It was actually somewhat weird to Eisen that he had to use transmutation for this, considering that that was usually not possible, since enchantments would have to be hand-carved most of the time, but Eisen boiled it down to this being a mana-crystal as well as a distinctive new type of enchantment that might have different rules .

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Either way, soon enough, Eisen finished the mana crystal sphere with the enchantment inside . With a smile to see if this would work, he then poured his mana inside of it, quite a high amount considering that 'Gravity' was a pretty high-grade rune and that he wanted all the gravity to disappear from the sphere, before Eisen threw the ball away in a random direction where nobody was standing .

And after a few moments, as Eisen had planned, the floating sphere slowed down and returned to where it came from, Eisen's hand . "Neat… I don't know what I should use this for though . " The old man laughed before Xenia came rushing up to him .

"Wait, did you just make that?" She asked him as she took a look at the crystal ball in the old man's hand before Eisen nodded . "Mhm, I did . Just a little toy to play around with, I guess . Nothing special . " He explained, and Xenia still smiled, before she took the sphere into her hands to take a closer look at it . "Yeah, it's not pretty complicated, but it's still cool, right?"

"I guess so, yeah . But it takes a lot of mana for a single throw, so it's not all that worth it . The requirements are alright, but they're a bit high for a 'toy . '" He explained, taking the ball back from the High-Elf before placing it into his backpack . He would see what else he could do with this kind of stuff later .

"Anyway, thanks for telling me about 3D enchantments . Now that we're talking about it, what does the one in the-" Eisen started, but was soon interrupted by Xenia when she noticed the old man's intention .

"Shush it, old man . You'll see when the ship's completed . The enchantments are going to be finished tomorrow morning, then we'll set the figurehead into place, and Evalia is going to start painting everything . After that, you said we could bring it out into the water and set the masts into place, which should be enough to finish it, right?" Xenia asked, and Eisen nodded with a loud sigh .

"I guess so . But it's gotten pretty late already, huh? I mean, I did only come here pretty late in the afternoon anyway…" He said as he scratched the back of his head, before seeing Caria and Melissa play around on the other side of the Warehouse . "Oh, and their elements are pretty interesting, right?" Eisen asked, and the High-Elf turned her head and nodded immediately .

"Definitely, yeah . I mean, I expected nothing less from such humanoid monsters, but yeah . I don't care about why they are humanoid, you'll have to ask Jyuuk, but apparently humanoid monsters master skills more easily, while beast-type monsters have better stats . And those two already look like regular human girls, if you don't know the fact that Caria's hat is attached to the top of her head and that Melissa has wings, but besides that, they're just regular girls . " She pointed out, before immediately continuing .

"Caria's Mushroom Forest thing is pretty interesting, especially the thing where she creates another person's version of a mushroom . We'll have to see when her element ranks up a few times, but I think that it could be beneficial . And Melissa's element is incredibly useful for herself as well . She can basically turn anything into a hive, even herself . At some point I think she might be able to create versions of bees for literally anything as well, considering that she created a few new bee species before . " Xenia added, and Eisen nodded his head slowly .

"Yeah, although we'll have to tell her not to use the thing where she turns her arm into a hive and has bees crawling out of her in public . I think that would scare a few people…" Eisen laughed, with a slight hint of nervousness in his voice, while Xenia remembered something that had happened the day before .

Quietly, she held her arms and looked away so that Eisen couldn't see her face as she began to speak . "If you think that was creepy, then you'll have to see what happens when she turns her eyes into those holes… or her mouth or ears…" She muttered out, shivering when she just started to think about it .

"Yeah, I think I'll just ignore the fact that she can do that…" The old man answered as he moved his fingers through his beard, really not wanting to see such a thing happen to a tiny girl like Melissa .

"Yes, do that… Oh, and the next monster you tame and add to your little-girl army, please don't let it be another bug monster, yeah? Because if she gets a similar element like Melissa, that would probably kill me… I don't like bugs a lot…" Xenia stuttered just slightly before Eisen laughed loudly to calm her down .

"Don't worry, I'll promise you, the third monster I tame won't be a bug . " He said with a smile as he chose to make his way over to the mentioned two monster girls to check on them for a bit . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .