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Spirit Conductor - Chapter 24

Published at 18th of March 2018 08:56:00 PM

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – The Seed of a Rebel (2)

Madam Ross was a Level 153 fire elemental affinity when she died due to old age . A steady and capable woman who led the movement of progressive elemental magic until the end, and thus, she was considered as one of the founding figures of Tiramikal Continent .

Peace of thousands of years followed after the fall of the Red General . The revolutionist army was disbanded not because the rebellious spirit of common men died down . It was just that there was not a capable and cunning enough leader appearing ever again . High-ranked officers of the revolutionist knew this . Because of such reason, the traitors of Red General made a pact with generals from the armies of the heaven, to spare the remnant of revolutionist as payment of Red General’s head .

Thus, the hopeful and rebellious revolutionist army once again bowed down their heads to the descendants of the gods . And as the time went by, they started to forget the exciting and rebellious past . Humanity finally learned to embrace the oppressive old world as how their ancestors taught them, generation after generation .

But no one knew, thousands of years they live under the rule of the old world, inside a secret prison in the deepest of the cold abyss somewhere outside seven continents, a roguish spirit woke up from his long slumber .

He laughed for days, mocked the old power who imprisoned him, yet couldn’t destroy his spirit entirely . However, not even one soul could hear his waves of laughter . He was alone inside the cold jail .

Only thirty-three prisons were made by gods in the past, and such secret prisons were meant to imprison rebellious gods who failed in coups . The coldest and tightest prison was built in the human world, and that was precisely this prison . Even the heaven themselves feared its existence . And descendants of gods simply never mentioned it in their everyday life . Thus, there’s no warden . No prison guard . The spirit was alone to feed his own bitter loneliness .

And yet, no one knew, no one really expected, that one day… the icy chains of the prison were broken .

Twenty years after the spirit of Red General woke up, the most secure and unbreakable jail that gods ever created was defeated by a mere human spirit .

What was more impressive, at that time, his enemies were still oblivious to his escape .


Vrooooom! Vroom!

“What’s that sound?” Pilek exclaimed, glanced around confusedly .

Polio, who carried Shira on his shoulder, also frowned .

Then, with a scare, a chainsaw-wielding and leather faced ghost suddenly appeared .

“Finally, human meat! Muhahahahah!”


Pilek and Polio were so frightened that their souls almost jumped out from their body . They immediately ran for their lives as fast as possible, sloppily left the unconscious Shira behind .

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The Good-Natured Spirit removed his hideous leather mask . “Hehe . That trick never gets old . ”

He was delighted whenever he frightened innocent people . He looked at the ground, found some track of wet liquid that faintly smelled like urine . He laughed even more .

After done laughed, he let out dry coughs, then pointed his little bro Magical Enhanced Texas Chainsaw toward the unconscious Shira .


“Now, you filthy spirit motherfucker, show yourself!”

No one answered .

“C’mon! You wish to possess that little piece of shit too, aren’t you? Well, fucker, I call it first! If you don’t like it, then let’s fight to the death! C’mon! C’mon motherfucker! Show yourself!”

Instead of ghosts… the butler of Yashura Family, Yulong, made his appearance from houses’ walls .

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Good-Natured Spirit grimaced .

“What do you want, dimwit?”

Yulong didn’t answer . He stood motionlessly with a silver spear in his hand .

“Pfft . ” The Good-Natured Spirit scoffed, then started to bluff .


He moved his chainsaw three inches against Shira Yashura’s neck .

The butler started to take a few backward steps . Yet, the spirit still grinned maliciously, pushed his chainsaw even more . The raging chainsaw almost cutting the Young Master of Yashura Family’s neck by now .

Yulong didn’t curse the spirit’s shamelessness . He knew the threat wasn’t a cowardly bluff . Neither the spirit or the butler wanted an all-out fight in this situation . So the only choice he had was retreating from this place .

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“My only duty was to ensure Young Master Shira’s safety . Please return him back to Yashura Family before sunset,” the butler said .

Good-Natured Spirit shrugged his shoulder . “If he really was going to die then, of course, I will feel a little bit shitty too . Now fuck off!”

The butler Yulong disappeared from sight .

The old butler may act polite and gentle toward everyone in Yashura Family, but he knew the truth was far from it . Inside Yashura Family, the butler’s real identity was only known by the roguish spirit and Jhuro Yashura .

“Well, well . What are we going to do now?” he rubbed his chin while glanced at the unconscious Shira on the ground .

The spirit waited for ten minutes, occasionally provoked whatever ghost that resided the youth’s body with his little bro chainsaw’s roar . No spirit popped out .

After losing his patience, Good-Natured Spirit called his horse-sized paper crane and brought Shira to the peak of Badril Mountain .


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