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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:23 PM

Chapter 11

Jakku Planet Orbit . Star Destroyer Finalizer .

Kylo Ren was waiting in one of his private chambers on the Star destroyer when he listened the door being knocked .

- Enter!- he said expecting news from the droid in Jakku .

After that, the door opened and three officers entered and Kylo only needed to see their faces to know that their news were not the ones he wanted . However, he decided to wait for them to explain in detail .

- Sir . . . - said one of them who seemed to have been elected by the other two for communicating the news- we were unable to acquire the droid on Jakku . It escaped capture . . . aboard a stolen Corellian YT model freighter .

Kylo Ren did not say a word and just waited for more information . However, after some seconds he noticed that the person was too scared to continue talking so he just asked directly .

- "A droid . . . stole a Freighter?"- he asked with sarcasm waiting for the most important information to be given .

- "Not exactly, Sir . . . "- said the officer and it was obvious he was trying to find the words to convey his thoughts but then he placed his hands on his throat and started to gasp and suffocate .

- "I really despise people who make me lose my time"- said Kylo Ren and then the neck of the officer who was talking made a horrible sound and the man fell to the floor dead .

- "Now . . . I'm still waiting for useful inofrmation"- he said the other two men started to sweat profusely- "I suppose that was not the only information you had to give me . "

- "No, Sir!"- said one of the other officers with absolute terror- "our informants told us that they saw Lando Calrissien taking the droid in the ship known as . . . "

- "The Millennium Falcon . . . "- completed Kylo Ren and the deadly aura that normally surrounded him intensified to such degree that the two officers felt they could not breathe in that moment- "so that was the reason . . . "

The two officers felt the enormous pressure reduce after a moment and they both resumed their normal breathing . Kylo Ren got closer to them .

- "Anything else?"- he said and they knew that the next answer would decide their fate .

- "We also had confirmation that FN-2187 was there with the droid"- informed the other officer in desperation- "The units saw him board the Millennium Falcon with Calrissien and they also saw a girl accompanied them . "

- "What girl . . . ?"- he asked and they two officers just gulped since they had not much information about her .

( . . . )

Rey was nervous by the man's attitude and she started to think in a way to escape or fight to be just sure and she saw that Finn was already in combat mode by the way he was standing . Rey noticed that Finn was much better than she had initially thought and then she remembered that previously he had been hungry and tired . The man was now at his peak and his aura was compeltely different . Rey smiled since this assured her that she had an ally she could rely on in the worst case .

- "You have guts to come here"- said an old man again and he approached with some people behind which included a very tall wookie- "do you think it was funny?"

- "To be honest I did and I still do"- Lando laughed and the man quickened his steps and raised his arms .

- "Come here you . . . "

But contrary to Rey's expectations, the man just hugged Lando in a strong and warm way .

- "It's good to have you back . . . I was getting crazy with all the paperwork"- said the man and then the wookie got closer and also hugged Lando while shouting some inintelligible groans and whistles that neither Rey nor Finn could understand .

- "As I said, that's why I said it was funny"- said Lando patting the back of his friend- "now you understand my suffering when you go on your constant adventures and leave me behind . "

- "Hey!"- we decide who goes in a fair and just way"- said the man ending the hug and taking a look of the Millennium Falcon- "it's not my fault that I'm better at playing cards than you . "

- "Better at cheating you'd better say"- said Lando following his friend- "isn't it right, Chewee?"

The wookie answered and Lando started to laugh . The man just opened his eyes big and wide and made a very shocked expression like saying "Me?" and Rey could not help smiling and take a look at Finn who just returned the smile . He was obviously as entertained as her with the scene between the two friends . Almost immediately, the man returned his gaze to the ship and let out a painful groan .

- "What have you done with my beautiful girl?"- he said while touching parts of the armor that had been impacted by the shots of the TIE fighters- "this is terrible . "

He then looked at the men who were behind him and made a movement with his head . They immediately moved and called the mechanics to start repairing the Falcon .

- "What "your girl"?- said Lando using a mocking tone- "We decided I'll have her whule you got this massive ship . . . you have a nicer one now, don't you?"

- "I prefer this beauty"- said the man looking at the Millennium Falcon with eyes that could only be described as the ones of a man in love- "No matter how many others I have . . . they can be prettier and bigger and even faster but . . . after all, you always remember your first love . "

- "I'll tell Leia you said that"- said Lando grinning and the man immediately turned around and looked at him with desperate eyes .

- "Dont you dare!"- he said and Lando started laughing very loudly and the wookie also seemed to laughed in a very contagious manner . Soon the man joined them in their laughter and they both started to approach Rey, Finn and BB8 who until then had kept a respectful distance .

- "Who are they?"- asked the man and he immediately looked at BB8- "isn't that . . . ?"

- "Yes, he is"- said Lando and then he put his hands on Rey's shoulders- "this lady is Rey and this young boy is Finn . They are very skillful and valiant people who helped me escape from Jakku . "

- "Blobfish or the First Order?"- asked Han shaking his head .

- "Both"- said Lando- "Permit me to present you this old man . . . he's Han Solo and I suppose I don't need to mention more . "

Immediately both Rey and Finn were stunned at hearing that name and it was more than obvious that both of them had heard of him . Han smiled at their reactions and he seemed to be accostumed to this so he just let them say what they wanted .

- "For your reactions I imagine you have heard my name"- Han said with a smile that you would see in a famous person who is tired of giving signatures .

- "Of course!"-said Rey who could not believe she was talking to this person- "the best pirate and smuggler in the galaxy and who flies the fastest ship the Millenium Falcon tht can make "

solo and is this the millenial falcon that can make the Kessel Run in 14 parsecs!"

- "12!"- said Han with an annoyed voice and he looked at Chewee and Lando with incredulous eyes- "I hope people would remember by now . "

- "Wait!"- said Finn with a very confused voice- "a smuggler? Isn't he the Rebel Alliance general who fought side by side with Luke Skywalker and sisn;t he a war hero who defeated the Empire in the Battles of Yavin, Endor and Jakku?"

- "A war hero?"- repeated Rey also confused since she did not know this piece of information- "how can a smuggler be a war hero?"

- "How can be a war hero a smuggler?"- replied Finn . It was obvious that both considered their version the truth . Finally, they both looked at the person like asking for an answer .

Chewee, Lando and Han laughed and shook their heads while watching to these children who did not the slightest idea of what they had passed together .

- "Well . . . Han Solo can be both and much more"- said Han after a while and then he started to walk- "but for now let's talk in a more private place . . . we have much to discuss . "

Rey noticed how he saw BB8 and she knew that she would finally understand what secrets this droid was keeping . She and Finn followed they three old companions through the sea of people and Rey and Finn could not imagine they were inside a ship floating in the space . Han noticed the kids' reaction and could not help smiling .

- "Hey, Dad!"- a voice shouted from the crowd and they saw a black young man approaching with a quick pace .

- "Junior!"- said Lando and he practically ran to hug the young man with great love- "how did you know I was here?"

- "Humph! The operator was complaining about certain person flirting with her"- said the young man called Lando Calrissien, Junior who was also called "Chance" by his friends and who was looking at his father with blaming eyes- "seriously, dad . Refrain from putting the poor operators in an uncomfortable position . "

- "What can I do?"- said Lando patting the back of his son- "it's like breathing for me . . . hahahahaha . "

- "I think I'll tell Tendra about this . . . "- said Han using the voice of a moral man- "I wonder what she would say . . . "

- "Hey! That's not funny!"- said Lando who for the first time seemed nervous .

- "I suppose that's the best thing to do"- said Junior following Han .

- "Not you too, traitor!"- said Lando and all the people around exploded in laughs- "Let's talk later, now we have important things to attend . "

- "Sure!"- said Junior still laughing and nodding his head as greeting to Rey and Finn- "I'm glad you returned, dad . "

- "I'm starting to wonder if I feel the same . . . "- said Lando before Junior dissapeared in the sea of people .

- "This place is enormous"- said Rey who tried to change the topic- "How did you manage to have all of this . "

- "Oh . . . it's a long story"- said Han smiling with confidence- "but to make the story short . . . Lando, Chewee, me decided to combine our assets and create a small . . . erm . . . let's call it a deliverance company who work with people who prefer tings to be not so public . "

- "We also had the investment of other people"- complemented Lando- "and with time, effort and professionalism . . . well, you can see the results for yourselves . "

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- "Grrrrrrra"- said the Wookie and Lando patted his arm .

- "Of course! Excellent pilots like Chewee here contributed the most"- said Lando and Chewee moved his head and shouted in glee .

- "We work with all types of cargo"- followed Han smiling at Chewee- "and we are always on the move which makes very difficult for anyone to find us easily .

They arrived to another section and entered to what was considered a VIP room where normally the most important bussiness were sealed . Han and Lando started to observe BB8 who was nervous for being the center of the attention . Han and Lando nodded to each other and they got a little closer .

- "Mechadroid type BB unit 8"- said Han with a serious tone that Rey had not heard before- "Emergency Code: 4627RT78 . . . Username: Keil Garris . "

BB8 started to shake and then he just got closer to Han and Lando as if they were their most trusted friends .

- "What was that?"- asked Rey surprised at the change in the droid who had been extremely cautious around them .

- "It's a secret authorization code of the Resistance"- explained Lando with a naughty smile .

- "Wait! Are you with the Resistance?"- asked Rey with shock .

- "And we have a high rank on it"- said Han looking at them with a teasing look- "but unofficially, of course . So don't go there telling it to everyone . "

- "But everyone believes that you and Leia Organa are separated"- said Finn who had received that information during his training .

- "Eh . . . so that rumor we spread was effective"- commented Lando looking at Han .

- "Well . . . it's true we can't see each other as much as before since we started this war against the First Order"- said Han .

- "Who?"- asked Rey to Finn in a whisper while Lando and Han continued talking .

- "Leia Organa"- explained Finn- "It's Han Solo's wife . She's also a war hero . "

- "Oh"- Rey seemed interested- "is she also a smuggler?"

- "No!"- said Finn shocked that she did not know someone so famous- "she's a senator and a very important person in the New Republic . "

- "Wait!"- sid Rey with n absolute shocked expression- "a senator and a smuggler married? Impossible!"

- "Ehem . . . !"- coughed Han while Lando laughed openly .

- "So it was a lie"- said Finn who could not stop from admiring the level of cunningness .

- "Didn't you know?"- asked Rey and Finn started to sweat noticing his mistake- "But you are part of the Resistance, aren't you?"

- "Only some people inside the Resistance know this"- said Lando- "most of members think that Han is a jerk who doesn't know how to appreciate a fine lady like Leia . . . "

- "Hey!"- said Han hitting Lando on his side- "enough of this . . . BB8, show us what you have . "

BB8 beeped in affirmation and immediately showed an interestelar map which showed a route in a different color .

- "I see, so there is where he went . . . "- said Han studying the map- "but why the hell did he go to a place which is so dangerous alone and without telling anyone about it . "

- "We have to send this information to Leia"- said Lando who seemed alarmed after seeing the map .

- "Yes!"- said Han and immediately used an intercommunicator- "Lendra, I need you to send an encrypted message to the Resistance . "

- "At once, General"- a female voiced replied immediately .

- "So . . . he's real?"- asked Rey with a radiant face .

- "Of course he's real . . . "- said Han looking at her as if she were crazy .

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- "Wait"- said Rey with a dubious expression- "what about the Jedi . . . that mean the Jedi were also real?"

- "I thought they were just a story to scare the First Order"- commented Finn who could not believe something like that could exist- "I mean . . . a person capable to make things fly and use a sword of light to repel blasters . . . ? That can't be real!"

Lando and Han see each other and then they just shake their heads remembering the times when they though exactly like that .

- "I used to wonder about that myself . . . Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo"- said Han smiling in a sad way- "A magical power holding together good and evil . . . the dark side and the light . . . "

Han stared at the distance and closed his eyes like remembering something . Lando also followed the same line of sight .

- "Crazy thing is . . . it's true . "- Han said after a few moments- "The Force . . . The Jedi . . . All Of it . . . It's all true . "

For some reason, Lando got closer to Han and patted his back without smile . Rey and Finn looked at each other with incredulous eyes but they keep a respectful silence .

- "Anyway . . . "- said Han clearing his throat- "We need to send this to the Resistance immediately . . . I can't believe Luke went so close to the unknown territories . "

- "Relax . . . "- said Lando also recovering his eternal smile- "Lendra will . . . "

Suddenly the general alarm activated and all seemed confused .

- "Damn . . . now what?"- said Han and activated his intercom- "Lendra . . . inform!"

- "General, Multiple ships have surrounded the Mother ship"- said Lendra who sounded a little nervous- "some of them are pirates and bounty hunters . . . "

- "Were you followed?"- asked Han to Lando who immediately denied the posibility .

Who was Lando Calrissien? The possibility of him being tailed without noticing was zero and Han also knew this so he did not persued the issue .

- "Do you recognize any of them?"- asked Han to Lendra .

- "The Guavian Death Gang and Kanjiklub confirmed"- replied Lendra after some seconds- "Also the Irving Brothers and the Russens . . . "

- "Damn!"- said Lando looking at Han- "did you forget to pay them again?"

- "I did!"- said Han with an indignant voice- "Not all though . . . "

- "Han . . . "

- "I promised to pay next month"- defended Han- and they accepted so I don't know why they are here . . . unless . "

- "BB8 . . . "- Han and Lando both said .

- "Chewee . . . "- said Han using the panel they had in the room- "check the bounty missions in the Dark Net . "

- "Grrrrrraw"- replied the wookie after searching in the system .

- "Sigh . . . they are fast!"- said Han shaking his head- "they saw you in Jakku with BB8 in the Falcon so they linked it to me . . . Now all of us have a bounty in our heads . "

- "What?"- Rey said in shock and then Han amplified the image so everyone could see their pictures and the quantity of credits each was worth- "what are we going to do?"

- "Lets try to talk to them . . . to gain time"- said Han while communicating again- "Hey, Chance! . . . start hacking their systems and find me some weaknesses"

- "Yes, Uncle Han"- said Junior .

- "Lendra . . . let me talk to them . "- ordered Han .

- "Yes, General"

An hologram appeared in front of them and showed a young and savage looking man who was surrounded by thugs .

- "Solo!"- he said in a very confident tone- "Give us the BB unit and we can forget about the payment of the next month . "

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- "You think I'm stupid, Bala-Tik?"- said Han changing his tone to the one of a bussinessman- "This unit is forty times the price of that!"

- "Hahah! Then I'll restate my proposition!"- Bala-Tik said grinning in a cruel manner- "Give us the droid and we will not destroy your city ship!"

- "You think I'm scared, kid?"- replied Han with a cold voice- "I've received better threats from people three times your size and influence . . . Now, since I'm in a good mood I'll let you go now unless you want to be blown into pieces . "

- "You can't win Solo, your bluffing skills are simply outdated! Nobody believes them anymore"- said Bala-Tik showing no fear at all .

- "Then come and try!"- said Han in a very agressive manner- "You'll experience my skills first hand . Of course if you have the balls to do it!"

He immediately cut the transmission and almost immediately, the enemy ships start to shoot . at them and the alarm sounds along with a red light .


- "The kid is impatient"- said Han while waling out of the room and indicating all to follow him .

- "Ha! Look who talks!"- said Lando while running after Han .

- " Grrrr!"

- "Chance!"- said Han by intercom- "What do you have?"

- "I have some nasty things prepared but I need your aproval to unleash the chaos"- he answered .

- "You have my permission, son"- said Lando using his own intercom- "do your worst!"

- "Hehe!"- was the only thing hey heard from him .

- "I almost feel sorry for our enemies"- commented Han- "Lendra . . . respond fire and tell the mechanical team to have the Falcon ready to depart . "

- "Yes, General!"

- "What are you planning, Han?"- asked Lando with a worried expression .

- "I'll take BB8 and the kids in the Falcon to attract their attention and give you a chance to escape"- explained Han .

- "Bait?"- said Lando- "that's your plan?"

- "It always works"- said Han with a confident attitude- "Unless you want to face all those ships head on and you know the ability of Chewee . "

- "Grrrr . . . guarrd"- said Chewee with a tone that reflected absolute certainty .

- "Meanwhile, I need you to take care of the ship and send the informaion to Leia as soon as possible"- said Han who could already see the ship who had accompanied him so many years .

- "I don't like this"- said Lando but he knew he could not stop his friend .

- "You never like anything I say and until now we've been fine"- replied Han with a smile- "now go and take the control of the ship . . . I'm sure Lendra is about to cry now . "

- "Keep the intercom open"- said Lando and after a nod to Rey and Finn, he ran on the direction of the bridge .

- "Let's get on!"- said Han and they all boarded the Millennium Falcon- "Rey, take the superior quad turbo Lasers . Finn, you the ones down . Prepare to blow some pirates into smithereens . "

- "Ok!" "Yes, Sir!"- they said and went to their positions .

Meanwhile, Chewee and Han arrived to the cockpit and Han could not stop himself from smiling and see the room with a warm expression . It was the same every time he entered here .

- "Chewee, we're home"- he said and his good friend responded while activating the systems and preparing to depart- "haha, let me enjoy a little more . "

Han sat down in his typical position and started to moved his hands with such speed and precision that Rey would feel dizzy just to see them dancing all over the panel .

- "Let's do this, Chewee"- said Han and activated the intercom- "Millennium Falcon . . . going off!"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!