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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:45:58 PM

Chapter 19

Kylo Ren and his knights of Ren crossed the skies of Takodana at such speed that even their own allies lost contact with them as soon as they had entered the atmosphere .

- "Enemy fighters at 3 o'clock"- informed Black Two- "engaging now . "

Black Two fighter separated from the group and approached the incoming enemies not feeling tnervous at the least even though they were nine . On the other side the Takodana forces saw the lonely TIE Silencer coming to them and they could only snickered at the pilot .

- "These pilots of the First Order really think too highly of themselves"- said the leader of the Orange Team which was one of the most experimented and renown squads in the Takodana forces- "number two to four will attack with me in Diamond formation . Number numbers five to nine ignore the enemy and engage the main group . "

- "Yes, Sir"- said number Five and started to turn to the right- "follow me in Echelon formation through sector N2 . We'll cut them off from the side . "

- "We'll meet up in a minute"- said the leader and locked his lasers on the enemy- "send him his way guys . "

Immediately the four Variant Morning Star Star Fighters shot against Black Two who did not seem to react and the leader thought that he had been frozen by terror but the next thing that happened made him feel dizzy . The TIE Silencer increased its speed and evaded their barrage in such a way that even him who have fought against the best pilots of the galaxy had never seen . The movements were simple dashes and barrels but what ade the veteran leader sweat was the timing of the movements . It had been so perfect and fluid that it was simply impossible to do unless you could predict the shots from before they were done and even like that your maneuvering had to be extremely precise . Imagine someone who could evade multiple blasters at close range and that would give you an idea of the shock the Orange Leader was having right now .

- "He just . . . Arrgh . . . . !"- the leader returned to reality when he heard the explosions next to him and the beeping on his systems teeling him that two of his members had been shot down .

Black Two not only had evaded their shots but he had also responded fire while doing so . Was this pilot still human? Just evading should have taken all his concentration and multitasking skills and yet he still had the ability to fight back .

- "We lost number Two and Four!"- said number Three whose voice showed horror- "he's just too fast!"

- "Calm down and keep shooting . . . "- said the leader but when he tried to find the enemy, he noticed that he had just ignored them and gone after the star fighters that were going to ambush the main group- "hurry and chase! We'll sandwich him! Number Five! There's a very annoying pest behind you!"

- "You didn't shot him down?"- asked Number Five- "he must be a tough guy . "

- "He killed Nuray and Synyc with one shot each . "- said the Leader and Number Five did not need to ask anymore- "Split and surround him . "

However, they did not have the time to do so since Black Two was already there and he shot down Number Eight before he could react to the order given . The rest of Star fighters scattered and theyy started a dogfight of six versus one .

- "Who the hell is this fella?!"- shouted Number Five in frustration after witnessing how the enemy pilot's great skill and speed- "He's behind you number Three!"

- "I can't shake him off! Help . . . !"- said Number Three before dying from a direct hit by Black Two .

The Takodana pilots were overwhelmed by his swiftness and wonder how could such fighter and pilot exist in the first place . Black Two did every barrel roll, overshoot, turnabout, rollaway and Immelman with such perfection that the Orange team felt ashamed to be considered veterans . If they were veterans then what was the pilot in front of them? . One after another they were shot down and even Number Five which was considered the best after the leader could only resist a few exchanges before falling . However, his death had created an opportunity for the Leader who had managed top to position himself at blank distance from Black Two and shot with perfect timing at Black Two . He considered this the best shot he had done in all his life but once again he felt his world be turned upside down when the enemy not only dodged his attack but he placed directly in front of the Leader .

- "How can he evade that?!"- said one the Orange Leader with horror knowing that he could not escape death- "Can they predict the future?"

He could not say more since his body was blasted by a direct shot to the cockpit . Even in death, the veteran could not understand how someone could control a star fighter like that and shoot down ernemies with just one shot directly to the cockpit . He would have said it was lucky if he had not seen the enemy pilot doing that with all his squad . He was angry since he felt that the enemy pilot had only been playing with them .

- "Targets destroyed"- informed Black Two returning to formation . He noticed Black three and Black Five had also gone to deal with some pests . He also noticed that Black Leader had destroyed a cannon and a battery during his engage .

- "You took too much time"- said Kylo Ren with a dissatisfied voice- "next time do not play and take care of them instantly . "

- "Yes, Black Leader!"- said Black Two getting a little nervous since he knew Kylo Ren was someone who hated wasting time . Kylo Ren was extremely methodic and precise . He was the type of warrior that disliked useless movements and actions since in his opinion the best victory was a flawless and fast one .

A total one sided domination where the enemy did not even understand how it happened . This was his way of thinking and it was something he had also ingrained in all the Knights of Ren . It was of course difficutl since the dark side sometimes made them want to toy with their enemy but Kylo Ren had made clear the consequences of disobeying this .

- "Someone is using the Force"- said one of the knights of Ren codename Black Four- "she even tried to sense us back . "

- "Maz Kanata is a Force Sensitive being who had lived enough to hone her skills"- said Kylo Ren- "but she's not at the level to defy us . Cloud her senses and continue attacking . "

- "Yes, Black Leader!"- said the rest of the squadron

- "Next target is the cannon in sector D56"- said Kylo Ren- "clean the area from any enemy . "

They did as told and they were so fast that the enemy pilot did not even have time to notice they were already dead . Kylo Ren focused and used the proton bombs directly in the base of the cannon making heavy damage to the structure . The same weight brought the cannon down and Kylo did not even looked back to see if his attack had any effect and continued to the next target .

- "I found the origin of the force sensitive"- said a knight of Ren and passed the coordinates .

Kylo Ren focused on the point aand found Maz who was trying to fight back their mental attack . Kylo snickered at her poor and useless attempt and doubled his effort . After a moment Kylo opened his eyes in delight .

- "Han Solo!"- he said and turned to attack the place where they were- "I finally found you!"

( . . . )

After the attack on the main part of the castle, Maz and the rest had stood up almost immediately and checked the damage . Luckily, the attack had not been as destructive as they had believed and Maz praised herself for not being a miser in the defense budget . After some minutes the systems were recovered and they had recovered the map and the majority of screens were online .

- "I want visuals on them at all times"- said Maz who did not have her usual smile and seemed to be about to collapse due to fatigue at any moment- "show me the area G45 coordinates 394, 657 and locked on them . "

Immediately the screen changed positions and they could see the TIE silencers flying at incredible speed and destroying batteries and cannons with surgical precision .

- "That's definitely Kylo Ren fighter!"- said Finn recognizing the ship which was a kind of symbol of the First Order- "and the ones behind him are Knights of Ren!"

Han and Maz looked at each other and Finn had the impression that he could detect what seemed to be pity in Maz' eyes . Han seemed disturbed while watching the TIE Silencer of Kylo Ren, but then he nodded at Maz and started to go to the door .

- "Where are you going?"- asked Finn who had a very bad feeling .

- "To fight"- Han simply said without stopping .

- "Are you mad?"- said Finn grabbing Han's jacket . Han looked at him with surprised eyes but his questioning eyes detected that Finn had an even shocked expression by his own actions .

He let the jacket go and Han could see the confusion in the eyes of the kid . Han knew that he wanted to stop him but not even Luke would be able to refrain him from facing Kylo Ren .

- "I have unfinished bussiness with Kylo Ren"- explained Han with such firm tone that left no doubts about his actions- "I've been waiting for a long time to have this opportunity and I will not let it go . "

- "It's suicide"- said Finn who really did not understand why he was trying to stop him so hard- "He's the best pilot in th First Order"

- "Humph! He's still a greenhorn, Kid- said Han using a very sarcastic tone and grinning in confidence- "Seriously, kid . . . anyone would say you like me and worry for my well-being . "

- "What? I . . . I just dont want that my benefactor dies uselessly . "- said Finn in panic trying to fake his motives .

Han found this reaction surprising . Until now he had considered Finn an opportunist coward who cared for nothing but himself . Han did not judge him for that since he could be considered the same as him and only God knew all the things he had to do in order to survive . It was a normal way of living in this terrible and cold galaxy where the weak were swallowed by the strong . However, that does not mean Han had to like Finn, he still valued loyalty and trust which were so rare nowadays so he was ready to let Finn go and never see him again . No bad feelings, just bussiness . This was the reason why he felt so surprised about this kid . His words were trying to sound tough but his eyes were clearly telling him that he cared for Han . They had only met some days ago so he was sure Finn himself did not understand his own emotions but Han could due to his experience .

- "He's the soldier type"- Han said to himself- "he placed great importance to loyalty and team . Even if he just fought with me a couple of times, he already considers me his squad member . He has this idea of 'I will protect your back if you protect mine', seriously . . . he's too pure and naive . This kind of thinking can make him end up with a band of thugs . "

- "Look, Finn"- Han said choosing his words carefully- "I'm grateful for your concern but there's no power in the galaxy capable to stop me in this . . . so if you care so much come with me! God knows I need a shooter and you are not half bad . . . Stay or come with me, you decide!"

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He did not wait for his response and immediately called Chewee who was in one of the hangars where Maz people was repairing the Falcon . Finn did not want to fight but then he remembered Rey .

- "Where is Rey?"- he asked feeling very worried .

- "I saw her running in direction to the forest"- said Maz who was already commanding her forces again- "if she's still there, she could be in danger . "

- "We must help her!"- said Finn looking at Maz and Han alternately- "she could be attacked at any moment . "

Han looked at him and after considering for a moment, he nodded . The eyes of Finn showed the same concern he felt for Leia and he had to admit that he liked that young girl . She had talent so it would be a waste if something happened to her .

- "We'll be more effective looking for her in the air"- said Han- "we'll shoot down some First Order at the same time . . . come along?"

- "Yes!"- said Finn after a small moment of doubt .

He had cast Rey aside when she had asked for help before due to his cowardice . She was in grave danger now and this time he would not give her his back .

- "Go to the hangar"- said Maz pausing her commanding- "you will find guns and equipment there and . . . take this . "

Maz grabbed the lightsaber that Rey had abandoned in terror previously and offered it to Finn who grabbed with a confused expression . Han furrowed his forehead and then he opened his eyes wide in surprise .

- "Where did you get that?"- asked Han who finally recognized the lightsaber Maz had given Finn while having many memories of the times when his best friend wielded it against the Empire . He even felt funny when rememberering how clumsy and ridiculous Luke had been when he had started training against a droid with Obi Wan .

- "I've had this for ages . "- said Maz returning her attention to the battlefield- "Kept it locked away . "

- "How . . . ?"- asked Han whose curiousity had reached the limit .

- "A good question . . . For another time . "- said Maz whose voice seemed to be more impatient- "Take it . . . Find your friend!"

The building trembled again and many screens stopped transmitting . The explosions were different and more constant . Maz ordered the cameras to turn to the South .

- "Ground units detected and approaching"

- "Those beasts . . . They're here!- said Maz with great fury- "aim the rest of batteries to their location and blow them to pieces . Ordered our ground forces to meet them at soon as they are in range . "

Maz knew that Ren and his knights had destroyed most of her defenses in prepartion for the ground assault but she had reserved more weapons as contingency .

- "We're going!"- said Han hitting Finn and indicating him to follow- "don't you dare to lose to someone like him or everyone would mock you till eternity . "

- "Hah! In his dreams"- said Maz grinning savagely- "I may be clouded now but I still can command my troops without the Force . Just let him try and come!"

Han and Finn ran in direction to the hangar and Maz wished them good luck . She still had been extremely surprised and pleased to see Finn's reactions . It seemed she was not wrong about the boy .

- "Three enemy units lost, Captain"- informed one of her subordinates .

- "What?"- Maz checked the screens and she confirmed that only two of the five TIE Silencers were still fighting in the skies- "Where are the others?"

- "We don't have visuals of them"- answered other subirdinate .

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- "They landed"- said Maz having a terrible premonition- "they'll command the ground attack . . . order the heavy attacks on them as soon they appear . "

Maz Kanata continued commanding her forces with the best of her abilities but she knew that this battle was extremely difficult to win . This was exactly why they needed Luke Skywalker . Normal people could not win against Force users unless making great sacrifices . Only a Jedi could face a Sith and the reason was more than evident in the present battle . Just five Sith could incline the battle in their favour and she knew the most she could do was make so much damage that they retreat . Killing them? That was just too hard .

- "But if you think you can kill me then that's also very hard!"- she said and ordered a counterattack .

( . . . )

Meanwhile, Han and Finn ran to the hangar where the Falcon was docked . Before arriving they saw Chewee who came running and shouting .

- "What do you mean they blew up the Hangar?"- asked Han completely horrified- "What happened to the Falcon?"

- "Grrrr growww!"- said Chewee who seemed as worried and angry as Han .

However, they did not have more time to chat since another explosion resounded and parts of the hall started to collapse . They started to run to the nearest way out and they had to jump to avoid being buried alive .

- "Well . . . Damn! We won't be going there anytime soon!"- said Han and then he saw troops coming from the woods- "The rearguard forces are coming . Take cover!"

Han shouted and many others around managed to find a place to hide just before the blasters started to fly in their direction . Immediately all the Takodana Forces returned fire and another battle started with a great disadvantage in numbers . Han, Chewee and Finn also fought back and Han recognized one of the Lieutenient of Maz Forces .

- "Hey!"- Han started to shout to the person but he seemed to be too focus shooting at the enemy forces- "For God's sake!"

Han aimed at him and shot blaster at just a short distance from him . The explosion made him jump and he looked at Han with a very shocked expression . Han started to use hand signals to communicate with him . Finn had received training in hand signals but the ones Han was using were a little different so he could only understand a little .

- "Tell Maz about the attack"- said Han or at least something in that lines .

The lieutenient nodded and started to send a message using his communication device but he still had a very angry expression in his face . After a minute or two, the Lieutenient made some signals back at Han .

- "The Captain has given you full authority"- he said with a shocked expression .

- "Damn it, Maz!"- yelled Han in fury- "I'll make you compensate me for this!"

Han asked the Lieutenient what was the frequency they were using and the password to access . He placed the intercom on his mouth and started to talk with a confident and strong voice .

- "This is General Han Solo of the Resistance Forces"- he said and Finn noticed the change in his aura . He felt he was not in front of a smuggler or smug rogue anymore, but in front of a leader that could guide them to victory- since this moment I assume command of this unit under the orders of the Captain Maz Kanata . All squad leaders report . "

Every team leader reported but at the end they only had 6 squads and two of them were leaderless and so diminished that Han ordered them to combine and create a new squad .

- "Congratulations, Kid"- said Han looking at Finn- "you're Lieutenient now . "

- "What?"

- "The new squadron will be called Big Deal"- announced Han- "Finn here will be your leader . "

All the Takodana Forces showed confused expressions and did not know if Han was being serious or not . Finn also looked at him with unbelieving eyes but Han did not give them any time to react .

- "All squads advance to the hangar zone N89"- said Han after receiving the coordinates from the Lieutenient in charge- "Squads Rocket and Blany will use cover fire . The rest of squads stay low and follow my lead!"

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- "Sir! The area you mentioned is in ruins!"- mentioned another Squad leader .

- "That will give us more cover than here"- said Finn and Han grinned at him and looked at the previous squad leader with smug eyes .

- "Go go go!"- said Han and immediately the two squads mentioned previously started to shoot trying to cover as much area as possible while the rest of the squads advanced . After covering a good distance Han gave new orders- "Squads Grinjay and Big Deal you use cover fire now . Rocket and Blany get here now! The rest of the squads keep advancing . "

- "Cheh!"- Finn was incredible disatisfied with his squad name but he still focused at the task at hand- "Shoot at will but keep your eyes open for snipers or heavy weapons . "

- "Yes, Sir!"- the members of his team replied but they still did not consider him worthy of being leader so the response lacked conviction .

Finn forgot everything and just let his muscle memory act . He may be using cover fire but that did not mean he had to shoot blindly . Even though the enemy was superior in numbers andheld the advantage, that also meant that they had less places to cover . He took special attention to the ones trying to advance ahead of the rest . After a while, he had already shot down many "fast runners" who had tried to cover more distance to hold advantage against them . The looks of the rest of the team showed more respect and they were starting to see him in a different light . These soldiers were mercenaries and veterans and for them skill and experience were all . If you wanted their respect, then you needed to show those qualities and Finn was excelling in their eyes .

- "Grenade launcher team at 3 o'clock"- said Finn and all the squad focused their aim in the area- "barrage them!"

The combined shots took down all the First Order soldiers aiming with grenade launchers and cleaned a good numbner of stormtroopers who were in the zone . Of course, there were casualties and Finn had lost three members in the exchange but in comparison with the losses of the enemy, one could coldly say that they had had the better deal . Finn understood that it was impossible to save them all, but he felt a great pain when he saw those three people die .

- "Big Deal and Grinjay, come here now! We'll cover you!"- ordered Han and Finn gritted his teeth and started moving .

- "You heard men! Move!"- Finn ordered trying to cover them while retreating- "stay low and advance as fast as you can!"

After running for some minutes they finally arrived to the rendezvous point and they assumed their positions and continued shooting . Finn heard Han talking to one of the squad leaders .

- "Are you sure you can open it?"- asked Han and the other guy nodded confidently .

- "If we arrive to the place that is Sir!"- said the squad leader- "however, the place is at the other side of that hangar over there . "

- "So, we need someone who can dodge blasters and somehow reached the depot without being blown to pieces . "

- "That is correct, Sir!"

- "What happened?"- asked Finn getting closer to Han

- "There are some depots with mortars that we could use to thin their numbers at sector 45"- explained Han with an annoyed expression- "but we would have to pass enemy lines . "

- "Lend me the map"- asked Finn and Han passed the 3D hologram of the area .

Finn raised his head while shooting and quickly scanned the area . He took cover again and looked at the map again . The rest of the people stared at him as if seeing a madman but he changed positions and did the same for three times . After that, he returned to Han .

- "It's possible!"- said Finn pointing with his finger- "we could sneak pass them with a small team and using the ruins and rubble in these three areas . However, we need you to take their attention out of us!"

- "It's extremely risky!"- said Han- you sure you wanna do this, kid?"

- "We have no choice"- said Finn calling his team with hand signals- "they must be flanking us right now so we won't be able to hold much time . Let me do it . . . General . . . "

Han looked at the young man in front of him and he realized he could not make sense out of him . His changes were just too extreme . He was extremely coward in a moment of uncertainty but once hell got loose, he changed into a war machine capable of doing incredible things . Han shook his head and sighed .

- "You have your orders, Big Deal!"- Han said .

- "Yes, Sir!"- said Finn and immediately departed to his new mission .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!