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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:45:41 PM

Chapter 24

Planet Takodana Orbit

A massive space ship battle was raging all over the place while the two fleets in combat tried their best to push each other . It was a chaotic view and any normal person would be unable to make any sense out of it but it was totally different for the commanders of each fleet .

- "Star Destroyer Scar Mace shields are off and request aid"

- "40% of TIE fighters have been lost"

- "Engineer Bay informs that the weaponry on the left side of our Star Destroyer has been lost"

- "Resistance bombers approaching from point 98, 6674 . "

The reports came down on Commander Sylus by the second and none was reassuring . It has not been a long time since the beginning of the battle but he knew that he was being outsmarted by the

enemy's commander . He gritted his teeth in frustration and started to give commands as ast as he could .

- "Tell Scar Mace to change positions to point 97, 444 so he can be covered by Infinity Star Destroyer! Have each leader of the TIE fighters to regroup their teams closer to us so we can support them! Tell Engineer bay to pass all energy to the rest of the weaponry systems and point our superior and inferior cannons at our left side to cover for the loss! Send the TIE fighters that are regrouping to intercept the bombers!"

Even though, he gave the orders in a very collected manner, he was getting desperate by the second and he knew that if h did not turned the tables somehow these actions would be just temporary palliatives .

- "Enemy Main weapons charging"- informed an officer and Sylus saw in the monitors how practically all the Mon Calamari cruisers were preapring to launch an all out attack .

- "All energy to frontal shields"- ordered Sylus knowing the weak offensive power of the enemy cruisers .

- "They are not pointing at us!"- informed the officer- "their target is . . . "

- "Scar Mace!"- said Sylus and tried to warn the Star Destroyer but it was already being bombarded by the combined firepower of multiple cruisers .

Sylus knew it was too late for the Scar Mace which was left without shields and he could only see how the once powerful and proud Star Destroyer was obliterated .

- "Tell the survivors to abandon the ship"- ordered Sylus trying to salvage the most of the situation .

- "Scar Mace's reactor has reached critical levels and it's about to collapse"- informed the officer with a shocked expression . Sylus looked at the flagship of the Resistance forces with unbelieving eyes .

- Tell the Infinity to take distance and elevate their energy shields to maximum .

The orders were given but they were still a little late . The Scar Mace Star Destroyer exploded with the strenght of a mini sun and everything around it was desintegrated in a second . The energy liberated was so potent that it even reached the Dark Hammer and made it shake . Sylus recovered and immediately asked for the damage report .

- "Shields reduced but still stable"- an officer informed- "Star Destroyer Tiamat shields at 20% and rear propulsors offline"

- "Mon Calamari Cruiser positioning to finish it off . "

- "Give the order to abandon the ship"- said Sylus with great frustration knowing that the Star Destroyer was lost .

This was the problem with Star Destroyers . Their offensive capabilities were top notch and their defense systems were monstruous, but there was a key weakness in all of them that had been impossible to deal with even after so many years . The rear section of the massive starship was simply too weak to resist the continuous concentrated bashing of the Mon Calamari Cruisers which was the reason why a Star Destroyer should never show that part in a battle . Now that the propulsion systems were down, it was a like a sitting duck waiting to be butchered .

- "All main weapons of two Cruisers targeting Tiamat"- informed the officer with a professional yet, worried tone .

Sylus could only felt regret . They had brought six Star Destroyers since the operation was supposed to be a easy and fast one, but now, his fleet was reduced by half while the enemy had not suffered any casualties and they had been surrounded by a dozen Mon Calamari Cruisers that were slowly surrounding them . Sylus could only try his best to resist as much as he could since he knew that all that had happened until now was part of the plan of Akbar and he had played into it .

- "It was all a trap!"- said Sylus accepting his defeat in his heart- "In his eyes I'm like a child trying to play chess with a master . "

Akbar was just like a giant Greatmaster that could easily predict what his opponent would do 100 steps ahead . Sylus felt he was being seen through with X-rays

- "What's the situation with the ground forces"- asked Sylus calculating in his mind .

- "They are being ambushed by Takodana forces which has slowed down the process . "- informed the officer .

- "I see"- said Sylus with a sigh- "I'll have to apologize with the General, but it's the limit of my skills . Send the signal!"

( . . . )

Takodana Skies

While you coukd say that the Space battle was chaotic, you could only describe the aerial combat in Takodana as extremely beautiful . The TIE fighters and X-wing fighters drew lines with their movements that were difficult yet hypnotizing to see . Two teams of the Rogue squadron were ganging on the two black TIE silencer fighters that were trying to coordinate with each other in order to get the upper hand .

- "Team 2! Close their exit point on the left while we route them!"- ordered Poe while shooting at one of the silencer which dodged at the last second- "Cheh! Cheating bastard!"

Many would raise their eyebrow at Poe for saying those words when it was technically him and his team the ones using more numbers and going 12 to 2 . However, Poe knew that this was the only way they could stand a chance against this type of pilot . The battle was extremely intense and Poe, who could easily dispatch 10 normal pilots in a few seconds, had to admit that these knights of Ren were just in another level of skill .

- "Never fight one vs one"- Poe remembered General Skywalker's words in their training- "if you want to shoot them down you need at least three veterans trained against a force user . "

Poe had always been kind of an unbeliever about the Force and such mystical powers that General Skywalker used to talk about . The reason was that if those things were real, then he would feel that a normal person could simply not fight against a Force user and that idea did not go well with him . However, no matter how much he wanted to deny the possibility, every time he fought against these Force users, he could only accept the reality of their existance . Many times they had just evaded perfect shots in the last second and had coordinated in ways that were simply impossible .

-"They will try to scare you"- said General Skywalker in another ocassion in a very serious tone- "the moment you fear them is the moment you will go down . "

Poe understood why he said that . After a few evasions and incredible moves, any untrained pilot would start to panic and get desperate . Any other pilot would have been overwhelmed by now, but the Rogue squadron was different since they have put the two Knights of Ren on the defensive . They had been trained by the best and most powerful Force user alive and so he had taught them strategies to fight against them . It could be said that they had been created to slay Force Users in the skies .

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- "Don't use orthodox tactics- had said General Skywalker- "use confusing and new tactics so they are lost in what to do . If you can distract them for just some seconds, opportunities will present themselves and you'll be able to shoot them down . "

The Rogue squadron tactics were all unorthodox and created by the best pilots and strategists . Furthermore, they were in constant polishing to never be outdated . In that moment the two enemy fighters divided and went in opposite directions .

- "They will try to divide you and take you individually so teamwork is key . "- Poe chanted what the General had said as a mantra- "Leave the left one to Team 2 . . . Team 1 focus on the Blackie of the right . "

The Knights of Ren expected some kind of confusion at their divide and conquer strategy but there was not even a glimpse of openings and the whole Rogue squadron moved as one . All the pilots of the Rogue Squadron trained and lived together and as a result, they knew each other very well . Their synchronization was so perfect that it had been deeply ingrained in their flying style . It was like a dancing group that moved in perfect rythmn after thousands of hours of practice . However, Poe detected a slight doubt in the Knight of Ren and even though it could have been a bait, he knew this would be the best chance he had .

- "Penta Waltz!"- shouted Poe and as if the rest of the team had expected the order, they all moved smoothly and so coordinated that even a rookie would guess the massive amount of training necessary to do the figure .

Five of the team members separated from Poe who was the center in different direcctions while Poe kept the enemy tied with heavy fire not letting it go . The Knight of Ren felt something was wrong and tried to make an evasive move in an almost impossible angle . However, this only made Poe grin since the enemy's evasion had been expected and by doing so, he had entered the trap that immediately sprung on him by receiving five the almost simultaneous shot from all directions . The knight of Ren still managed to survive and even though his TIE Silencer had been battered badly he had still managed to break through the formation of the five X-wing fighters . However, when he believed that he had managed to escape, he saw in disbelief the extra X-wing from Poe just in front of him .

- "Good bye, sucker!"- said Poe while shooting precise shots with his heavy laser cannons that went directly into the cockpit of the TIE Silencer where the knight of Ren was located .

Even though he could not see the results of his attack, Poe knew that nothing much from the enemy body should be left . He did not gave him any chance, however and the team followed the TIE fighter until it crashed on the ground and threw some proton torpedoes to make sure of the kill .

- "Good job, guys"- said Poe after watching the enemy being obliterated- "let's join Team 2 to get rid of the other one . "

- "Here Rogue 7!"- said a voice for the radio- "we failed at cornering him and he managed to get away with great damages . We lost Rogers and Swinks . . . sorry Boss . . . "

- "There's nothing we can do about it"- said Poe after a long silence fell on the group .

Even though all the pilots of the Rogue Squadron were higly skilled veterans, every battle was a bet and especially against Knights of Ren, you could never know when you could just go down since many variables were in the way . They heard another two Blackies had been eliminated on the ground so three casualties in the enemy was very good for one battle .

- "Let's regroup on sector . . . "

- "Enemy retreating point discovered"- informed Rogue 9- "General Solo informed that the remaining First Order forces are being picked in point 345, 789 and Takodana forces are going there . "

- "Lets go and help"

- "Yes Sir!!"

( . . . )

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Takodana Forces were trying to cut the retreat of the First Order forces . Inside the group, Han, Chewee and Finn were also pushing forward in order to find any trace of Rey .

- "General!"- called one member of the Takodana forces- "the scouts inform that most of their forces are already boarding the transporters!"

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- "What about the air reinforces!"

- "The enemy fighters have created a defensive circle that doesn't allow our pilots to pass!"- informed the soldier- "the Rogue Squadron is coming to clear the area!"

- "They could injure Rey if she's there!"- said Finn and Han looked at him with pity .

- "Have the scouts seen any young girl in the area?"

- "No such reports have been delivered, general"

- "Tell the Rogue leader to clear the TIE fighters"- ordered Han- "we'll assault them by land"

- "Yes, Sir!"

The soldier went away with a face that seemed to be very confused since an aerial raid would just be more effective, but he just followed his orders .

- "I hope your aim is spot on as usual, kid!"- said Han while they arrived at the objective point- "all forces attack!"

Immediately all the forces that had come to the point entered the clearing and started to shoot at the stormtroopers who for some reason were already waiting for them and had made an improvised defensive perimeter with shields .

- "Take cover!"- shouted Han who seemed to be angry- damn those scouts! They led us to an ambush!

The First Order forces not only used blasters and heavy weapons but also explosives and even rocket launchers . These attacks took down many casualties in the Takodana forces and they had to return to the forest to try to take cover .

- "They are retreating!"- said Finn shooting the best as he could but the defense line was tight and he did not seem to find any gap on it . Many transporters started to fly and take away many troops from the planet using cover fire .

- "Tell me something I don't know!"

- "Ghreeeaaaaaa!"- shouted Chewee

- "Where?!"- Han asked and Chewee pointed to a place behind the defensive formation .

Finn followed the direction to where the wookie was pointing at and he could see a Knight of Ren with a kind of different helmet carrying Rey on his arms and walking to a TIE Silencer fighter .

- "Kylo Ren!"- shouted Finn and he wondered why from all the possible people, it was him who had Rey- "He's about to depart!"

- "Wait, kid!"- warned Han but Finn had already dashed forward .

Immediately, he attracted the fire from the defensive line but Finn rolled under a big rock and took one of the last thermal detonators he had and without doubting he activated it and threw it to the defernse line . The detonator flew in an arc and landed just behind the shield barrier and exploded with great intensity creating a gap in the defense of the First Order . Finn took a shotting stance and looked at Kylo Ren who was accomodating Rey inside his cockpit .

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- "Eat this!"- he whispered and shot continuously at his former superior .

The shots were perfect and Finn knew they would hit but at approximately a meter from Kylo Ren, two shields that had previoously been blown away, floated in the air and formed a barrier between him and the shots . Finn was taken by surprise and almost could not react when the shields flew at incredible speed in his direction . He used the big rock to protect himself and he could feel the tremendous impact of the shield agaisnt the rock which cracked due to the collision .

- "Retreat now!"- Finn could listen saying one of the troopers and by the time he pekked behind the rock, the rest of the stormtroopers had boarded the last transporters and were now flying away .

Han knew it was too late and he could only exchange a brief look with Kylo Ren who stopped for a second before boarding his TIE Silencer and then he just entered the cockpit and close it before flying away at an incredible speed .

- "No! No! No!"- shouted Finn pointing at the TIE fighter of Kylo Ren but knowing he would not make even a dent- Nooo! Reeeeeeeyyyyyy!

- "Here I am, Maz!"- said Han using the radio with a terrible tone but after a while his face changed into an even worse mood and he saw to the sky- "they what?"

( . . . )

Takodana Orbit

The Resistance fleet was now in chaos trying to turn around as soon as they could and try to prepare for the next attack they would definitely receive .

- "All sields at maximum power!"- ordered Admiral Akbar knowing that it was impossible to be left unscathed .

The reason for this reactio was that just when they were about to finish off the Sylus's fleet, out of nowhere, a fleet of a dozen Star Destroyers appeared behind the Mon Calamari Cruisers ready to attack at any moment . The flagship of the newcomer fleet was no strange for the Resistance since they had clashed many times before, but this did not ease their worries but only boost them . The Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer stood in front of them as an unbreakable wall that only a few could assault . In her bridge, the General Armitage Hux stood with arrogance and confidence and showed a cold grin .

- "The Resistance is so predictable"- he said looking at the Mon Calamari Cruisers as if they were sheeps ready to be slaughtered- "Maximum potency to main weapons and shoot at them at my command and open communications with the DarkHammer!"

- "Yes, Sir!"

Soon, the exhausted and pale face of Commander Sylus appeared in front of Hux who grinned at him coldly .

- "Commander Sylus at your service, General"- said Sylus with a nervous voice .

- "You seem a little out of breath Commander"- said Hux using a condescending and even mocking tone- "I thought you were supposed t resist a little more before calling the attack . "

- "My deep apologies, General!"- said Sylus with a tone that now was at the border of desperation- "my abilities are laking and so I decided to call for you aid . . . it is my shame!"

- "Obviously . . . "- said Hux just in time to listen the offcier informing all weapn systems were ready- "but I suppose it will be for the best . . . shoot!"

The dark and vast space was soon filled with powerful green blasts of energy that impacted in all he Mon Calamari Cruisers with a horrendous accuracy .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!