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Published at 9th of January 2019 03:46:34 PM

Chapter 8

Jakku Planet . Goazon Badlands .

Rey woke up after a nice night of sleep at the same time that she accostumed . She stretched and put on her training clothes and forced herself to go out . She noticed the dark sky and started with her daily morning training . It was a habit that she had gotten from Broom since she was a child . She smiled remembering the first times she had to wake up and Broom had to literraly dragged her out of bed hours before the sun went up .

- "It's the best moment to train!"- he had told her with his usual grin- "the air is fresh, there aren't many annoying eyes and you can always see a beautiful sunrise no matter how terrible a planet is . "

Rey warmed up and stretch her muscles in preparation and then she took her quarterstaff and took a basic stance . After a moment of concentration, she started to move her body in fluid and rhythmic movements . Sometimes they were slow and refined and then they changed to sharp and violent and then to a very strange set that seemed to have no pattern . However, Rey always kept her focus and repeated the movements again and again .

- Beep bop!- BB8 activated as soon as he heard Rey moving and he went out to see what Rey was doing .

The little droid felt confused when he saw her making repetitions and moves with her quarterstaff in a manner that looked like a dance . It was strange for BB8 since in this era of blaster and laser guns, it was very weird to see someone train so hard in this archaic way . It was true that most recruits were given a basic hand to hand combat as a way to defend in case you had no guns, but they prefered to spend much more time improving their abilities in shooting since a blaster would end the fight before these melee fighters could get even a little closer . To be honest BB8 considered this training a waste of time, but he did not say anything and just kept a respectful silence since BB8 knew that it would be extremely rude to say some of his ideas to his savior .

After almost two hours, Rey finished her daily training and then washed and put on her scavenging clothes .

- "We'll go to Niima post now"- Rey said with a very amicable voice which was totally different from the previous day .

They had chatted for a long time the previous night about many things . Even if BB8 did not say anything related to his mission, he still had a lot of information in his data bank about many things like the state of the galaxy and the many stories that Rey had never heard about . After some hours of chatting, the previous annoyance of Rey dissapeared and laughed with BB8 .

- "Brrp beep bouing!"- said BB8 a little worried .

- "It's ok"- said Rey answering to BB8 comments with a smile- "I always keep parts as backup in case that I don't find anything that day, so I'll sell those today . As long as I use the cleaning facility, Blobfish will not care . I also got these from those guys that tried to catch you"

She showed him the laser guns she had picked from those thugs and she expected Blobfish to be interested in them .

- "Ben piu!"- beeped BB8 very grateful .

- "You're welcome"- said Rey leading the way to her Speeder- "I hope you find whoever you're looking for there . "

Rey prepared her speeder and accomodated BB8 on it using one the nets she used to transport parts, BB8 felt a little offended by this but then he saw that there was no other way so he just accepted the situation and they departed in Niima Post direction traversing the dunes at full speed .

When she finally arrived she saw many ships in the docking area of the post . Rey had seen many types of starship in all her years in Jakku but she was always surprised by the new and old models that always landed in this desertic place . When she was a child somedays she would just sit down and see those spaceship come and go . Today she recognized one that had been here before many times . It was a modified YT-1300fp light freighter whose pilot was someone that Rey knew . The pilot had even offered her a job in his company but she had rejected since she had to wait his parents .

- "I suppose Blobfish will be in a good mood"- she said knowing that the pilot of that ship had a way with people like Blobfish and he was one of the few who could make the old Crolute laugh with such intensity that all his body ended up jiggling and boobing around .

They looked around to see if they could find BB8's partner whose name was Poe, but after an hour looking there was no result and the little droid started to get desperate .

-"Don't give up hope"- said Rey with a kind tone and feeling sorry for the abandoned droid since he was kind of the same situation as her- "he might still show up . . . whoever it is you're waiting for . I know all about waiting . "

- "Beep beep bop beep bop"- said BB8 with a curious tone .

- "My family"- answered Rey with a normal attitude- "They'll be back . . . one day . Come on . "

After cleaning the parts she had she went to the counter where Blobfish would normally be but it was empty and many other scavengers were waiting already . After a while, Unkar Plutt got out from his private chambers with the pilot of the Freighter and as she imagined he was laughing extremely hard . The person was a black human male with a mechnical leg and a patch in his eye and he was always accompanied by an android who seemed to be his bodyguard .

- "I will immediately tell you if I have news!"- said Blobfish rubbing his scaly hands in delight- "just prepare the payment . . . "

- "Of course"- said the man with a relaxed and soothing voice that seemed to be able to calm a rancor- "but I must remind you that speed is of the essence and I hope you keep this private . "

- "Heh! You doubted me?"- said Blobfish changing his tone to a dangerous level but the other man just faced him with no fear and smiled while patting Unkar in the shoulder .

- "My friend . . . "- he said in the same hypnotic voice- "I doubt even myself . . . you and me have been in this bussiness long enough to be offended by facts . And the fact is that you are a despicable and greedy bastard!"

Rey gulped when she heard this . She could be considered cocky and direct but she had seen Unkar Plutt deal brutally with peple for saying things even less offensive than that . All the scavengers around gasped and waited with a strange mix of horror and delight to see what Blobfish would do to this man who still held a smile while insulting the merchant .

- "Hahahahahaha!"- to the surprise of all the present people, Blobfish laughed again and patted the man's back- "and you are a ugly and creepy piece of scum!"

- "Not the best insult I've heard, Blobfish . You're losing your touch"- said the man with the same suae attitude- "but don't worry, that will not change the high apreciation I have for you . "

- "As long as you bring my payment I don't care how you call me!"- said Unkar Plutt walking to the area Rey was side to side with the pilot of the freighter .

- "My dear blobfish"-said the man dragging the typical cape he always carried while walking with a relaxed attitde which contrasted completely with the dumb walking of Blobfish- "if you find what I want, I may include that beautiful licchi jacuzzi you always asked me . "

Blobfish' eyes showed a glint of emotion and Rey could only admire the man that could deal and manipulate the tyrant of the place . Rey new that if he wanted this man could easily depose Blobfish and assume control of the entire planet, but again she understood that this inhospitable and dry planet had no value in the eyes of the man except for a place to make illegal transaction and as a place to move all kinds of goods . In that moment the man saw her and then he saw the droid next to him and he approached her using his most shining smile .

- "Well . . . what do we have here?"- said he with that soft and deep voice that was sure to have been used to move the hearts of many women- "It's good to see you, Rey . Everytime I see you, you become even prettier than the last time . "

- "Same here, Lance"- said Rey smiling but presenting an annoyed face- "still escaping from the two Togrutas that wanted a piece of you?"

- "Haha! It's my honor to be chased by beautiful woman"- said Lance who showed an even shinier smile for this comment but then he put up a serious face- "But I'm sorry Rey, you're too young for me . Of course . . . you can look for me in some ten years if you are really interested . "

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- "Hah!"- said Rey in mockery- "you wish!"

- "But I'm certainly interested in you"- said Lando with a warm voice- "are you ready to depart from this planet and work with me?"

- "Thanks for the offer . . . "- said Rey recognizing the sincerity of the man- "but I still . . . "

- "It's ok, I undertsand"- said Lando looking a little dejected- "but if you ever change your mind . . . you know the offer is there . "

- "Of course!"- Rey said and then Lando winked his remaining eye and went away with his bodyguard .

After a while it was her turn and she gave Blobfish three parts and the two laser guns of the thugs she had defeated the previous day .

- "Where did you get these?"- asked Blobfish who was always careful to deal with guns in his territory .

- "Some thugs attacked me and I took their guns . "- explained Rey

- "Did you kill them?"

- "No, they escaped after I took the laser guns . "- replied Rey again .

- "well, they are not very much"- said Unkar Plutt who was more interested in BB8 and Rey could tell by the way he was looking at him- "the five pieces are worth . . . let me see . . . one half portion . "

- "What?"- Rey thought she had heard wrong . That price was ridiculous even for the standards of Blobfish- "last week they were half portion each and the laser guns have to be worth more than that . . . "

- "It's the price I give"- said Blobfish with no emotion whatsoever but Rey knew he was trying to bluff- "now if you want more . . . what about the droid?"

- "What about him?"- asked Rey who did not understand why the droid was related to their bussiness .

- "I'll pay for him"- Unkar Plutt said while grabbing a big quantity of portions from the back of the counter- "60 portions . "

Rey was astonished by that quantity . 60 portions was enough to feed her for at least 10 months and she could even negotiate some of them to trade for other goods . Her eyes shone and she couldn't help but go to the counter and grab the portions that were in front of her . However, she did not pick them up and she looked at BB8 while thinking .

- "This is fishy"- she thought remembering the way Lando and Blobfish had seen BB8- "there must be something else here . "

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Rey knew Unkar Plutt and she knew he never suffered a lost . Even for a new droid, Blobfish would try to buy for no more than four portions and he would never add even an eighth more, so there must have been a powerful and definitely dangerous reason for him to offer such price . Rey saw around her and then she moticed the envious and even murderous looks she was receiving from the other scavengers . If she took these portions she doubted she could keep them long before she was attacked by a mob . It was not wise to have so much food on her since the blessing could transform into a tragedy . She looked at BB8 again and she could noticed the shock and worry on him .

- "It must be related to the so called secret mission BB8 was talking about"- Rey thought and she started to feel a weird feeling as if someone was about to fall on her to hurt her .

It was better to analyze the situation and retreat for now . She would talk to BB8 and make him spill out all the beans . She did not want to die not knowing even the reason for her demise . She took her hands apart from the portions offered and just took the half portion she had been given before .

- "Actually . . . the droid is not for sale"- she said before turning around and walk away as fast as she could knowing that now she was a target- "Come on!"

After she went away, some of the scavengers followed her and the droid and Unkar Plutt took the portions inside his counter and took a radio that had a direct line to his thugs .

- "Follow the girl and get that droid!"- he ordered and closed the counter leaving many scavengers without a way to trade food for the day- "and check on Lance . I'm sure he has already moved"

Rey went through the streets as fast as she could and did not have to look behind to notice she was being followed .

- "Follow me very closely and don't get delayed"- she said very seriously .

- "Bap bick!"

She started to run at her fastest and took a predetermined route that she had been planning for years in case the things went wrong like now . She could hear the footsteps of her persuers going behind her but after 10 minutes and about 300 turns and deviations she managed to lost them and she entered hut that was empty .

- "Ok, BB8"- said Rey kneeling down to be at the same level of the droid . Her attitude was very serious- "I wasn't planning to pry into your situation but as you have seen we're in trouble and I need to know as much as I can . "

- "Brip po ibak!"

- "No!"- said Rey placing her hands on BB8- "a lot of people seem to be extremely interested in you and they will not stop until they get you . I want to know why!"

BB8 heard many people ran past outside the hut and the little droid started to panic and he started to plead Rey not to ask more, but Rey looked at him with cold eyes and stood up taking distance from BB8 .

- "Now, if you want my help . . . You will tell me what is happening now"- Rey spoke clearly and slowly and every word was said with absolute decision and without a shred of doubt- "Otherwise, I'll abandon you and leave you here . I don't want to die, especially for someone who doesn't trust me enough to tell me the situation . Now choose! They will find out this place in no time!"

BB8 knew he was absolutely cornered and that Rey would do what she said without a doubt . BB8 understood that it was only fair and he was about to start telling the situation when the door was kicked open and a thug entered and threw himself over BB8 as soon as he saw him . However, he could not even touch it before a lightning speed hit made him go to sleep .

- "We have to go, now!"- said Rey after hitting the man and immediately ran out the hut only to find herself surrounded by four thugs who had knives and other blunt weapons . Rey stopped her tracks and prepared her quarterstaff- "I hope you have some weapons incorporated, BB8 . "

- "Beep boom bap!"

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- "I don't think they'll give us the chance . "- said Rey and started to look for a chance .

( . . . )

Finn finally could see the post in the distance after hours and hours of what seemed infinite desertic nothingness and he felt like crying in happiness . It had been long ago that he had throw away his stormtrooper armor since it had lost its meaning and it was too heavy to carry . However, instead of continue going, he felt to his knees and felt an incredible exhaustion and his body started to beg him to stop . He started to feel angry . . . angry at himself and at the First Order and at Poe for letting him crash so far and then he felt pity for himself and for his situation . . . This was the normal situation when one had reached his physical and mental limits and the majority of people would just stop there and literally die in front of the safe point not being able to deal with such mix of emotions . However, Finn was not like that and even if he hated the First Order, he had to admit that they had trained him well and he started to remember his training .

- "Self control is everything"- had said one of his instructors- "self control has emotional and mental ties with the body . An emotion will have an idea nehind it and an idea will have emotion behind it and both will affect the reaction of your body and the opposite is also true . So if you say that you're tired and can't continue, you'll feelings will give power to that and your body will just refuse to move . And when your body is at its limit, it will affect your mental process and will also affect your emotional state . Everything is link and that is why you must control all these three aspects since if you fail to control one, it will affect the others and it will be over for you . "

Finn accomodated in a sitting position and applied the big four skills immediately . He closed his eyes and started to control his breathe . Breathing helps you control your emotions and to calm down even in the worst situations . It sounds easy and effective but it is not and it is something every soldier has to train constantly .

- "There is water and food"- he started to say to himself . He started to use visualization to boost his own morale . He imagined the feast he would have once he arrived to the Niima Post- "there will be meat and delicious milk . I'm sure they have chocolate, too . Man . . . I want chocolate . I'm sure they have showers where I can refresh myself and a comfortable bed where I can sleep until tomorrow . "

The effects were immediate and he felt a little stronger and he then used that small strenght he had gathered to stand up and and continue walking . The breathing permitted to control the emotions and then the visualization gave you the power to rule over the emotions to gather more power .

- "I'm the best!"- he started shouting while forcing his legs to continue- "I'm the number 1 stormtrooper! I avenged the people of Tuanil! I'm a damn hero! This is nothing for me . . . they should have given me a farther objective!"

The third step was what his trainer used to call "Extreme Positivism" and it was the idea that mental ideas affect emotion and the body so what you have to do was to cheer yourself shouting your accomplishments as a crazy person . As the trainer said, since there was none to deny your affirmations, you could very well say whatever you wanted and it was true .

- "This Boss is so amazing that he will arrive to that rock and will then announce his most amazing feat to date!"

The final step was to set "small accomplishable goals" since it was too overwhelming to set big goals, just set small easy goals until you complet the task . And so, Finn advanced slowly but surely to Niima Post setting small goals, shouting as a possesed man, imagining the delicious experiences he would have and controlling his breathe . And after two hours of a painful and exhausting walk, he finally entered the Niima Post . He did not see the guards nor he cared for them . He had a new micro goal that needed to be accomplished immediately .

- "Water!"- he said in low voice looking as a madman everywhere- "do you have water?!"

He started to run into the tents where merchants sell everything one can imagine but it seemed that none had water in sight and even when Finn beg them for some, the merchants just ignored him since he looked like a beggar with no money . Finn started to falter and he felt another wave of exhaution that almost made him faint . He managed to grab a post to avoid going to the floor since he knew that if he went down, he would not be able to stand up again . So he tried to control his emotions again when he heard the beautiful sound of water being splashed . He immediately turned around and saw a big trough filled with water being consumed by a Happabore who seemed to be enjoying the cool liquid .

- "Hell yeah!"- Finn thought and immediately rushed to the trough forgetting all previous tiredness and he would have just jumped into the pool if not for the Happabore only letting a small space for him to drink .

He went to his knees and immediately started to gulp as much water as he could as well as using some to wash his face and hair and cool down . After some time his head cleared and he could finally feel the taste of the water and he wanted to throw up when the aftertaste burned his mouth . However, he did not let the water return and he ignore the horrible flavor while gulping more and more water until he felt full and could not drink more . The happabore then seemed to feel that he had stolen enough of his precious liquid and just pushed him aside .

- "I get it!"- said Finn standing up and starting to think about what to do next when a shadow ran past him very quickly .

When Finn saw the figure better, he noticed that it was a girl that had a long stick in her hands and she was trying to escape from many people who was behind her . After she ran some more meters, he realized that she had been surrounded and a violent fight started in front of him . The girl put on guard and prepared to fight . Finn admired her bravery but he knew it was going to be useless since the enemies were six and should be able to reduced her quickly . Finn decided to go away and avoid trouble when he saw a little droid of orange color next to the girl .

- "No way!"- he said and he remember what Poe had said while he was piloting the TIE fighter- "A BB unit droid that is one of a kind!"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!