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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 12.1

Published at 8th of December 2018 05:44:07 PM

Chapter 12.1

Ye Qiao called Zhou Tingsheng soon after reading his text .

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Zhou Tingsheng picked up the phone and heard her giggling with noise in the
background: “Are you alright, Zhou Tingsheng? Do you want to eat the grass
around your burrow?”[1]

“Didn’t you say that I like eating grass . ” His tone was brazen, yet innocent at the
same time .

Ye Qiao paused for a moment, then she burst into laughter . He still remembered
that she had ridiculed him for being vegetarian .

She was laughing so hard that tears welled up in her eyes . She used her index
finger to wipe the tears away and had difficulty speaking smoothly: “To tell you
the truth, I don’t have anything to do tonight . It’s a little boring . ”

Zhou Tingsheng understood what she meant: “Where do you want to go?”


“En……” Yang City was Ye Qiao’s hometown . It was an artsy city but didn’t have
a thriving nightlife . Ye Qiao thought for a moment then said: “Have you seen
<Sleeping Wind> yet?”

“No . ”  Zhou Tingsheng played with his lighter and laughed: “Are you going to treat

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me to a movie starring yourself?”

“You’re the one who’s going to treat me . ” She laughed in a low voice and seemed
very sure of herself . Then she grew more serious: “I want to see it in a theater
before it’s gone . ”

“Oh, then I’m just accompanying you to do research . ”

Ye Qiao had finished the last step of removing her makeup for the TV show . She
put down the cleansing cotton: “So, you don’t want to do it?”

He imitated her tone of voice: “The pleasure is all mine . ”


Shen Ting walked over just as she hung up the phone . Shen Ting told her: “Ye Qiao
Jie, are you coming to eat a late night meal with the crew? Young master Zheng is
buying . Everyone is getting ready to go . ”

“I’m going to pass . Have fun . ” Ye Qiao smiled at Shen Ting then moved closer to
the mirror to check the two dark circles around her eyes because she had taken a
night flight and didn’t sleep well . She frowned and called to Shen Ting .

Shen Ting turned around in surprise: “Yes?”

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Ye Qiao was still checking her face: “Do I look a bit haggard without makeup?”

“Not at all! You have such good skin, smooth and white . You look good even
without any makeup . ”

Shen Ting was now very close to her and wasn’t afraid of teasing her a little .
Shen Ting then happily left with the other crew members for a late night meal .

Ye Qiao received a message from Zhou Tingsheng informing her where and
when they would see the movie . She thought for a while, then decided to put
on the sunglasses from her purse before going out of door .


When she arrived at the lobby, she saw Shen Ting turning back towards her
with a woman .

Shen Ting wasn’t as relaxed as earlier: “Ye Qiao Jie, this lady came here
looking for you . She says she’s your stepmother . ”


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Through the sunglasses, Ye Qiao saw Cheng Su’s silhouette through a filter .
Her skin tone and features looked unrealistic, but her elegance and gracefulness
was the same . Ye Qiao suddenly felt repulsed . She took off her sunglasses and
looked at Cheng Su as she spoke to Shen Ting: “Got it . You can go with the others . ”

Shen Ting probably had sensed the awkwardness between the two and
hesitated to leave until the others rushed her .

Ye Qiao said: “Let’s go get coffee . ”


There was a Costa Coffee right outside the building . When Cheng Su and
Ye Qiao walked in, they attracted a lot of attention .

Cheng Su was wearing a suit with a silk scarf meticulously tied around her
neck . Her well cared for skin made her look like she was still in her thirties .
With exquisite light makeup, her demeanor showed that she had come from
a very well upbringing . When she walked alongside of Ye Qiao, they didn’t
look like mother and daughter, but rather liker sisters .  With similar good looks
and dispositions, they attracted attention when they walked in .

Ye Qiao ordered a cup of mocha and sat down, putting her sunglasses next
to her hand . She raised her head and met Cheng Su’s eyes, her eyebrows
frowning ever so slightly .

Cheng Su still talked in her soft yet lecturing tone . She looked at Ye Qiao’s
black circles: “It’s not good to drink too much coffee . It’s not good to your
health . You have to take care of yourself since you’re on your own . Don’t let
your father worry about you . ”

Even though Ye Qiao didn’t give a response, Cheng Su could still carry the
conversation with poise . She noticed the bite marks on the back of Ye Qiao’s
hand that was holding the coffee mug: “What has happened to your hand?”

Ye Qiao cracked a laugh, sipped coffee, and lightly tapped on the rim of the
mug with her finger: “You’ve come all the way here just to talk about this?”


Ye Qiao interrupted her with an icy face: “Don’t call me Qiaoqiao . Even my
own mother never called me that . ”

[1]: This is from a Chinese proverb (兔子不吃窝边草) which translates to
“the hare doesn’t eat the grass around it’s burrow . ”  It’s most similar to the
English proverb: “the fox preys farthest from home . ”

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