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Starlight Has No Past - Chapter 6.2

Published at 8th of October 2018 05:25:06 PM

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6 Part 2

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Ye Qiao remembered when Zheng Xishuo first got into the entertainment business,
with the support of his father, the recording company pitched hard for his songs
though those songs weren’t particularly good . He got into fights or trouble all the time
but the media was too afraid to report it . When she was still in college, she acted in
one of his music videos . Both of them were young and inexperienced at the time, it
took them a whole day to shoot the 5 minute video .

Nowadays, he had emerged as a singer in his own right . His voice had matured with
his age and his technique had developed . With his good looks and showy personality,
he had become an idol for young girls .

Ye Qiao thought it was a brilliant move for Gu Jin to choose Zheng Xishuo to sing the

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theme song for <The Watcher . >


When Zheng Xishuo got off stage, Ye Qiao was still working on the same piece of
cheesecake . “You’re still eating that? Is it good?” Zheng Xishuo couldn’t stand the
bitter look on Ye Qiao’s face . Furthermore, Ye Qiao ignored him, Zheng Xishuo grabbed
the fork in her hand and digged into her cake: “It’s not that good . ”

Ye Qiao knew he was doing this on purpose, so she gave up on the cake and turned
sideways to watch the performance onstage .

Zheng Xishuo saw Ye Qiao’s plate was as clean as new: “Haven’t you eaten anything
the whole night?”

Ye Qiao only drank wine . “Don’t be like this, tsk, tsk, tsk……” Zheng Xishuo continued:
“Qiaoqiao, have you noticed that after you got together with the old man Gu Jin, you’ve

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become more and more boring . ”

She quietly sipped some more wine: “He won’t have his 30th birthday till this December .
How old can he be?”


Zheng Xishuo, who was only 22 years old, suddenly grieved over Ye Qiao’s stubbornness:
“30 years old! Then he’ll soon be 40! If he’s not old, then what is he!”

Ye Qiao ignored him, making him even more indignant: “Look at yourself! The man’s
dumped you, what’s the big deal if I make fun of him! What’s it to you?” He flung his
reddish hair . “What if you like him, can it feed you? What’s the use of defending him in
front of me, he wouldn’t know… . . . Hey, you’re still drinking… . . . You haven’t had a bite,
you’ve just been drinking . ”

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Zheng Xishuo raised his hand to grab the glass from Ye Qiao . She wouldn’t let go of it .
He kept trying, the silver bracelets on his wrist began to rattle . People at the next tables
turned to look at them .


Amid those similar faces, Ye Qiao seemed to catch a familiar one . Zhou Tingsheng?
She couldn’t tell for sure . She wanted to get a better look and suddenly released the
glass . Zheng Xishuo didn’t expect the sudden release and wine spilled all over both of
their wrists .

The red liquid seeped through the white gauze on her hand, touching her wound . She
slightly looked up from the sting .

Ye Qiao abruptly grabbed her bag and rushed out of the banquet room .

She leaned against the wall and swallowed two pills without water . The pills stuck in her
throat . She recalled the night she first met Zhou Tingsheng, he swallowed pills without
any difficulty . It turned out that the pills were so bitter .

Why did she think she had seen him just now?


At the other end of the banquet room, Xu Yinshan was going around to have a toast
with people at different tables . She also noticed the familiar face . That handsome young
man was sitting on the same table with several middle aged investors . The indifference
on his face was particularly noticeable .


Her smile froze for a second, she turned to ask the CEO of an investing company who
she knew well: “Mr . Qin, who is that?”

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