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Chapter 346: 346

After being begged hard by Little Six, Tang Xi finally agreed not to tell Qiao Liang that Little Six said he could be insane when he became jealous . And Little Six agreed to do her a favor without letting Qiao Liang know . Little Six had a feeling that he had jumped from one trap to another . Both left him with a dead end!

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Tang Xi looked at Little Six’s desperate look, and smiled . She jumped off the car, took her schoolbag and smiled at Little Six . “Don’t be nervous . Perhaps I’ll just ask you to deliver some food for me at midnight . Don’t put on this desperate look . Otherwise, I might be so nervous that I will accidentally tell what you just said about him to Qiao Liang…”

“Miss Tang, you can rest assured! I’ll do anything for you even risking my own life!” Little Six thought . Miss Tang was a businesswoman . The most dangerous thing she might ask him to do was probably to remove her business opponents away from the business circle . However, if Young Master found out about it, he might make him stay in the Amazon jungle for several years… The more he thought about his future, the more he became desperate!

After getting Little Six’s promise, Tang Xi ran into the school happily . As soon as she walked into the school, she saw a familiar figure waiting for her . Tang Xi was speechless . Fortunately, Qiao Liang didn’t followed her to the school . Otherwise, he wouldn’t allow her to study in this school any longer…

Soon that person saw Tang Xi . His eyes lit up and he walked towards Tang Xi, smiling happily . “Xiao Rou, there you are . I had thought you wouldn’t come to school today . ”

Tang Xi smiled and looked at Ning Ke . “Did you also pass the grade-skipping exam?”

Ning Ke smiled proudly, and said shyly to her, “It seems that we’ll be classmates again . “Then he reached out to shake Tang Xi’s hand . “I’m very glad to study in the same class with you again . ”

Tang Xi took a look at his hand and raised her eyebrows in surprise . “Will we be in the same class again?”

Ning Ke nodded and the smile on his face spread . “I’ve checked it . Both of us will be studying in the experimental class of Grade Three, so we’ll still be classmates . ”

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Tang Xi raised her eyebrows . So she would be studying in experimental class again . In fact, she didn’t like studying in experimental class,because then it would be hard for her to ask for leave . But she had to ask for a week-long leave for the upcoming Fashion Week! Looking at Ning Ke’s hand, she secretly sighed, and shook hands with Ning Ke . “I’m glad too . ”

Ning Ke blushed . “Yes, let’s help each other in the school . ”

Tang Xi smiled, and took back her hand . At this time, she suddenly saw a person rushing at her . She quickly calculated the running speed of the person, and dodged her as fast as she could before she bumped into her . Chen Ziyan almost fell over . She looked aggrievedly at Tang Xi and complained, “How can you do this to me??”

Tang Xi looked helplessly at Chen Ziyan, and pointed at herself, “My darling, look at me . Do you think I can still be alive after being bumped by you at the speed of five meters a second?”

Tang Xi suddenly paused as she said . How could she calculate the exact running speed of others?Just now, when she watched Chen Ziyan running, some numbers suddenly popped up in her mind… Was it because of the system??

Chen Ziyan was still complaining that Tang Xi didn’t contact her the whole week, and was so cold to her after seeing her, but Tang Xi was not in the mood to listen to her . She hurriedly contacted the system and asked him what happened to her .

[System: This is system’s gift for you . You can calculate the speed of motion of any object, and dodge it before it hits you . ]

Tang Xi’s eyes lit up . ‘You mean no matter who wants to attack me, I can immediately calculate how soon they will reach me and dodge their attack in advance?’

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[System: Yes, you can understand it this way . ]

Tang Xi’s eyes sparkled with a gleam of excitement and she asked, ‘Then have my experience points risen?’ She suddenly remembered she hadn’t checked her experience points for long . Had they become incredibly high? If so, that was a great surprise for her!

[System: Click ‘Yes’ if you want to check your experience points . ]

Tang Xi clicked ‘Yes’ .

[System Information: Your experience point: 390/800

Martial point:0/100

Physical point: 3/100

Face point: 10/100

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Figure point: 10/100

Charm point: 30/100

Revenge point: 40/100

Wealth point: 20/100

Face-slapping point: 20/100]

Tang Xi took a step back in shock when she saw her experience points . God, what had happened! Why did her experience points soar up?? Her martial point increased by 8 points! Her physical point rose by 20 points, face point by 20 points, figure point by 15 points, charm point by 10 points, and even her revenge point rose by 30 points! Her wealth point had increased by as many as 70 points, face-slapping point by 30 points, and her total experience point had increased by 203 points! God! What had she done these days??

[System: Any question?]

Tang Xi nodded blankly and asked, ‘Why are my points so high? Is it because I took back my shares?’

[System: Your wealth point soared up, after you founded your company and took back the shares of the Empire Group . To be exact, it rose after you revised your will . ]

Tang Xi blinked . “Oh, I see . ”

“You see?” Chen Ziyan shouted when she saw Tang Xi didn’t respond to her, “Your class will start in three minutes! You two can’t get to the classroom in time even if you run! This is your first day in this class . How can you be late??”

Tang Xi shivered and cut off the connections with 008 only to see Chen Ziyan’s face so close to hers . She took a step back and almost fell over . Chen Ziyan took her arm . “What are you waiting for? Did you hear me?”

Tang Xi felt chagrined that she shouldn’t hasten to turn on the system . Looking at Chen Ziyan’s puzzled eyes, Tang Xi smiled and explained, “Nothing . I was thinking of a maths problem, and then I suddenly solved it, so I was a bit excited . ”

Chen Ziyan shrugged . “I really can’t understand you straight A students . Are there only maths problems in your head?”