Strongest Abandoned Son - Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1294

"He's entered the 29th domain…"

The cultivators inside the observe palace exploded again . That spot went into 28th domain and just stayed for one day before going into the 29th domain .

What shook them even more was that the spot stayed there for one day again and went into the 30th domain .

Ye Mo went into the 30th domain in such a short time . The odds began to fall .

At the 30th domain, Ye Mo completely ignored the special pressure and binding that could instantly kill truth realisation state cultivators . He even closed his eyes, after the 28th domain, he completely understood domain binding and attack . He was slowly combining his understanding of state and domain . Once he combined these two, Ye Mo felt this domain would have a skyrocketing increase in power .

The conditions in the 30th domain were many times worse than the 28th domain . If he didn't have a completely different understanding of domain, he would be torn apart instantly even if his original domain was in great completion .

Ye Mo shook his head, after the 27th domain, this place was completely a slaughterhouse . It was impossible to even stay alive, much less learn domains in here . No wonder rarely anyone kept going after the 30th domain .

Ye Mo began to progress faster and faster . On the 23rd day, he went into the 31st domain, on the 24th day, he went into the 32rd domain . The betting completely stopped . Now, the spirit stones betting that Ye Mo would go into the 36th domain were enough to buy half the entire Heaven Domain region . Although the Heaven Domain region really wanted Ye Mo to come out now, there was nothing they could do .

Su Jingwen saw that Ye Mo was faster and faster and finally breathed easy and relaxed .

On the 28th day, Ye Mo went into the 35th domain .

According to Ye Mo's idea, the 35th domain should have even more intense space distortions . He came in here and immediately expanded his domain, but what shook him was there was no movement nor space ripples here . It was just an ordinary place .

Ye Mo reached his spirit sense out and found this place was indeed an empty domain . He shook his head, he just wanted to go into the 36th domain but he felt something was wrong . There seemed to be a stealth formation here .

If he wasn't a level nine formation grand master, he wouldn't be able to see this at all . But even so, there was nothing he could do . The formation heart wasn't here . If he knew where the formation heart was, he would be able to go in .

Ye Mo ignored this irrelevant formation and went into the 36th domain . As soon as he came in, he felt this place was different than the domains before . There were space bindings and space distortions and the killing intent was strong too, but Ye Mo felt this was the real domain .

Feeling the difference and similarities, Ye Mo frowned . Was it that for other cultivators, only the 36th domain was the place they could understand domain?

But only in this place could he truly combine his state and domain .

The news of Ye Mo going into the 36th domain spread like wildfire . Some cultivators who weren't in West Cultivator City even got the news .

An absurd cultivator appeared in West Cultivator City, going into the 36th domain in 30 days .

At this moment, cultivators didn't come to watch the projection formation but to see who this cultivator who was first in history to get into the 36th domain was

Su Jingwen got up in joy, she thought Ye Mo would be coming out immediately .

However, it was Yan Yan and Yue Chan who were the happiest .

Tang Mengrao asked casually, "Which one did you bet on?"

Yue Chan said happily, "I bet 1 million that martial uncle Ye would get into the 36th domain . Sister Yan bet 200k as well . Sister Jingwen bet the most, there were 10 million spirit stones in there and I bet them all on the 36th domain . "

"What?" Even Su Jingwen was dazed . 10 million on a 1 to 100 odds? She would get 1 billion spirit stones, even Ye Mo never had this many spirit stones .

Just when Su Jingwen wanted to speak, she saw the spot disappear from the screen .

With a rumble, a purple ray flashed, this was the first time Ye Mo used Zi Xu since the 28th domain .

Zi Xu hacked out and the Illusion Cloud Domain Shatter Strike clashed with the surrounding space, he felt the space binding around him lighten .

Ye Mo wiped some sweat, he thought this was all there was but just when he fending off against the domain pressure, the space binding rapidly changed . The domain attack also changed completely .

In such a short time, Ye Mo wasn't able to form his shattered domain again so he could only hack out with Zi Xu .

However, this strike only cracked open one crevice in the domain . Without that strike, Ye Mo wouldn't even be able to retreat .

He was ambushed by the 36 domains . Ye Mo was shook but he was more joyful . He finally found how to combine domain and state . at the same time, he learned another means of domain .

It was right of him to come here indeed . After Zi Xu brought about that crack, he quickly reformed his domain again .

This time, he was ready . In the battle, Ye Mo learned more and more . The 36th domain was truly the place to learn domain .

Eventually, Ye Mo could control the power of the domain . In his will, the domain changed in size direction .

With a long howl, Ye Mo didn't even need to move his hand and his domain expanded out . The surrounding space cracked again and this moment of enlightenment came into his mind . Ye Mo knew his domain was in great completion .

This was the real domain .

At this moment, Ye Mo controlled the expansion of his domain and the powerful space domain crippled like glass .

Ye Mo was very happy . He didn't know why there would be this misleading thing in here but that wasn't important . He didn't need to stay here anymore . Ye Mo knew in order to leave, he just needed to go back .

Ye Mo turned to the 35th domain but when he was there at the door, he found that the 35th domain completely disappeared . He couldn't feel the 35th domain anymore .

Ye Mo frowned .

There was only one possibility, it was caused by that formation . Ye Mo turned back, the heart of the formation wasn't in the 35th domain, it might be in the 36th domain .

Ye Mo walked for a moment and came to the end of the 36th domain .

Ye Mo didn't find any formation heart but a new formation world appeared before him .

Was there a 37th domain?

Ye Mo didn't understand, but even if there was 37th domain he wasn't scared .

As soon as he came in, he didn't even have time to scan his spirit sense out and he was covered in wounds . This terrifying killing intent wasn't something a cultivator of the cultivation realm could defend against .

He went into his Golden Page World without hesitation . If he hesitated for a moment, he would die .

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