Strongest Counterattack - Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

Ms . An was sophisticated when dealing with different things . And she was unwilling to offend Qin Sheng . Anyway, she had to thank Qin Sheng . If there was no Qin Sheng, she would not be promoted to vice manager .

Ms . An kicked the ball to Han Zhengdong . Just like before, she kicked the ball to Xu Lancheng . She could handle other things, but things like that was a little difficult for her .

Ms . An tacitly approved, Qin Sheng had reached his target . The next step was to tell Han Zhengdong . Ms . An was easy to talk to, but as for Han Zhengdong, Qin Sheng really did not know how to say .

Han Zhengdong did not come today, because everything had been managed well . And the contract would be formally signed at tomorrow noon . At that time, Shangshan Ruoshui would be officially transferred to boss Ye . Han Zhengdong would also perform his duties and became the new general manager of Shangshang Rushui . Everyone had no idea what would be changed in Shangshan Ruoshui .

Perhaps everyone knew that Shangshan Ruoshui was about to change its boss, and Jiang Xianbang had no relationship with it anymore . The business of Shangshan Ruoshui had recovered . Qin Sheng was busy in the whole morning, serving the guests with artists . Until the noon break, Qin Sheng was free to call Han Zhengdong .

Sitting in the office, Qin Shenghao dialed the phone uneasily . Han Zhengdong, who was at the other side of the phone, smiled and said, "Hey, Qin Sheng, why do you think of calling me, is there anything about Shangshan Ruoshui?"

Qin Sheng forced a smile and said, "Mr . Han, there is nothing wrong with Shangshan Ruoshui, I just have something to tell you . "

"You?" Han Zhengdong stupefied for a moment, then said, "What is it?"

"Mr . Han, I have something urgent tomorrow, I may not be able to participate in the signing ceremony . I am really sorry . " After all, he had to stay here in the future, Qin Sheng had to tell this to Han Zhengdong . Han Zhengdong would be here as the person in charge for some time in the future . Although boss Ye would focus on training him, he might become a general manager one day . But things that had not happened could be changed one day, who could guarantee?

When Qin Sheng said that he was unable to participate in the signing ceremony tomorrow . Han Zhengdong said in an unkind tone . "Qin manager, what will be more important than the signing ceremony?"

"Mr . Han, I am really sorry, I have something very urgent . " Qin Sheng was helpless . It was really uncomfortable to ask someone's understanding, but he had no choice .

Han Zhengdong was still busy outside, so he didn't have time to argue this little thing with Qin Sheng . He said directly to him . "Tomorrow's signing ceremony, I must see you . As for other things, you decide it . "

After saying that, Han Zhengdong hung up the phone, it was like he had blocked all the ways . It was also his scheme to use Qin Sheng to build his reputation . He definitely believed that Qin Sheng was absolutely impossible to be absent in the ceremony unless he wanted to completely offend his new general manager .

However, he took Qin Sheng too simple . Qin Sheng was not the kind of person who was willing to surrender .

When Han Zhengdong hung up the phone, Qin Sheng was a little helpless . Anyway, he already told Han Zhengdong . He must went to Ningbo tomorrow, at the worst he would lose this job .

Had been busy until seven o'clock pm, Qin Sheng gave everything to brother Lyu and was ready to look for Xia Ding to drink . When he left office, he met Wang Haichao, who was full of energy . Wang Haichao said very brightly . "Mr . Han, you can rest assured that I will prepare you for the things you want, and send them to your mailbox . "

Qin Sheng just heard these words . Basically, Wang Haichao and Han Zhengdong should have no contact . Shangshan Ruoshui had not been acquired yet, and they would be no intersection at work . How did Wang Haichao be very familiar with Han Zhengdong . Thinking about what Yu Fengzhi said yesterday, Qin Sheng could not help but paid his attention on it .

Wang Haichao also saw Qin Sheng, he quickly said, "Then you go busy with your work . I will not bother you . "

After hanging up the phone, Wang Haichao looked up to Qin Sheng and said, "Qin Manager, just got off work?"

"Yes . " Qin Sheng said casually, "Have you arranged everything for the night . "

"Don't worry, I have arranged it well . These are my old acquaintances, they will not do anything wrong . " Wang Haichao said proudly . No one knew whether he won five million in the lottery or anything else, recently he was really proud and energetic .

Qin Sheng chuckled, "Call me if there is something . I have to go back first . "

After Qin Sheng went away, Wang Haichao took off the mask of hypocrisy, revealing his original face and muttering to himself, "Just let you be happy for a few days . I will make you pay back the grievance you used to let me suffer . "

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In a quiet jazz bar located in the riverside of No . 1 Zhong Liang Ocean View, Xia Ding, who was working hard recently, was searching for his prey . There were many beautiful girls . When he was free, he would sit here and drank two glasses of wine . If he was lucky, he would found one or two girls to fall in love for just one night .

Xia Ding was crossing his legs . He ordered a bottle of whiskey and was absent-mindedly smoking a cigar . He occasionally looked up at the beauties in bar . This guy really knew how to enjoy his life . It was so good to have money .

When Qin Sheng came in, Xia Ding had discovered a prey and was preparing to wait for the opportunity to move out . After seeing Qin Sheng, he had to give up . After all, women and brothers, Xia Ding always chose the latter .

"How come there is no beauty to accompany you tonight, this is not your style . " Qin Sheng found Xia Ding and joked .

The lights of bar were a little dark, and the beautiful singer was singing an English song . This beautiful woman was wearing a black tight dress . Her body figure was really sexy . Such a hot body figure, and her continuous movement . She was sexy, hot, and successful attracting the attention of all men .

Xia Ding took a sip of wine and laughed . "I came here to hunt . How can I get the chance if I'm with my girlfriend?"

"Look at you . " Qin Sheng smiled and scolded .

Xia Ding laughed and said . "How are you doing recently? And when do you have time? Let's go to Beijing and hang around there . Our second brother gave me a few calls and said that he misses us . But he has no time to come, so he asks us to go there . "

"The New Year is coming, I don't want to go to Beijing . " Qin Sheng refused directly . To be honest, he really didn't want to go to Beijing . Only he himself knew the reason .

Xia Ding rolled his eyes and was too lazy to pay attention to Qin Sheng .

"How come you have time to look for me to drink tonight?" Xia Ding asked casually, and it was indeed Qin Sheng who asked him out initiatively .

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Qin Sheng took a deep breath and said . "For giving myself strength . "

"Strength? Strength for what? What do you want to do?" Xia Ding instantly thought of Qin Sheng's going to Gansu in the past few months . At that time, he was really scared by him . Fortunately, he was fine at the end .

Qin Sheng truthfully explained, "I will go back to Ningbo with Lin Su tomorrow, and see her parents . I have no confidence in my heart . After all, this is the first time . "

When Qin Sheng and Su Qin were together, although Su Qin's parents had seen him, but not as formal as this time . What's more, according to his relationship with Lin Su and the strong background of The Lin Family, Qin Sheng really had no confidence .

Xia Ding's reaction was almost the same as Chang Baji's, he was shocked . After returning to earth, he gave Qin Sheng a thumb up . "Boss, you are really great . I, Xia Ding, admire you . Please teach me, what is your special skill in chasing girls, I want to make you my teacher . "

"Go to hell . As for girls, you are a master-level person . I am showing my slight skill before an expert . " Qin Sheng smiled and scolded .

Xia Ding replied disapprovingly . "But I cannot get the goddess Lin, and you can . You just get her directly . And your progress is quick . You guys are going to see her parents after being together for less than a month . "

"Hey, the mission of Lin familly is not easy to pass . " Qin Sheng ignited a cigarette and said .

Xia Ding poured whiskey for Qin Sheng, picked up the glass and smiled . "Don't think about it too much . Let's get drunk tonight . "

Qin Sheng did not dare to get drunk . Tomorrow morning he and Lin Su had to go back to Ningbo, and getting drunk was certainly not a good idea . If he got the smell of wine at that time, Lin Su would dislike it .

After they drank for a while, a beautiful woman took the initiative to hook up with Xia Ding . The beauty looked good, and her temperament was well . Qin Sheng remembered that she passed the table when she went to the bathroom . It seemed that she had stayed for a few seconds . When she came again, she sat next to Xia Ding, staring at the car keys of Aston Martin, and the Patek Philippe of Xia Ding's wrist . Qin Sheng immediately understood what was going on . This society was really full of tricks .

When Qin Sheng came back to Shilin Huayuan, he took a bath and slept . He would use the best status to meet the challenges of tomorrow .

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At eight o'clock of next morning, Chang Baji sent Qin Sheng to Lujiazui Apartment . Qin Sheng did not care about Shangshan Ruoshui anymore . He just let Chang Baji to tell Han Zhengdong that he really had something urgent to do . He felt really sorry .

Qin Sheng and Lin Su drove back to Ningbo . Lin Su sent a car to come, her domineering Mercedes-Benz GLS . Things she prepared had been loaded into the trunk . Qin Sheng called Lin Su, and Lin Su just went to downstairs .

Today, Lin Su was extraordinarily temperament and apparently dressed up well . Qin Sheng was also dressing up greatly . This set of clothes was bought by Han Bing some time ago . When the two stood together, they looked perfect matched . Lin Su took the initiative to lift Qin's arm . Qin Sheng smiled and looked down at her . At this time, the sun was just right . It seemed that a beautiful life had just begun .

From Shanghai to Ningbo, it took three hours to drive across the bridge . Both Qin Sheng and Lin Su had already had breakfast, so they went straight on the road .

As a full-time driver for Lin Su, Qin Sheng took the initiative to drive . After Miss Independent Lin Su got into the car, she opened her laptop and concentrated on her work . But she was somewhat absent-minded .

Yesterday, she called her dad and confirmed that she would go back today . She also him that she would bring Qin Sheng to go home . On the other side of the phone, after her dad heard the news, he did not speak for a long time and Lin Su spoke neither . They were all in silence .

They didn't know how long it took, her dad finally said, "The whole family will be here tomorrow . Are you sure you will bring him back?"

"Yes . " Lin Su said slightly .

The old man sighed faintly, "Okay, then you just bring him back . "

For every family, the more ingrained they were, the more luxuriant they were . And The Lin Family was also the same . They had so many relatives . Lin Su realized what would happen tomorrow, and she was afraid that she and Qin Sheng would not be able to cope with it .

Three hours later, the Mercedes-Benz GLS finally arrived in Ningbo . Qin Sheng drove for another half an hour according to Lin Su's guiding route and finally arrived at The Lin Family's big mansion located at the seaside . Even though he had seen much of the world, Qin Sheng had been shocked by The Lin Family's mansion . This was too big .