Strongest Counterattack - Chapter 228

Published at 10th of October 2019 03:00:05 PM

Chapter 228: 228

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Since both Lyu Yuan and Yu Fengzhi had consented to come to Hangzhou, Qin Sheng felt perfectly content even if Ms . An would refuse him . He could think of other ways to find another ideal candidate for the position of vice president, such as turning to headhunters or asking for recommendations from those with Xue Qingyan included . However, he felt a bit concerned about his relationship with Yu Fengzhi, which possibly would turn into a hidden danger later on . Consequently, he worried about Yu Fengzhi's coming, more or less .

Since Yunding International was in the charge of Song Wei, its business went on normally as usual; however, on Poly International's side, since Qian Buping had been ousted, it was all muddled up . Qin Sheng had no choice but to go there to call the shots in person . At the same time, he arranged for Chang Baji to start taking over the relative duties and getting familiar with the new environment in Poly International .

Qin Sheng organized a meeting with all the employees at the managerial level, which, frankly speaking, was to ease their minds as well as warn them not to hold onto any vicious thoughts . Generally, what he had said at the meeting was: "No matter how you had been related to Mr . Qian previously, it does not matter at all . Starting from today, Manager Chang is the one in charge of Poly International . If you want to quit, just submit your resignation letter and go, I won't stand in your way . If you want to stay here, then you should do your own duties obediently according to the rules and regulation . Otherwise, I will make you leave on your own initiative . " Meanwhile, Qin Sheng temporarily transferred a group led by a financial manager from the bloc, which was to figure out Poly International's financial situation . He also settled down some formalities successfully .

Qin Sheng had to ensure Poly International's stability . Those with Qian Buping included definitely would make every effort to plot against them . Firstly, the situation in the Security Department was the worst since only a few ordinary security guards were left, making accidents more likely to happen . Fortunately, as Chang Baji's two martial nephews were helping take care of security, Qin Sheng was at ease, more or less . Consequently, Qin Sheng had to talk with Yang Deng sooner . Secondly, if those with Yuan Ke included took some drastic measures using their influence, the Public Relations Department would be greatly affected . Since those connections and resources in the Public Relations Department were guaranteeing Poly International's business, Qin Sheng ordered Chang Baji to arrange a good talk with several important figures in the Public Relations Department .

Qin Sheng asked Yang Deng to drink together in the evening without stating a detailed reason . Yang Deng did not overthink it and accepted his invitation . He thought that Qin Sheng considered him a friend .

The place they were going to drink together was in the Huanglong Food Stall . Qin Sheng chose it because it was nearby Guangyin LIVE . After coming out of Guangyin LIVE in the evening, he directly went there . He also informed Yu Yixiao that he had hired a deputy manager to be in charge of management, marketing, and so on, who turned out to be a great beauty . Yu Yixiao had already known about the changes taking place in Yuan Da . Since Qin Sheng now became the vice president, his immediate superior, and he was also in charge of the dining and entertainment subsidiaries at the same time, Yu Yixiao had no choice but to act in concert with him .

As Yu Yixiao heard the words "a great beauty", his eyes brightened . After all, all men liked beauties, didn't they? He was looking forward to meeting this new, beautiful partner and he was dying to see how Qin Sheng could transform Guangyin LIVE .

"Why did you think of asking me out to drink with you?" Yang Deng went there directly after he finished his own duties . His underlings drove him straight to the entrance of the Huanglong Food Stall restaurant .

Arriving early, Qin Sheng had ordered a plate of cattle stomach and another plate of peanuts to eat while awaiting Yang Deng's arrival . He replied with a smile, "Drinking needs no reason at all . After all, I have few friends in Hangzhou . "

Yang Deng replied, "It seems that you have taken me as your friend . Then drinking tonight is worthwhile . Even if I will be polished by you tonight, I am OK with that . " Though keeping a straight face in daily life, Yang Deng smiled sometimes when he was with Qin Sheng . He really considered Qin Sheng a close friend .

Smiling, Qin Sheng cursed and said, "Stop talking bullsh*t . Sit down and drink . "

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On summer days, iced beer, barbecue, and seafood were the most perfect match . Since Qin Sheng and Yang Deng had ordered a tableful of barbecue and seafood, they also ordered two boxes of Qiandao Lake beer, indicating that neither of them should go home without finishing the beer first .

Chatting casually, they drunk up two bottles of beer . Looking solemnly, Yang Deng said, "How are you doing with Cao Da? I hear that you have got promoted recently, haven't you?"

Qin Sheng found it a bit funny and said, "You do really care about me, more than anyone else . " Upon finishing his words, Qin Sheng picked up the wine glass and drank a toast to Yang Deng immediately .

Yang Deng chuckled . "I am highly interested in you . You and I both know clearly that since Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai are not big regions, it won't take long for Yan Chaozong to know what you have done in Hangzhou . At that time, if he were to pick on you, what would you do? Yan Chaozong has pretty powerful connections in Shanghai . Many rich playboys in Zhejiang fool around there . Among them, quite a few are familiar with Yan Chaozong . You should be careful if he seeks trouble with you at that time . "

"I do know what you mean . However, what can I do? Instead of reaching the sky in a single bound, I can only do it step by step," Qin Sheng said pretty helplessly . As the saying goes, the facts can't be changed at all .

Smiling faintly, Yang Deng said, "That is the reason why I am asking you . "

"So far, it is good . Since I am a vice president now, at least I have a foundation . I can go on cultivating deeply in a slow way," Qin Sheng explained .

Letting out a sigh, Yang Deng said, "I will stick to what I have said before . Cao Da is no longer what he was previously . He currently has no space to move up anymore . If Yan Chaozong plots against you, Cao Da won't be capable of protecting you at all . You have to think about it carefully . "

Smiling happily, Qin Sheng replied, "I will proceed with caution . If I can't hold on anymore, I will turn to you shamelessly . "

Yang Deng looked up and drank up a glass of beer . Looking into Qin Sheng's eyes, he said, "Speak out your intention . Why did you ask me out today, and how can I help you?"

With an embarrassed look on his face, Qin Sheng said, "Could you stop being so straightforward?"

Yang Deng replied disdainfully, "I know people like you so well . If you did not have a favor to ask of me, you would not have asked me to go out drinking, not unless I treated you on my own initiative . "

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"Am I that stingy?" Qin Sheng chuckled .

Yang Deng devoured a mouthful of vegetables and filled his glass with beer . Looking up, he said, "Say it out . How can I help? As long as it is within my capability, I will try my best . "

"Actually, it is no big deal at all . I just want to find a cooperation partner and hope you can use your connections to help me with that . After all, you are Third Master Wu's foster son," Qin Sheng said slowly .

Frowning, Yang Deng said, "Tell me the details . "

"There are several nightclubs and bars subordinate to Yuan Da, which is in the charge of Mr . Cao . After Yuan Da was reshuffled, I am now in charge of two nightclubs and one bar . Previously, the security guards in these places were taken care of by the underlings of Yuan Ke, the second shareholder . Since Mr . Cao and Yuan Ke have split, I have no choice but to find a new cooperation partner . In my opinion, Third Master Wu is the most suitable one . " Qin Sheng explained in detail .

Hearing Qin Sheng out, Yang Deng finally understood why Qin Sheng had asked him out today . Lost in thought, he pondered for a while and then said, "Yuan Ke is not easy to be dealt with since he is the Old Monk's foster son . Usually, my foster father and the Old Monk mind their own business . If we undercut this business, I am afraid that the Old Monk will have problems with that . After all, my foster father does not want to turn hostile to him all of a sudden due to these trifles . "

Feeling confused, Qin Sheng asked, "Who is the Old Monk?"

Zhejiang knew that Qin Sheng was new here and definitely ignorant of these things going on in the relative field . Consequently, he explained and said, "The reason why the Old Monk is called Old Monk is that he was a monk at a young age . Since his master was a legend, consequently, he got acquainted with many important figures . After he secularized, he climbed to his current social status step by step with this layer of connections . There are no more than three persons who could level up with foster father across the whole Zhejiang province . The Old Monk is one of them . What's more, since my foster father has been devoted to Buddhism whole-heartedly in recent years, as a result, he visits the Old Monk frequently . Honestly, this is a tricky issue . "

"We are just talking business, and that's all . We only want to choose a new cooperation partner . It should not be that complicated," Qin Sheng said casually .

Yang Deng continued, "Well, I do know Yuan Ke is a man of ill repute . Lots of people have been tricked by him and Cao Da is one of them . Speaking of Star East, which is well-known in Hangzhou, at first, Cao Da was the most influential investor in this company . That period should be his most spectacular days . In the end, Yuan Ke kicked him out and made Star East the property of his gang, with him included . In these two years, they have made quite a lot of money . Their income is about the same as that of Huadu Club, which is in the charge of my Fourth Eldest Brother . "

"Then, there are no two ways about it, right?" Qin Sheng said, feeling a bit disappointed .

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Yang Deng replied with great interest, "Actually, there are some other ways . The point lies in how we get it done . Though my foster father and the Old Monk don't interfere with each other, lots of people on our side do dislike Yuan Ke, among which, some are Yuan Ke's deadly foes . I will ask them about this later on . Let's see who is interested to be your cooperation partner . At that time, as long as the Old Monk does not show up, there should be no issues at all . "

Qin Sheng chuckled, then said, "The way I see it, it should not be that complicated since it is just a trivial thing . "

Nodding quietly, Yang Deng said, "Yes . There should be no issues . You just wait for my news then . "

In a siheyuan of the Qin family in Sijiu City, Qin Changan just arrived home after finishing attending to all his duties . Over these days, Qin Ran had been living in this siheyuan, which made him feel pretty good . He knew Qin Ran had just come back from Hangzhou and she had brought him the latest news of Qin Sheng .

Upon seeing her father come home, Qin Ran, who had been watching TV in the living room, stood up in a hurry . She asked, "Dad, why did you come home so late again?"

Letting out a sigh, Qin Changan said, "Because nobody is helping me . I have no choice but to continue striving so hard . "

Knowing her father's hidden agenda well, she quickly changed the topic to her brother . She said, "Then wait for two more years . At that time, if brother comes home, you should train him well and let him be your successor . You could have a good rest then . "

Qin Changan did not find what Qin Ran had said promising . He shook his head and said, "I can't count on him . His temperament should be the same as mine . It is estimated that even if we have reconciled with each other, he may not come back to Beijing . Consequently, you should get married soon . At that time, I can leave this mess to your husband and you . "

Instead of falling into her father's trap, Qin Ran said deprecatingly, "Oh, then you should wait a long, long time . "

Qin Changan did not know whether he should laugh or cry . He said, "Naughty girl .

"By the way, I heard that you have been to Hangzhou . How is the lad doing recently?" Qin Changan asked in a seemingly casual way . As a matter of fact, he cared about Qin Sheng's situation very much . Ever since Qin Sheng had arrived in Hangzhou, he had been so busy that he did not have time for him .

Speaking of her brother, Qin Ran smiled and said, "If you want to know his situation, you should go there yourself . After all, he is your son . "

Taking over the green bean soup the housemaid had sent, Qin Changan drank some and said with a smile, "The way I see it, you are complaining, right?"

Instead of responding, Qin Ran took back her smile and said solemnly, "Dad, speaking of my meeting with brother this time, I already had a good conversation with him . I can feel that he had been suffering from so much torture, hardship, and exhaustion during these years . I also want to ask you about some things that you have kept hidden from me . "

Qin Changan said with a smile, "What are they?"

Staring at Qin Changan, Qin Ran continued, "What happened to him in Shanghai? What kinds of injuries did he suffer from? What made him have no choice but to leave Shanghai, recover himself in Xiamen for half a year, and go to Hangzhou in the end?"

Changing the look on his face faintly, Qin Changan was surprised . It did not occur to him that Qin Ran could know what had happened to Qin Sheng previously . Apparently, he could not conceal this secret anymore .

Seeing her father's silent look, Qin Ran was a bit angry . She said, "If you are not willing to tell me the truth, I can think of other ways . Regarding some issues, since you are not willing to step up, I don't mind sticking up for him . "

At this time, Gongsun walked into the living room . After greeting Qin Ran, he said to Qin Changan, "Master, the Eldest Master of the Chen family informs us that he would like to visit you tomorrow morning . He has something important to discuss with you . "

"Is it Chen Luohe?" Frowning, Qin Changan said, "Why will he visit me?"

Since Gongsun was only in charge of informing his master, of course he did not know the details .

Pondering for a while, he added, "OK . I am already informed . I will wait for him tomorrow . "

Upon finishing his words, he turned around and looked at Qin Ran . He said, "Whatever you want to know, you can ask Gongsun . He will tell you the details . I am a bit tired and I will rest first . "

Half an hour later, when Gongsun finished what he was supposed to say, Qin Ran was extremely furious . Never had she been that agitated . She almost bellowed then . "Qin Changan, after all, he is your son!"