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Published at 2nd of October 2019 05:25:04 AM

Chapter 145: 145

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As the moon lowered itself on the other side of the mountains, it had become bright at the east of the horizon .

Lin Mengya, still on the bed, had managed to take in two more doses of the medicine as well as some Ginseng soup .

But a lot of the medicine and soap had also flowed onto the mattress in the process .

Baishao and Baiji would change the bedsheet into dry ones every two hours .

They also followed the doctor's instruction to wipe Lin Mengya's body, which had been moistened by perspiration .

After much tossing and turning, all the people, except the unfeeling Snow and baby tiger, who were in a sound sleep, stayed close by Lin Mengya all night .

"Mistress's fever seemed to have subsided!"

Baizhi exclaimed as she touched Lin Mengya's forehead .

Baiji and Baishao, who had rested their heads on the bed, perked up immediately and took turns touching Lin Mengya's forehead .

They exchanged excited looks and cried out in joy .

"Her fever has indeed come down! She's no longer feverish!"

The four maidservants embraced each other, weeping and crying . This was the first piece of good news after five days .

Feeling a terrible headache, Lin Mengya was beginning to wake and her senses were coming back to her .

The sky and the ground seemed to be rotating all around her .

Why did opening her eyes felt like an impossible feat?

Her entire body was aching badly as if she had been run over by a huge truck .

She felt that her mind had sunk into a deep dark place . Unaware of how much time had passed, Lin Mengya finally opened her eyes slightly as a little light flooded into them .


Her voice was hoarse and soft, but to the people around her, it sounded heavenly .

"She's awake, our Mistress has truly awoken . Let me get you some water . "

Baizhi, who was overcome by tears, dashed to the table to fetch some water for Lin Mengya .

Lin Mengya seemed to have exhausted all her strength by simply opening her eyes .

Baishao, Baiji, Baisu, Qinghu, and Lin Zhongyu came into sight .

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"All these people are here, except him, but why?"

Lin Mengya could not even muster the energy to ask about Long Tianhao . With Baizhi's help, Lin Mengya managed to drink half of cup of warm water, after which she fell back to sleep .

"Doctor, our mistress's fever has subsided and she has woken up once . Can you please check if she's alright now?"

All who were in the Liuxin Courtyard were overjoyed at this moment .

Lin Zhongyu had sent for the physician who was resting in the guest room . When the physician came, everyone turned their eyes to him and looked at him intently with anticipation . This made him blush a little, even though he was an experienced physician at that .

After checking Lin Mengya's pulse, the old imperial physician fondled with his beard and said, "Although the princess's life is no longer endangered, her heart has been damaged to some extent . Given the strange poison that still remains in her body, she would need more time and quietness to recuperate so as to recover completely . "


The words of the old imperial physician instantly livened up the atmosphere of the entire Liuxin Courtyard .

She was going to live! Lin Mengya would not leave them behind!

The atmosphere was like that of celebrating a new year . The clouds which had been looming over Liuxin Courtyard had instantly dissipated .

"I knew you would make it, lass . "

Having lived his life, it was the first time ever in his life that Qinghu felt sincerely grateful to the heavens .

Thank goodness that he would be able to live the three remaining years of his life guarding over Lin Mengya .

As he lifted his head, he realized that the four maidservants who had not slept a wink had slumped onto the floor haphazardly beside Lin Mengya's bed and fallen into a deep sleep .

Qinghu's mouth turned up at its corners into a cheeky smile .

These girls were all Lin Mengya' precious darlings .

Qinghu carried each of them back into their own room and carried the red-eyed Lin Zhongyu into his own courtyard .

At this moment, peace and quiet returned to the largest room in the courtyard where Lin Mengya was lying . Qinghu was the only other person in the room .

"This feels great . All other irritating people are gone by now, so we two could finally have our time alone in peace and quiet," mumbled Qinghu .

He carefully dabbed and cleaned Lin Mengya's delicate face with a soft warm towel .

"I know you can hear me, lass . I totally understand your grief over Yue Ting's tragic death, but you can't just allow yourself to collapse because of that . "

Having been through purgatory on earth, he did not think the regular sufferings and miseries of common people were a big deal .

Even Yue Ting's tragic death merely left a feeling of regret in him .

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However, the instant Lin Mengya vomited blood on the cliff, he had tasted for the first time, the feeling of deep grief which tore him apart .

"Don't ever scare me like this again, do you get it, lass?"

The usual frivolity in his voice was no longer there . What was left was the attentive and doting tone of voice .

A teardrop slid down from the corner of Lin Mengya's eye .

Qinghu was pained to see that Lin Mengya had opened her eyes and they were welling up in tears .

"Elder Sister Yue Ting—"

Qinghu folded Lin Mengya into his embrace . Holding this girl who was strong yet fragile in his arms, he began comforting her tenderly .

"Be good and stop crying . I promise I will help you kill whoever you want dead, no matter who he is . "

Being a killer over the years, all these talks about bloodshed came out easily from his mouth .

By now, Lin Mengya was sobbing inconsolably, holding tightly to the lapel of Qinghu's coat .

"Your tears scalded me, lass . "

"Serves you right . "

Qinghu grimaced in pain and let out a cry of agony at the same time . Instead of trying to push Lin Mengya away, he hugged her even tighter .

In this manner, Lin Mengya cried for a long time until her emotions finally became steady and she calmed down .

After that, she fell asleep again for the entire day . It was only until evening that Lin Mengya regained her energy, though she still looked miserable .

What happened with the Yues was like a poisonous needle that had pierced into the hearts of everyone in the Liuxin Courtyard .

All of them were on their tiptoes not to talk about it lest they would sadden Lin Mengya .

As Lin Mengya took in some of the porridge Baiji made, her appetite had apparently returned .

She finished an entire bowl of it and soon, color returned to her pale face .

Sitting on the bed, Lin Mengya swept across the room with her eyes as she asked quietly, "Has Elder Sister Yue Ting's body been found yet?"

All the people in the room were dazed by Lin Mengya's question .

No one dared respond to her question .

"It's been found and sent back to the Yues . "

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Qinghu, who was standing by Lin Mengya's side, replied flatly, and all the people in the room turned to glare at him fiercely .

Lin Mengya had just woken up . What if she could not take the blow?

"Baiji, prepare the sedan . Baizhi, let's get ready to make a trip back to the Lin's residence . "

All the people panicked when they heard that Lin Mengya, who had just woken up, was planning to take a trip out of the mansion .

Baizhi was especially anxious as seen from the tears that burst out of her eyes, and she immediately knelt down in front of Lin Mengya .

"Please, Miss! I beg you to take care of your health . If you insist, it would be very difficult for me to face up to Madam even if I were to die . "

Apart from Baizhi's wailing, all the people in the room were looking at Lin Mengya pleadingly .

Lin Mengya frowned and shook her head .

"No, I won't allow Elder Sister Yue Ting to die in shame, bringing with her a tainted reputation into her grave . "

According to the practices, if a daughter who had not been married died, she was not allowed to be buried in the ancestral tomb .

This was especially so for girls like Elder Sister Yue Ting, whom people thought was unchaste .

If Su Meiyun could drive Elder Yue Ting to her death, she would almost certainly conduct Elder Yue Ting's funeral in a haphazard manner .

Perhaps Yue Ting would not have sought death if she had not loved Lin Mengya's brother dearly .

Or if Elder Sister Yue Ting had not had a close relationship with Lin Mengya, the perpetrators might not have laid a finger on the poor girl .

Regardless, this was what the Lin family owed to Elder Sister Yue Ting .

"Master, but your health now is—"

Baiji, out of her concern, tried to dissuade Lin Mengya, but Qinghu had already bent down to help Lin Mengya put on her shoes .

"Let me bring you there . "

Qinghu smiled, showing his teeth, and then carried Lin Mengya up onto his arms with ease .

He could totally empathize with Lin Mengya . If they prohibited her from making the trip, it would make her feel worse than dying .

"We'll come along too!"

The four maidservants trailed behind Qinghu .

Since they failed to dissuade Lin Mengya, they made sure to follow her everywhere she went, so they could watch and guard her every single moment .

The moment they stepped out of the room, Lin Mengya gently pushed away Qinghu's hand .

Baisu and Baishao quickly came up to her to support her .

Ling Mengya gritted her teeth and lifted her head high .

Although she stumbled on every step and every step she took made her dizzy, she trudged on .

All the servants whom they bumped into along the way stopped to greet Lin Mengya and paid their respects .

She tried her best to look as if everything was back to normal . She wanted to let the people know that Lin Mengya had not collapsed!

Relying on her own strength, Lin Mengya eventually walked out of the mansion .

A splendidly decorated horse carriage had been waiting right outside the gates for a while now .

"Let me help you up the carriage, Elder Sister . "

Lin Zhongyu had positioned himself on the horse carriage and reached down to Lin Mengya, who was being supported by the two maidservants, and heaved her up .

What a pair of soft and smooth hands! At the touch, tears instinctively welled up in Lin Zhongyu's eyes .

How did his strong and beautiful elder sister end up in this state today?

"I'm alright, Xiaoyu . Don't cry . "

As they settled in the horse carriage, Lin Mengya leaned on Xiaoyu and lifted her hand to gently wipe away his tears .

"It's all because I'm so useless, Elder Sister . I had failed to protect you . "

If he had amassed much more power earlier, he would be able to protect all the people and the things that his elder sister treasure, then she would still be wearing a brilliant smile at this moment, as opposed to her state of weakness now .

"You're being silly . Everyone would have to grow and mature after going through challenges and blows . Moreover, I should be better after some days of recuperation . Come on, don't give people the impression that I've contracted some incurable disease . "

Lin Zhongyu nodded determinedly .

In a while, he would instruct those people to bring him the best medicine in the world to treat his elder sister .

He would make sure that his elder sister would be well-nourished!

After the four maidservants also boarded the horse carriage, Qinghu actually dismissed the coachman and took over as coachman personally to drive the carriage for Lin Mengya .

Beside them were sixteen tough and stocky men brought along by Lin Kui, to escort Lin Mingya .

Following their horse carriage were two others which were filled with rare and precious gifts .

Lin Zhongyu was the one who had prepared the gifts, which were very valuable . He had meant it to enhance Lin Mengya's magnificence .

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