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Chapter 95: 95

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Yue Shilin was left with no choice and decided to take up Lin Mengya's offer anyhow .

Lin Mengya followed him into the deeper part of the mansion .

Lin Mengya remembered that she had been here with her father when she was young .

However, the situation had changed since and the people staying here had changed too .

"Big Sister Lin, do you really have a way to persuade my mother?"

Yueqi held on to Lin Mengya's hand and led the way in a hurry . She had more or less been raised by her elder sister so that relationship was especially intimate .

On top of that, Big Brother Lin, who was at the borders all year round, always sent interesting playthings to her and her elder sister .

For this reason, Yueqi was indeed very satisfied to have him as her big brother-in-law .

"I'm not totally confident . We'll have to play by ear . "

Lin Mengya may have said to just go along with the flow, but she was definitely not one who would easily give up .

She was definitely not letting go of Sister Yueqi, her future sister-in-law, for the sake of her elder brother .

"Here it is . Mother had locked Big Sister's room door so that no one could get in . "

Still sniffing, Yueqi stared at the door with a painful and dissatisfied look .

Lin Mengya put on a smile, walked up to the door and gave it a few knocks .

"Who's that? Madam had given instruction to keep everyone out . Have you not heard?"

A voice of rebuke sounded from the room all of a sudden . Even though Yue Shilin was a mild-tempered man, he could not stand it anymore .

He gave Lin Mengya an apologetic look, then his face turned severe as he cried out, saying,

"Are the words of Madam an imperial edict? In this house, I, Yue Shilin, the master would take no nonsense from a servant!"

When the servant in the room heard Yue Shilin's voice, she did not dare to say anything more .

When the servant opened the door, she saw a group of people standing outside the door .

Her eyes were especially attracted by a lady in court dress, whose sleeve was held by her Second Miss .

Although the young mistresses in the mansion were already exceptionally beautiful, they were not even half as beautiful as this lady .

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She was like a fairy .

"I'm Princess Yu, a good friend of your young mistress . Please send for her to come and meet me . "

Although the fairy sounded so gentle, her instructions were firm and unquestionable .

The servant had never seen someone of such high status, and in a panic, she turned to run to the main hall of the house .

"Quick, let Elder Miss Yue out of her room . Princess Yu is here to visit her!"

At the mention of Princess Yu, it sounded as if she was an awesome relative of the emperor, whom even their master was fearfully respectful towards .

However, before the guarding maid could open the door, a severe voice sounded from the courtyard outside .

"I was wondering who had come to show off her status?So it is Princess who was just in the limelight at the palace yesterday! I don't think you should meddle with how I discipline my daughter . "

Her voice was mean and had a hint of displeasure in it .

As Lin Mengya turned her head, she saw a middle-aged woman dressed glamorously walking towards her, accompanied by her maids .

She supposed this must be Mrs . Yue .

At this moment, Lin Mengya finally understood why Yue Shilin was kind of fearful of his wife .

She had upward-slanting eyes that give people a feeling of being severe . Although her features were generally delicate and beautiful, there was an air of meanness in her look .

After one look, one would be able to tell that she was not someone whom anyone would want to mess with .

The strange thing was Big Sister Yueting had a strong resemblance to her mother .

However, the same features, when reflected on Big Sister Yueting's face appeared elegant and mild .

If not for the resemblance, Lin Mengya would never believe that this mean and rude woman was Big Sister Yueting's birth mother .

"Auntie was making it sound too serious . I'm simply here to pay a visit to Big Sister Yueting . What serious mistake did Big Sister Yueting commit that she wasn't even allowed to see Mengya?"

The polite manner in which Lin Mengya conveyed her message made Mrs . Yue frowned deeper .

With a snort, it was obvious that Mrs . Yue was not going to give Lin Mengya face .

"She's unfilial because she talked back to her mother . I just wanted her to reflect on her misbehavior behind the closed door . "

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Yueqi would no longer hold her anger when she saw how unreasonable her mother was .

"Mother, you are obviously trying to force Elder Sister to marry the second son of King Ming . In what way was Elder Sister unfilial?"

Her childish voice had brought about a surprised expression on the face of the people around .

Although Yue Shilin was frowning, he did not try to stop his younger daughter from speaking up .

Mrs . Yue was obviously fuming as seen from her facial expression . It looked as if she was about to strangle her little daughter .

Lin Mengya was the only one whose expression did not change . She was still smiling at Mrs . Yue at this moment .

"I wonder if Second Miss Yue is telling the truth?"

Lin Mengya inquired with an amicable voice .

However, only people who truly knew her would understand that she was the scariest when she behaved in this way .

Mrs . Yue stood her ground and was not a bit afraid of Lin Mengya .

"I suppose Mrs . Yue had forgotten that your eldest daughter is our Lin family's future daughter-in-law . "

Lin Mengya wore a straight face as she fixed her eyes on Mrs . Yue .

She was surprised that Mrs . Yue dared to be so arrogant before her, the Princess . Apparently, the Queen must have offered her attractive benefits .

How could there be such a mother in the world? Who would ask her daughter to marry someone she does not fancy just in exchange for her own interest?

"So what if it is so? Presently, Lin Nansheng is at the borders and my daughter is at a marriageable age . Are you saying my daughter should live like a widow?"

Mrs . Yue said confidently just like Lin Mengya would not be able to find a better reason to refute her point .

On the contrary, Lin Mengya broke into a chilly smile, which sent chills up people's spine .

"I wonder how many brains Mrs . Yue has . How dare you commit treachery against the Emperor . Do you really think that the people in the imperial court could step on the Imperial edict just because the Emperor has fallen ill?

What a serious accusation . Not only had Mrs . Yue's face fallen, so had Yue Shilin's .

Not to mention that it was an act against an imperial edict, what she did may equate to rebellion .

Once accused of such a crime, the Yue's would be in grave danger .

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"How . . . in what way have I gone against the imperial edict? Stop spouting nonsense . "

Mrs . Yue's attitude had obviously become much less arrogant than a moment ago .

Nevertheless, she was not ready to give in to Lin Mengya .

"That's right, you may not have gone against the imperial edict for now, however, once Yueting marries another man, and that will equate to going against the imperial edict . Have you forgotten, Mrs . Yue, that it was the Emperor who matchmade my brother and Big Sister Yueting? Even if the Crown Prince eventually takes over the throne, there was no way he could refute this imperial edict . "

What Lin Mengya said turned Mrs . Yue's face very pale .

Even if they did not talk about how going against the imperial edict would bring calamity upon the Yues .

Mrs . Yue had also underestimated the change Lin Mengya as Princess Yu could bring about in this matter .

If she were to offend her, in light of how Prince Yu doted on Lin Mengya, the Yues would definitely get into trouble .

By then, even the Queen may not be able to protect the Yues .

"Mrs . Yue, I understand that as an elder and as Elder Sister's mother, you have your considerations, and you meant well for her . However, somethings just don't work the way you think they do . "

Lin Mengya warned Mrs . Yue again, and hinted that she would not let this matter go so easily .

The arrogant Mrs . Yue a moment ago had become very quiet .

She was not an idiot . She had seen with her own eyes the countless conflicts and fights within the imperial court over the many years when she was in Yue’s mansion .

Yue Shilin wiped away his perspiration as he kept his eyes trained on his wife .

Hopefully, she would stop being so stubborn and go against Princess Yu .

"You indeed sound reasonable . However, if Yueting is the one who wants to accept the marriage for convenience, then I would think it's not a good idea for us to stop her?"

She really was pushing it .

At this moment, Lin Mengya secretly conceived a murderous feeling towards her brother's future mother-in-law .

"In that case, why don't we let Elder Sister Yueting out from the room and clarify everything in the open?"

Mrs . Yue had suggested the idea and now there was no backing out .

She forced a nod .

The servants guarding the door quickly unlocked it and Yueting's frail figure dashed out of the room immediately .

"Mother, I've already been betrothed to Nansheng, how could I marry another man? If you continue to force me to accept the marriage for convenience, I will kill myself to prove my resolve!"

Yueting was obviously very determined and this was clearly reflected in the way she looked at Mrs . Yue .

"You . . . you're such an unfilial daughter . . . how can you threaten me like that?"

Mrs . Yue was so infuriated that she pointed a trembling finger at Yueting as she spoke .

Yueting, on the other, had tears rolling down her face, as she bit on her lips and refused to yield .

"Uncle Yue, you can see by yourself how determined Elder Sister Yueting is . I guess there is nothing more I need to say, don't you think so?"

Yueting's attitude spoke for itself and Mrs . Yue had nothing else to say .

At least Lin Mengya was above her in position for now . With the imperial edict, she had no other choice but to retreat .

"What Princess Yu said was right . Ting'er is part of the Lins now . No one can change that fact!"

Compared to his wife who tried ways and means to such up to the Queen, the straightforward Yue Shilin was totally not agreeable to the marriage for convenience .

He used to compromise in some matters in the past in order to keep peace within the family .

This had resulted in Mrs . Yue being so arrogant in the way she handled all matters .

It seemed that she had almost brought calamity over the Yue family!

"I will keep quiet about whatever happened today, so you can be at ease, Uncle Yue . "

Seeing that Mrs . Yue had made a compromise, Lin Mengya did not try to persecute her further .

In fact, she could see that Yue Shilin was still the one to have the final say in the Yue family .

As long as he did not agree to the plan, no one else could force Elder Sister Yuting into the marriage for convenience .

"You . . . all of you! Alright, you two have done a good job, I'm the only villain here . So be it!"

Both her husband and daughter were on Prince Yu's side to attack her .

Instantly, the dictator of the family had blown her top .

In her anger, she shot the two of them a killer look, and ignoring all the necessary pleasantry, she stomped out of Yueting's courtyard, bringing all her maid and servants with .