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Published at 29th of March 2019 03:24:41 AM

Chapter 214

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"Is that so?" Nakagawa Emi sneered . She did not even retort sarcastically . Currently, she was like a fresh fish lying on a cutting board — her fate was in someone else's hand .

Looking at the clock, it was around 2 p . m . There was still a long time before night came, but his stomach was already growling .

Aside from mountain roads, there was only barren beach and rocks in the surroundings . There was no place to purchase food, even if one wanted to . Opening the locker on his right, although there was nothing edible, there was a bottle of brandless clean water .

The bottle that was still sealed, was opened by Chen Fan, who drank it in two gulps . After letting out a burp, he slowly said, "We didn't meet for about half a month, did we? Never would I have thought you would be so daring as to hire a gunman to kidnap me . Spill it, why did you guys want to obtain Ghost Moon Incense?"

"Hmph!" She refused to answer the question, adopting an arrogant noble's demeanor .

"Not saying anything, huh?" Chen Fan gave her an sideways look, and said with a cold smile, "Being stubborn will only bring you endless pain . You must know, you are a woman, and I am a man, so…"

"Kill me, if you dare, I would not spill the secret of Ghost Moon Incense . " Nakagawa Emi turned away her face, a stance showing that she had accepted her fate .

"I hope your arrogant tone can last until tonight!" Too lazy to have any further blathering with her, Chen Fan cut a piece of cloth off of her windbreaker with his Kunwu dagger and said, "Face this way, I want to cover up your eyes . "

Obviously, there was no one who would obediently obey this request . Chen Fan had to use his dagger to gesture on the side of her face . After covering her eyes, Chen Fan hugged himself in the pilot house, while waiting for the night to befall silently .

When it was around February, the sun set quickly . When the last afterglow faded between the sea and sky, Chen Fan flexed his arms and neck . After giving the car keys a turn, he drove this red Smart Car to charge toward the beach .

"Ah, what are you going to do?" Nakagawa Emi, who had been silent for a few hours, suddenly shrieked . A combination of her vision getting blocked and the bumping car made her severely lose her sense of security .

"Of course, I am going to dump you into the sea!" Chen Fan did not even turn his head, but rather proceeded to floor the accelerator . Driving this Smart Car with a low body on the beach, which was filled with soft sand, caused the car to break down . When the Smart Car was approaching the seaside, it was finally trapped by the sand, and smoke started coming out of the wildly spinning wheels . Chen Fan turned off his car and got out, proceeding to take out Nakagawa Emi and put her on top of the car hood .

"Wait a minute, I am going to find some rocks!" Chen Fan said creepily in her ears, giving her body a chill, like she had fallen through an ice pond .

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Doing as he said, Chen Fan ran to the sides to pick up some rocks . After that, he held a lot of crushed rocks in his arms, which he released onto the hood . They landed, making a loud sound .

"Gudong, Gudong!"

"There are not enough ropes, and I cannot tie the rocks on your body . I found some crushed rocks, though," Chen Fan held her pointy chin in his fingers, and said . "The buoyancy force of the human body is proportional to the amount of its fats, which means when that, when there are more fats, the buoyancy force is stronger . Since you are so thin, your body certainly does not have much fat . So, I just have to insert some rocks inside your clothing pockets, so I can be sure that you will sink, just like a weight dropped into water!"

"Don't you think you can get away with killing me!" Nakagawa Emi's breast swelled and deflated vigorously . Although the weather around the seaside was cold, her forehead was dripping with a cold sweat .

"Nonsense, many murderers thought of this question as well, before their homicidal act, but I do not see any decline in the number of murder cases around the world . If this one phrase was enough, wouldn't that mean that the world has achieved peace and harmony? And, wouldn't that mean that everyone has an opportunity to study, and there is no need to lock your doors at night anymore?" Chen Fan, picking up a rock as big as his fist, said . "This stone weighs around 3 kg, so it should be enough to counterweight 10 kg of your fat, you know!"

Finishing his sentences, Chen Fan lifted up the pocket of her windbreaker, ready to insert the rocks into it .

"Ah, wait a minute! Wait a minute!" Even a fish, which is pressed on a cutting board, will struggle to jump a few times, so not to mention a human . Nakagawa Emi was like a fish that just got thrown ashore, her body twisting vigorously .

"Speak quickly, finish it, and you shall obediently allow me to sink you down, with rocks filling your clothes!" Chen Fan demanded .

"Let . . . let go of me please . I can give you a large sum of money, and I promise not to give you anymore trouble," she begged .

"Obviously…" Chen Fan pulled a long tone leisurely, and ended with, "No!"

"Then . . . Then what can I do, for you to spare my life?" Although Nakagawa Emi's eyes were hidden from his sight, it was not hard to interpret the obvious fear from her trembling body .

"In this case…" Chen Fan was picking up another rock to insert into the left pocket of her windbreaker, while saying, "First, tell me what you guys are going to do with the Ghost Moon Incense!"

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"No way!" Her answer was abnormally spontaneous — she did not even think about it .

However, she regretted it the moment the answer left her mouth . Fearing that she might be digging her own grave, she proceed to talk with a trembling voice . "The grudge between us is not that deep, so why must you kill me?"

"Because I resent you! If I weren't prepared, our roles in this situation would be reversed!" Chen Fan scratched his eyebrows, then picked up two rocks again, putting them into her sleeves, which were tied up . Like transporting a gunny sack, he lifted her onto his shoulder and walked toward the seaside .

The sea breeze was howling, and the sea waves was spraying onto the seaside . When Chen Fan was around three to four meters away from the seaside, the sound of the sea waves spraying on the shore was clearly audible to both of them .

When Nakagawa Emi could no longer withstand her heart, which was beating so violently, she sobbed out, "Don't you Chinese have such a saying, 'Be lenient, wherever it is possible'? Can you not let go of me?"

"Ho ho, so you even know this uncommon ancient saying?" Chen Fan did not stop his pace, but kept walking, while speaking . "I am sure you never heard of another ancient saying, which says, 'Cherish a tiger, and you breed calamity for the future'!"

"Never heard of it…" she murmured, mid-sob .

"You will understand, when you sink under the water!" he laughed evilly .

In Chen Fan's hands, the load of over a hundred kg, was like nothing, as he made a few simple jumps and landed on top of a rock, effortlessly . After that, he faced toward the sea breeze, as if he were a poet who was emotionally reacting to scenery in pain . He then recited, "Ah, in spring the river rises as high as the sea, and with the river's rise, the moon uprises bright…"

"Have you gone crazy?!" Nakagawa Emi's face turned pale . Her eyes were covered, but with her acute senses, she could felt that he was standing on top of a large slab of rock .

Chen Fan's action instantly made Nakagawa Emi's blood run cold . Her pair of tied up long legs quickly rolled into an arc, a move which was only possible for a savvy gymnast, as she looped herself around Chen Fan's waist .

Death was not scary by itself, but what made it scary was its process . At this moment, Nakagawa Emi had already let go of her viciousness of that afternoon . However, this man, who had a seemingly kind face, did not have any hesitation when filling her pocket with rocks . There was not even a sign of trembling in his voice .

This kind of person was either a mentally ill person or a ruthless murderer . Whether it was the first or the latter, either was extremely shocking to her .

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"Farewell, Miss Nakagawa Emi!" Chen Fan face showed an unpredictable smile, and jumped into the depths of the sea .

"Ah!" Nakagawa Emi instantly let out a ridiculous scream, as if this jump also made her soul leave her body .

When the dizziness left her, she was able to feel her surroundings again . She found out that she was not surrounded by sea water, as she had imagined, but an ice cold floor .

"You . . . you…" Nakagawa Emi's originally energetic body turned into a lump of cotton candy in a blink of an eye . Her lips were half open, and her face was as white as rice paper .

"Does this feel nice?" Chen Fan squatted down and lightly lifted her chin with his forefinger . "Say, you tried so hard to snatch the Ghost Moon Incense . What do you plan to do with it?"

"Not telling!"

"Are you sure?"

"You . . . Why must you know our use of the Ghost Moon Incense?" Nakagawa Emi said while panting . "This thing is harder to obtain than Ambergris that was over hundred years old, as just obtaining one piece of this is already a big nuisance . What can you do, even if you knew the use?"

"Can't I be curious?" Chen Fan looked at her very closely, speaking softly, "You tell me its use, and I will let you go . But, if you don't speak…"

"No . . . I won't tell . . . Even if I told you, you would never let go of me . " Nakagawa Emi, who had received an elite education, was not a brainless woman with big breasts, nor a dumb woman, who lacked experience in the real world .

The situation right now was apparent: this opponent now facing her would never let go of her . Everyone knew this principle that says, "Cherish a tiger, and you breed calamity for the future" .

"Okay, not going to say anything, huh?" Chen Fan snapped his finger, then picked her up, aiming to lock her up in the submarine's storage compartment .

As Nakagawa Emi said, even if she told him what he wanted to hear, he still never intended to let her go . Asking about the use of the Ghost Moon Incense was his way of just toying with her, as Chen Fan did not really care about the use of the Ghost Moon Incense . For him, he would be glad, as long he knew that it could strengthen his electric eel .

As for killing her, Chen Fan still could not commit this crime . So, he was just going to lock this little lady up, while thinking of an alternate, foolproof plan .

This was a sealed submarine, and there was nothing inside the storage compartment . She could not even find a hard edge to cut her ropes upon . Just bolting the door from the outside meant that she could not escape, no matter how talented she was .

Switching his thoughts to the electric eel avatar, Chen Fan scouted the surroundings, using the electric eel eyes . After confirming that it was safe, the electric eel picked up that Ferrari under the sand, preparing to bring it back to the cave at Zhongyun .

A Ferrari that weighed a few tons was like a toy to the electric eel . If the electric eel squeezed the Ferrari with all its might, the Ferrari would become a broken iron plate .

After the electric eel used about 40 minutes to return to the interior of the cave, Chen Fan also brought in the submarine, which he then threw into a lake that was several dozens of meters deep .

After getting everything done, Chen Fan frantically ran back to the interior of submarine's kitchen . He was starving, as he had not had a single meal that day .

The electric eel caught a few large crabs on its way back, so Chen Fan cut them into pieces and stir fried them with oil, salt, sauce and vinegar . Holding a bowl of fragrant rice, he gobbled the food down in one clean sweep .

After eating his fill, Chen Fan was humming and walking toward the room that Nakagawa Emi was locked inside .


A sound rang out as the metal was opened . Chen Fan let out a few burps, each filled with the smell of his recent meal of a crab delicacy, and then said, "Ah, I just ate a few crabs, and it feels so good!"


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