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Published at 12th of April 2019 04:05:10 AM

Chapter 241

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"Scared the shit out of me, we almost knocked the barrier!" Poor Chen Fan, who wanted to play it cool, almost sent the lavish toy that he had just got straight for repairs .

It was smoother drifting on his black BMW . Moreover, this was the first time he took this car out for a ride!

Without even waiting for the hydraulic guillotine shear to rise up completely, Chen Fan took off his seatbelt and came out, his raging anger slowly recovered to calmness . This mentality was akin to the darkness before dawn's arrival, signifying that violent thunders and showers will eventually occur before a moment of peacefulness .

"Knock-knock . . . knock-knock . . . " Chen Fan lightly tapped the glass window twice . His dapper and suave actions and his super cool drift made him feel very masculine, but of course nobody knew what was going through in his mind .

"What is it, my little prince from Southern Han Dynasty? Are you trying to use your absurd moves to prove that you're actually a man?" As the dark window slowly descended, Zhang Bingbing, whose name spelled out the meaning of "coldness", did not even bother to turn her gaze toward him .

"It's now 8:30 sharp!"

Chen Fan, who was still previously calm, suddenly turned up his volume and pulled his sleeves with undefeatable confidence and swag . "From today onward, till 8:30pm sharp tomorrow, you will belong to me and only me!"

"To be frank, you are arrogant . I hope you're not lying or just bragging . " Zhang Bingbing took out two chewing gums from nowhere, throwing one to Chen Fan . Meanwhile, she used the tip of her tongue to skillfully open up the wrapper . The rectangular gum broke into half as she took a bite of it .

"Five minutes, for the sake of not letting you lose terribly . . . I'll stay at the same spot and wait for five minutes!" Chen Fan chewed on his gum and walked to his grey sports car . After adjusting his seat, he smiled and stayed put, as if he was waiting for daybreak to come .

"Your 'humility' will not win you any commendations . Instead, your 'egotism' will be the primary cause of your absolute failure in five minutes . " As she finished her sentence, her Aston Martin turned into a lightning bolt and pulled away .

Counting from the piece of land Chen Fan's foot had landed on to Tianhai City, the distance measured at 150 kilometers in length . It takes less than an hour for a sports car to arrive there .

As Chen Fan made a compromise of five minutes, it had thus increased his time delay for a to-and-fro journey . This would result in the plummet of more than 10 percent of his chances in winning .

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Undoubtedly, the price and performance specifications of these two cars varied with extreme disparity . Her Aston Martin's maximum speed was 323 yards, while Chen Fan's was 389 yards . According to this data, Chen Fan would most likely win the race .

However, what had happened in reality? Well . . .

It was very difficult for Chen Fan to win by relying on his car's performance, because almost no one dared to drive beyond 250 yards at night, unless he had already had enough of living and decided to terminate his life right there and then .

Speeding at night places all emphasis on driving skills and guts . Thus, the actual role of a car's performance plays might be greatly diminished to an extremely tiny range . As long as you are not afraid of dying, you could win by just driving a BMW Z4 worth 600 to 700 thousand dollars with the maximum speed limit gauge removed .

Zhang Bingbing was well aware of this, which was precisely the reason she aggressively launched her provocations . If this situation happened during the day, she might as well just say, "Hottie, I am yours today!"

For 220 yards, Zhang Bingbing sped at a number she dared not even imagine . One reason for this was that there were only a few lorries that passed by this road, and another reason was that she was in a grumpy mood .

Usually, she hardly sped . Occasionally, even when she felt the mood to do so, she would only do so in purpose-built automobile racing circuits in order to experience the shifts and dashes of a speeding car . Unlike today, where she let herself loosen up completely, disposing all of her inhibitions and burdens .

"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets" . . . This phrase seemed to be a reference to herself at the moment .

   . . . . . .

"Three . . . two . . . one!"


After the countdown ended, Chen Fan relentlessly stepped on the accelerator and went forward . The sudden change of momentum from stationary to motion was too overwhelming, making his chest stifle a little . He found it difficult to breathe .

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At three point seven seconds, the speed pulsed from 0 yards to 100!

At seven point five seconds, from 100 yards to 200!

At five seconds, from 200 yards to 260!

This was the staggering motion that a dual turbocharger with 650 horsepower brought about . Coupled with a wide vision-angle and high power xenon lamp, it enabled Chen Fan to have enough time to adapt to the changing road situations, as it simultaneously increased his speed by a large portion .

Numerous road signs reflecting a white sheen whooshed passed Chen Fan's peripheral vision in a fleeting moment . On a straight highway, this "feral terrestrial raptor" could run at a speed nearing 300 yards per second .

After 13 minutes, with the illumination of the xenon lamp, Chen Fan could already capture the image 200 meters away, it was the motion tracks of an Aston Martin . Then, he quickly plunged the accelerator below his foot and thrust forward with lightning speed .

"Screech…" The Aston Martin at the front reduced its speed unexpectedly, paralleling with an empty-loaded Steyr semi-trailer by its side . Both the driveway and fastlane of three point five meters wide had each been occupied, all that was left was a 5 meters wide emergency lane .

According to such statistics, Chen Fan should have sufficient distance to overtake those vehicles . However, in reality, due to the deliberate obstruction of the Aston Martin, it maintained a distance of about a meter between the divider and the semi-trailer . If Chen Fan wanted to overtake it forcefully, it was very likely that he would be in close collision with that car .

"Hmph… You'll still lose anyways, even if you pull off such tricks!" Chen Fan laughed slyly, completely carefree about the current situation .

This was because his GPS had shown that he would arrive at Sizhou County in 15 kilometers . Meanwhile, the slip road that was stretched across the highway did not have any dividers in the middle . Therefore, when the time came, the road would be the breadth of four car lanes and two parking lanes .

Just within this idle period, a person with short hair stuck his head out of the driver's seat window of a lorry . He first blew a loud and vagrant whistle, and in the midst of Chen Fan being awestruck, he steered the lorry to the left and made a half circle . This caused the Aston Martin to slow down instantly . He then steered to the right again, forcing Chen Fan, who was prepared to overtake him, to retreat .

This driver drove a lorry like a snake and scurried to the front . Then, without hesitation, he brought the unique advantage of a semi-trailer, which had excellent bending performance, into full play . He turned his direction alternatingly from time to time .

"What . . the f*ck…" Guan Jing's mouth was widely agape, as if she'd seen an African elephant lying in a mouse's embrace affectionately .

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The lorry driver's endurance and driving skills were so brilliant that it made one's hair stand on end . The semi-trailer had been toyed around into an S shape for an interminable period of 15 minutes, before it finally flung toward the slip road, heading to Sizhou County .

"Chance!" Both of them didn't even think twice, as they fiercely pressed their accelerators simultaneously .

Unfortunately, Chen Fan's Lamborghini's acceleration was still better, and he surpassed the Aston Martin by zero point five seconds . Then, relying on the glow of the street lights, he increased his speed to 207 yards and disappeared on the road in a flash, just like an unleashed wild horse .

After passing across Sizhou County, there was only 30 kilometers distance remaining to reach Tianhai City . Initially, Chen Fan was ready to push his car to the maximum, since her attitude had been so aggressive . But the minute he drove to the ring road entrance of Tianhai City, the roaring of the Aston Martin could no longer be heard from behind .

"Did she run away?" Chen Fan came out from his car and leaned on its roof to see .

Five minutes had passed, but the Aston Martin was still nowhere to be seen . Then, 10 minutes lapsed by, the Aston Martin still missing in action .

"F*ck, have I just been stood up?" Chen Fan's face was livid as he spat out the gum that had already become a lump of white wax after he had been chewing it for so long . He felt as if he had been denounced as an eunuch for no apparent reason, and then, was even tricked in the end .

How could such things happen to him? It was an unforgivable mistake to even ponder about!

Chen Fan deeply regretted not remembering her car plate number . He would not even have a chance to smash her windshield in the future .

"Vroom vroom vroom . . . "

Just as Chen Fan was prepared to leave, his eardrums captured a growing roar . Then, he was blasted with two bolts of bright car lights, illuminating each and every inch of him .

"Screech…" an Aston Martin halted by his side . Zhang Bingbing walked out from the car, her face looking as if Chen Fan owed her five million dollars . "You've won, you can now find a hotel . "

"What took you so long to arrive?" Chen Fan did not answer her question . He sized her up suspiciously . The meaning of his action was obvious: "You're a psycho!"

Zhang Bingbing stared back at him and understood what he meant, but she was not bothered about how Chen Fan looked at her . Instead, she said with a cold expression, "I received a call on the road, so I didn't manage to chase after you . Don't waste my time, let's go find a hotel . "

Seeing this girl with a gorgeous curvy body and a face as delicate as porcelain and jade, Chen Fan instantly felt into a dilemma .

"You can get lost now!" Chen Fan wanted to say this phrase coolly, but when the sentence came by his lips, only God knew why he had given a sudden turn to his reply .

What he actually stuttered out was, "Th . . . Then . . . Let's just go to Shangri-La…"

After finishing his sentence, Chen Fan suddenly felt ashamed . This lady in front of him did not, in any way, seem like a fallen woman . Chen Fan, being so accustomed to internet fiction, had naturally associated this scenario with the cliche plots found in them . He thought to himself: if he at once decided to make this move, would he be thought of as taking advantage of her?

"Then get into the car!" Zhang Bingbing left a curt reply, heading back into the car .

About 20 seconds later, she wound down the car window and said to him with a smile that no one would regard as genuine, "What's wrong? Where did all of your guts go?"

"Hehe, I was trying to recall my bank card's password . I have too many cards, so it's not easy to remember the right one . "

Chen Fan let out a hollow laugh . Since things had already came to this stage, he could only bite the bullet now . It isn't nice to chicken out and run away, right?

According to the GPS' indication, Chen Fan held an emotional mishmash of 50% thrill, 30% nervousness, and 20% fear while he drove east toward the Shangri-La Hotel, which was located at Dongtai Street in the Lujiazui District . We have to understand that virgins normally share the same feelings their first times .

Half an hour later, two sports cars landed at Dongtai Street, attracting multiple glances from passersby . Chen Fan shook like he had contracted malaria as he pressed the hydraulic button of his car door . I'm going to retire from being a virgin and I feel so goddamned nervous, he thought .

"Good evening, Sir and Madam, is there anything we can help you with?" said a waiter in fluent Mandarin as he came up to them and bowed .

"Get us a room!" Zhang Bingbing was so crass!

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