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Published at 7th of November 2018 12:50:18 AM

Chapter 43: The Star Neptune

When they were about to leave Dongming state after staying there for three months, Chen Fan felt a little regret . It was probably because of the beautiful women all over the beach .

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While gripping the steering wheel of the black BMW he was driving, Wang Bing said, "Boss, what do you think we should do? Should we fight back by force or by strategy?"

"I'm thinking about it too!" Chen Fan massaged his forehead . "If Wei Qing dared to send people to ambush the house, then they must be very well-prepared . "

Chen Fan clearly knew that Wei Qing was tracking him down everywhere these last few days . According to the way these three experienced men do things, he was afraid that Wei Qing had a few fighting experts by his side too .

The loss of a few skilled men was not something that the city's famous gangster, Wei Qing could bear with . If this was the case, then there would be no end to this until one of them was defeated .

"If I could shoot, I promise you that all of them would definitely be dead," Wang Bing affirmed .

"Don't boast too much, just drive your car!" Chen Fan replied relentlessly .

Half an hour later . . .

The black BMW appeared once again beside Shangcheng Gardens' residential area .

Through the tinted windscreen, Chen Fan could see silhouettes at his apartment, and there were definitely many of them .

"Sh*t… they really found out!" Chen Fan clenched his fist in anger .

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Wang Bing looked at Chen Fan and asked, "Boss, what do we do now? We can't shoot, and we can only stare at them without doing anything!" .

"Let's find a place to stay and I'll think of something tonight . " Chen Fan clenched his teeth and his expression was as though he was going to eat them up alive .

"Okay!" Without saying another word, Wang Bing drove the car .

After driving around for quite some time, they finally decided to spend the night at 'Lijing Hotel' .

Lying on the couch, Chen Fan spent more than 20 minutes controlling the electric eel to swim back to Zhongyun city . By now, the eel had grown into a sea monster .

Using the electric eel at night, Chen Fan decided to check out the position of Wei Qing's gambling boat tomorrow and exact revenge for what he had done to him .

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The next morning, Chen Fan took Wang Bing to the mall to buy two pairs of sunglasses and spent 200 RMB to buy Wang Bing a fake, black Versace suit . Then, he spent another 500 RMB to buy himself a coffee-colored jacket that was an imitation of the Cerruti casual wear .

"Boss, are you going on a blind date?" Wang Bing tugged his tie and said with an embarrassed expression .

Chen Fan stood in front of the mirror and smoothed out his coffee-colored leisure jacket, combed his hair in a way that he thought made him look handsome and said lustfully, "Didn't you always brag that you have a pretty young sister . I'm going out with her today . "

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"He he! My sister is studying in Beijing . You won't be able to find her . " Wang Bing smiled and said, "Boss, what do you really want to do? This suit is like a plastic bag wrapped around my body and it's very uncomfortable . "

"We'll check out Wei Qing's boat and I will hire some divers to sink it at night . "

"That's a good idea!" As soon Wang Bing heard of this wicked plan, he began to grin widely like a Cheshire Cat .

Wei Qing had three luxury gambling ships that had been sailing the open seas for years . Every morning at nine o'clock, there was a special boat to pick up gamblers to take them to the ship .

At the mall, Chen Fan went to the bank to withdraw 200,000 RMB, and he let Wang Bing keep it .

Money is very easily spent .  Although he earned 2 . 26 million RMB in more than three months, after paying his three workers and Wang Bing's salary, there was only about 400 thousand RMB left, including the amount that Wang Bing had .

"When we reach there, you should act like a bodyguard . If you are not serious, I'll deduct your salary . " In the car, Chen Fan kept on reminding Wang Bing of this .


Wei Qing owned a terminal where passengers were picked up and taken to the gambling ship .  Passengers got a free cruise under the condition that they had 100,000 RMB to gamble with .

Driving a luxury car on the main road that was worth more than a million RMB may attract people's attention, but when they reached 'Tianhai pier' which was a parking lot, even the man who was selling cigarettes didn't bother to glance at the car .

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"Seems like all the rich man in Zhongyun city love to gamble . " As soon he got out of the car, Wang Bing scratched his head .  "There is not even a local made BMW here . "

A man, especially a man who drives, was sure to look at the luxury cars that were parked here no matter where he was from .

"Luckily, my car was imported too!" Chen Fan was surprised to see the cars in this lot . The dock that was next to the parking lot was newly renovated and had a wooden bridge in the shape of the Chinese character 'Feng' . Six speed boats of various sizes were docked there .

"Is this your first visit?"

Just as Chen Fan and Wang Bing reached the pier, the two doormen dressed in black suits, standing at the side of the pier, greeted them with a humble smile .

"Yes!" Chen Fan pushed the sunglasses on the tip of his nose and said, "I heard that Wei Qing has a good casino, so I decided to drop by since I was free . "

"Welcome, welcome . " The two doormen gave a deep bow .

By the look of Chen Fan, they could figure out that he was quite rich and that he drove a BMW was no surprise . However, looking at the bodyguard standing behind him who was 180 cm tall with eagle eyes, they knew for sure that Chen Fan was filthy rich because only a billionaire had this kind of bodyguard .

Plus, when the two doormen approached Chen Fan, who was quite arrogant looking, the bodyguard immediately took a step forward and raised his hands as though he was warning them not to do anything offensive .

"When will you sail? I don't like to wait . " Chen Fan didn't even look at the doormen as he spoke . It was like he was talking to the air .

"Right away, sir!" The doorman didn't even dare to speak about the gambling rules as he was afraid that he would be in trouble if he made the young man unhappy .

"Please come with me!" The doorman on the left stretched out his hand .

Chen Fan had to admit that Wang Bing was very serious about his job as a bodyguard on the boat . He even deliberately pulled out a piece of tissue and wiped the genuine leather seat a few times even though it didn't have dust on it at all . As the doorman stared in awe, Wang Bing asked Chen Fan to take a seat .

"I'll tell them to sail now . Please wait for a moment!" Not daring to look at Chen Fan, the doorman ran out to urge the boatman to sail out immediately .

The single-deck, luxury cruise ship that was made by Shuangxing Shipyard was indeed comfortable, especially when it was not packed with people .

"Boss, you sounded just like a wealthy young man just now . " Not long after the boat started sailing, Wang Bing leaned over with a smile on his face and said, "There was fear and respect in the doorman's eyes . I have to admit that he looked at you with more respect than the way we looked at our deputy commander in the military . "

"Haha, the heirs in the novels on Qidian web are also like that!" Chen Fan said proudly while he raised his eyebrows .

The ship cruised through twelve nautical miles of territorial sea, 200 nautical miles of the exclusive economic zone, and finally into the international waters . At a speed of more than 40 knots, the cruise ship sailed for almost five hours until the 100 meter long double-decked luxury cruise ship entered into their sight . The words 'Star Neptune' were printed on the ship .

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