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Super Soldier - Chapter 43

Published at 23rd of April 2019 07:29:06 PM

Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Buried Alive

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At the stall, Xiao Bing and Su Xiaoxiao sat down . The owner put the menu on the small table . Xiao Bing pushed the menu to Su Xiaoxiao and said with a smile, "Xiaoxiao, order whatever you want . "


Su Xiaoxiao didn't refuse . She picked up a pen and began to mark the menu . Xiao Bing saw the owner looking at himself with respect and terror . He smiled, "Boss, you still remember me?"


"Of . . . Of course . " The owner was a man in his forties . He looked at Xiao Bing and said with respect, "Last time, you were really mighty, domineering, heroic, brave, invincible, courageous, elegant . . . "


"All right, all right . " Xiao Bing didn't know if he should cry or laugh, "What are you talking about . The words you use are getting ridiculous!"


Su Xiaoxiao almost laughed . She pretended to look at the menu and held her smile .


Xiao Bing said helplessly, "Don't try to butter me up, I'm not a villain . That day, it was those bastards who started trouble first . By the way, have they come by these few days?"


"No!" The big fellow scratched his head and said with a silly smile, "They haven't appeared since that night . They used to collect protection money on this street, but I've never seen any of them appear these days . I guess they're afraid . "


"Afraid?" Xiao Bing asked, "Do they all live near here?"


"It should be because they used to eat and drink nearby every night . I guess their home is not far from here . "


"That's strange . Even if they are scared, they will not all hide . "


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At this time, Su Xiaoxiao handed Xiao Bing the menu and said, "See if you want to add anything . "


"I'm good . " Xiao Bing laughed, "How many bottles of beer?"


Su Xiaoxiao raised one finger, "A case . "


Xiao Bing was surprised, "You can drink a lot, can't you?"


"I can't . " Su Xiaoxiao smiled . Although she was smiling, she looked sad . "It's because I can't drink, I have to drink more . "


"Do you want to get drunk?"


"Don't you think it's a good thing to get drunk once in a while?"


Xiao Bing laughed, "Ok, let's have a case of beer and I'll drink with you today . "


Xiao Bing could understand how Su Xiaoxiao felt . She wanted to take it as the opportunity to release all the sadness in her heart . This was a good thing . Just like when Lil Bei cried in the bathroom alone .


The owner answered and brought the beer first . Then he began to make the kebabs .


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Su Xiaoxiao opened two bottles of beer . She handed Xiao Bing a bottle and took one for herself . She poured the beer into her cup, then raised the cup and said, "Thank you for drinking with me . Bottoms up!"


Xiao Bing drank up the beer and looked at Su Xiaoxiao and smiled, "Aren't you afraid that I will take advantage of you when you get drunk?"


"I don't like you . " Su Xiaoxiao continued to pour more beer, but she kept talking, "But I know you are not that kind of person . "


"I'm surprised that you said so . I thought I was terrible in your eyes . "


"That won't happen . " Su Xiaoxiao said seriously, "If I really think so, won't I be doubting my sister's taste? She liked you, didn't she?"


Xiao Bing looked at Su Xiaoxiao with surprise .


Su Xiaoxiao said, "Don't look at me like that . She taught you our family techniques . She could ask you to look after me before she died, which proves her feelings for you . I know my sister, so I know you are the man she liked . Can you tell me your story?"


Actually, there was nothing to tell . For a long time, Xiao Bing had regarded Su Peiya as his best friend . Su Peiya was fiery and unrestrained . But she was also very considerate . Xiao Bing was always surrounded by many women . It happened that only Su Peiya could tell what Xiao Bing wanted to say, do, and worry about in his heart with just one look .


They went through deadly trials together countless times and could leave their backs to each other . That was a kind of trust from the heart .


Su Peiya often told Xiao Bing things about her family . Xiao Bing would only tell her about his worries . Su Peiya even taught Xiao Bing the skills handed down through her family . The moment Xiao Bing chose to retire, she left Dragon Teeth together with Xiao Bing without hesitation, regardless of everyone's dissuasion . At that moment, Su Peiya stunned everyone in Dragon Teeth, including Xiao Bing himself .


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It seemed that there was nothing to say, but once they started talking, there was too much to talk about . Gradually, Su Xiaoxiao got drunk, her cheeks were red and her eyes reflected her drunken state . She looked at Xiao Bing and suddenly laughed . Xiao Bing felt sad too . He patted Su Xiaoxiao on the back and said softly, "I'll take you home . You've drunk too much . "


"I haven't . " Su Xiaoxiao pushed away Xiao Bing's arm . Even sitting in a chair, her body was still wobbling, "Xiao Bing, you know, you are actually a good person, I can see that, but I can't help hating you . . . "


Xiao Bing looked a little dim, and also poured a mouthful of beer and drank directly from the bottle, "I know . "


"When I was a child, my family was poor . My parents always focused on how to make money . My father lived in a rich family when he was a child . His family had a noodle restaurant and it was famous for its noodles . But then the noodle restaurant was burned to ashes in a fire . Overnight, his family was ruined . " Su Xiaoxiao drank another large glass of beer .


"So after my father and my mother got married, they started from nothing . At that time, he had no money . His dream was to fulfill his old man's wishes and open a noodle restaurant . He had skills but no money . My mother struggled with him and worked hard to fulfill that dream, while my sister and I became very independent from an early age and tried our best to not hold them back . I remember when I was a child, my sister did all the cooking in my family . My sister would pick me up from school if it rained . My sister tutored me when my academic performance fell behind . When I accidentally fell and hurt myself, my sister helped me to put on medicine . . . "


Su Xiaoxiao's eyes were red and tears were about to flow, "My sister meant so much to me . . . but she died . . . "


Su Xiaoxiao, who always has a cold appearance, leaned on the table and began to cry .


Xiao Bing sighed slightly . He could only quietly look at Su Xiaoxiao . Then he suddenly stood up and made an unexpected move . He slowly sat down in the chair next to Su Xiaoxiao . They were close to each other . Then Xiao Bing gently hugged her in his arms . Su Xiaoxiao laid in Xiao Bing's arms, sobbing .


Su Xiaoxiao cried for a while until she felt cold all over . She muttered to herself, "I . . . I really want to sleep . "


Xiao Bing touched Su Xiaoxiao's head with his hand and said in surprise, "Xiaoxiao, you have a fever . I'll take you to see a doctor . "


After that, Xiao Bing took out some money and put it on the table and shouted, "Boss, the bill!"


Then, holding Su Xiaoxiao in his arms, Xiao Bing walked quickly . Su Xiaoxiao wriggled gently in Xiao Bing's arms . Her face was very red, perhaps because she had drunk alcohol or because of her fever . She opened her eyes with difficulty and looked at Xiao Bing in a daze and said, "Don't go to the hospital . . . take me home . "


"Okay!" Xiao Bing, who was holding her, looked for a taxi while walking . This place was far from the city center and not many taxies would come by . Xiao Bing suddenly felt a chill from his back . He curled up quickly and rolled with Su Xiaoxiao in his arms . Several chilling lights flashed from where Xiao Bing just stood . That was the flash of knives!


But at the same time, in the countryside, several men in black were digging a big deep pit . The men who had had conflicts with Xiao Bing and Ye Tianming were all tied up outside the deep pit . Their mouths were sealed shut and their eyes were full of fear . After the pit was dug, one of the men in black walked to the black car nearby . The window was rolled down from the inside . Inside the car, there was a faint shadow in the moonlight .


The person dressed in black bent down and said respectfully, "The pit has been dug . Master, what should we do with these people?"


The voice of the person in the car was calm and low, and at the same time, it was cold and chilly . The order was just like talking about a trivial matter, "Bury them . "


"Yes . "


The man dressed in black turned around and walked towards the tied up Zhang Laowu and the others . These people kept shaking their heads, and their eyeballs almost popped out . They heard the man's cold command, "Push them in!"


Then the men in black pushed Zhang Laowu and the others into the pit one by one . All of them moved quickly and skillfully to shovel the soil inside . Zhang Laowu and others were able to struggle in the pit at first . Their bodies were twisted in pain, and their mouths uttered painful groans through the rags . Tears, snot and even urine flowed out together . They didn't want to die . Although they were gangsters and did many bad things, they still had a life . All life had the desire to survive . They still wanted to live!


However, their bodies were tied too tight . They couldn't break free no matter how hard they struggled . Gradually, their bodies were buried in . And gradually, they lost the strength to continue struggling . Gradually, the only thing left outside was their heads . Gradually, they all disappeared . They disappeared completely in this pile of soil .


In this dark night, these few lives that disappeared for the past few days completely vanished .

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