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Chapter 1003: 1003

Chapter 1003: Invite Those Two Misses to Have a Drink with Me

Under the rotating lights, everyone danced to their fullest . The atmosphere of drowning oneself in sensual pleasures went beyond that in Xia country .

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The moment Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya stepped into the bar, they immediately attracted everyone’s attention .

Even if it was based only on Westerners’ aesthetic standards, their looks were quite recognizable and fulfilled the image of an Oriental beauty in their hearts .

Fu Ya asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“Any cocktail will do . ”

Fu Ya ordered two glasses of Rainbow Paradise . Seeing that Wanwan was a little hesitant, she smiled and said, “Drink it . My friend opened this bar . He wouldn’t resort to tricks on his own turf . ”

Lin Wanwan smiled in embarrassment and lightly rubbed her lips . “This tastes pretty good . ”

Fu Ya saw that she didn’t seem to be excited . “In a bad mood?”

Lin Wanwan shook her head and raised her glass . “A toast?”

“Bring it!”

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After drinking a few glasses of alcohol, both of them started to chat about the gossip in the entertainment circle . Lin Wanwan’s mood eased a little, and she shared her intention of inviting her to play the role of Dong Xiaowan .

“One of the eight famous prostitutes?”

Fu Ya held her chin with one hand and laughed lazily . “I love acting such roles . ”

Her smile immediately attracted fiery gazes .

At a sofa in the corner, a man with golden short hair looked at Lin Wanwan and Fu Ya with interest .

“This is the first time I’ve seen such charming Oriental beauties . Vivian, they’re much prettier than you are . ”

Vivian, who was looking at her mobile, snorted coldly . She looked up and over at Fu Ya . Coincidentally, she saw a profile that made her feel resentful .

“Lin Wanwan?”

She was at first stunned . After she noticed the man’s interested gaze, a plan came to mind and she smiled coldly while pointing at Lin Wanwan .

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“Jason, she’s not an ordinary Oriental beauty . Even Robert is full of praise for her . You know how difficult it is for Asians to enter this circle . I guess that she and Robert had developed a relationship out of bed . ”


Indeed, the man named Jason now had a stronger playful look .

“Come here . ”

He waved his hands and called over two men who were drinking . He ordered, “Invite those two misses to have a drink with me . ”

Lin Wanwan was discussing the details of the plot with Fu Ya when she suddenly felt someone approaching her . She turned her head, guarded .

“Both Misses, our Mr . Jason would like to invite you over for a drink . ”

Although they said it was an invite, their tones were unyielding, refusing to take no for an answer .

Fu Ya lifted her chin . Her charming face was even more seductive under the flashing lights .

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“Want to invite me for a drink? Sure . Get your Mr . Jason to come over here personally . If not, get lost!”

As her words fell, whistling sounds could be heard immediately in the big hall .

Jason put down the wine glass in his hand, and the playful look in his eyes became stronger .

“I’ll meet her personally . ”

He got up and walked toward Fu Ya .

“Mr . Jason . ”

Jason waved his hands, signaling his men to retreat . He looked at Fu Ya with a strong sense of intimacy .

Not only was Fu Ya not fearful, she even threw him a wink .

“You’re the one who wants to invite me for a drink?”

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over the hall and realized this Jason had quite a number of men .

Jason propped one hand on the countertop, trapping Fu Ya in front of him . He could not help but stretch out his palm . “Yes . After drinking, I would like to invite both of you to have some fun on my cruise ship . ”

Fu Ya tilted her head and avoided his touch . She hooked a finger at him .

Jason leaned down and felt that she was whispering in his ears .

“Mr . Jason, it’s very expensive to invite me for a drink . ”

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