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Chapter 31

“Mr . Ruan, it’s such an honor to have you here!” Ling Tao was so excited that he almost stuttered .

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Ruan Zeyan glanced at Ling Tao for a second before he continued to look straight ahead .

The moment he walked in, he saw her . The woman in that seductive red dress . Then, he saw Li Chenfeng standing opposite her with a mesmerized look on his face .

‘Ling Tianya, you couldn’t wait to run away from me, so you can come to see this man?’

Ruan Zeyan’s face darkened . He didn’t look pleased earlier, but now he was visibly fuming . Even Ling Tao sensed the intensity by just standing next to him . Baffled, Ling Tao didn’t know what to do .

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‘What’s the matter with Mr . Ruan? Why does he look so serious coming to a birthday party? Did someone piss him off?’

Ruan Zeyan closed in on Ling Tianya . She was unable to escape those fiery eyes . She thought she would burn to death if she didn’t run away at that very moment .

Right as Ruan Zeyan was about to reach Ling Tianya, Ling Qi cut in front him with a flattering smile, “Zeyan, we saw the presents you sent . We know how busy you are, and you didn’t have to come to a small birthday party like this! Meiyi understands it too, so she would never complain if you didn’t come . ”

Choosing her words carefully, Ling Qi wanted to show off in front of everyone the special relationship between the Guan and the Ruan Families . In her mind, it was all because of her daughter Guan Meiyi that Ruan Zeyan even made the appearance . At the same time, Guan Meiyi was so very considerate that she would never make a fuss if he didn’t come .

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What Ling Qi said flattered the Guan Family and Guan Meiyi . Unknowingly, it offended Madam Ling and Ling Tao .

She belittles Madam Ling’s birthday celebration as “a small birthday party” .

Neither Madam Ling nor Ling Tao said anything, but their soured faces said a lot .

Realizing the insensitivity in her mother’s words, Guan Meiyi nudged Ling Qi lightly, but Ling Qi was too pleased with herself at that moment to care .

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Due to the unexpected arrival of Ruan Zeyan, everybody seemed to have forgotten about the debacle that just happened in the Ling Family . Instead, all the attention was placed on the brilliant Ruan Zeyan .

Ruan Zeyan stopped in front of Ling Qi, “Sorry, Mrs . Guan . I’m not here for the party . ”

It was an awkward moment . Even Guan Jianlin lost the smug look on his face after hearing that . He was good friends with Ruan Zeyan’s father Ruan Qishan, so technically Ruan Zeyan should call him ‘uncle’ . No one would actually complain if the Ruan Family decided not to attend the party, but not only did Ran Zeyan actually come, he didn’t bother to say hello to his uncle .

‘Even worse, what did he say? He’s not here for the party . What is he here for then?

What Ruan Zeyan said put the Guan Family in an uncomfortable spot . In fact, it sent everyone’s head spinning .

“So, you are here… for Meiyi?” Ling Qi raised one eyebrow, trying to hide the awkwardness .

Everyone knew that Ruan Zeyan and Guan Meiyi were set up to get married .

Hearing her mother say that, the tiny elegant face of Guan Meiyi instantly blushed .

“No, I’m not . ”

Getting knocked back again, Ling Qi finally said, “Zeyan, what are you here for?”

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