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Chapter 57

In the hotel room, Ling Yuqing was trying on the new limited-edition clothing she had just purchased . She appeared to be in a great mood as she kept humming a song when she looked into the mirror .

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Ling Tao felt sorry about the fact that Ling Tianya called the police on Ling Yuqing . So, he gave Ling Yuqing a big stack of cash to make up for it .

Qu Wan looked at Ling Yuqing disapprovingly, “A little bit of money and some new clothes later, and you’re back to being happy?”

Ling Yuqing sensed the sarcasm in her mother’s voice and put the clothes down . “What’s wrong? Daddy gave me money because he didn’t believe that bitch Ling Tianya, right?”

Hearing Ling Tianya’s name made Qu Wan’s blood boil . “The whole thing was on the Internet . Even though Ling Tao didn’t watch the videos on the cell phone, I bet he had some doubts about it . Why did he only give you money instead of bringing us home otherwise?”

Ling Yuqing lost her good mood . Her mother was right, the fact that they were still staying at the hotel meant that her dad had not considered bringing them home .

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Ling Yuqing was not as sly as her mother . A little reward was enough to make her lose focus . When she realized that she still didn’t know when she could go home, the new clothes suddenly didn’t matter anymore . She turned from feeling joyful to feeling betrayed and pissed off .

She was planning to wear those new clothes to her high school reunion . In the last few years, she was always complimented at the reunions as the daughter of the Ling Family . That year, everyone would know that she was kicked out of the family and was staying at the hotel . What would they think of her…

“This sucks! I don’t even want to go to the school reunion…” Ling Yuqing was pouting as she tossed the luxury brand clothes on the bed .

Something struck Qu Wan and she jumped up in front of Ling Yuqing, “That bitch went to the same high school as you, right?”

Ling Yuqing blinked her eyes a few times, “Yeah, we went to the same school . ”

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Qu Wan’s face lit up, “You have to go to the reunion . You should convince Ling Tianya to go too . ”

“Why? I don’t want to see her, why would I ask her to go?” asked Ling Yuqing . She was also concerned about Ling Tianya stealing her thunder at the party as the rightful daughter of the Ling Family .

“You stupid girl . As long as you make her attend the reunion, I’ll make sure her reputation goes to hell!”

Qu Wan seemed elated as if she had just cooked up an impeccable plan .

Ling Yuqing got excited too . She couldn’t wait for Ling Tianya to be destroyed and kicked out of the Ling Family!

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In her study, Ling Tianya was editing the script because of some detailed requests from Zhang Heng . Although no big changes were made, she still paid attention to every word and made the script as perfect as possible .

Her phone rang . Ling Tianya furrowed her brows looking at the unknown number on the screen . She decided to pick up anyway, “Who’s this?”

“Is this Ling Tianya?”

“This is she . Who is this?”

“This is Xin Xin from your high school!” The person sounded extremely excited after confirming that it was Ling Tianya on the phone .

It took Ling Tianya a couple of seconds before she let out a laugh, “Xin Xin from high school, it’s been a while!”

Xin Xin was good to Ling Tianya in high school . Back then, everybody knew that Ling Tianya was not getting along with her father, and Ling Yuqing was the favorite daughter in the Ling Family . People tended to treat Ling Tianya with indifference as a way to cozy up to Ling Yuqing .

Xin Xin, on the other hand, was a righteous person who didn’t tolerate people bullying Ling Tianya and always stood up for her .

“Yes, it’s been a while and I have missed you! Tomorrow is the reunion of our high school, you should come!”

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