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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:50:17 AM

Chapter 250

“So what if I do? It’s still none of your business!” She rolled her eyes at him, seriously infuriated!

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She turned away and headed upstairs . She still had to comb her hair . It was too hot to have it flow naturally . It was much warmer to do that during winter .

Ye Xuan only snickered at Liu Duo’s bad attitude . He didn’t hate it . In fact, he loved it even more . A woman with ‘thorns’ would serve to satisfy his desire for conquest .

“Little Xuan, I have something else to attend to, so I think that’s it for today . We’ll surely come five days later!” Ye Liu remained smiling as he showed them out .

Ye Xuan, who understood the cue, also nodded and got up, still smiling . “Certainly, we’ve been here long enough . It’s time we leave . Yang, Liu, Ling, we shall return now . ”

Ye Liu nodded, and saw them out .

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“Liu, why did they send us an invitation?” Ye Ling had waited until then to ask .

He thought it strange and couldn’t understand it .

Ye Liu went to their side, hands folded in front of his chest, and said, “What else other than hoping we’d bring some money to them! After all, they’ve seen we had built such a big house, so of course we are rich now . If we bring a small sum, wouldn’t that mean we are stingy?”

“Oh!” Ye Ling was suddenly enlightened after hearing Ye Liu explain things . He felt that the other members at the Ye household were frightfully loathsome and devious!

Ye Yang stayed silent . No one knew what he was thinking .

Ye Liu rushed upstairs again . He leaned against Liu Duo’s doorway, silently observing her as she combed her hair .

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When she tied it and turned around, he said, “Little Duo, next time, don’t wear something like that in front of anyone else other than your husbands!”

Only he and his brothers had the right to see her in those clothes!

Her hair was tied in a bun and fixed with a hairpin, and her curling locks fell by her ears, adding a little charm of feminine beauty .

She laughed when he said that, “And why should I listen to you?”

She passed him as she headed downstairs .

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He could only grin at her cheeky answer . Then he pulled her close to him and whispered in her ear, “Of course you should! Little Duo, in front of all of us, you can dress as you like . In fact, you could even wear nothing!”

“Dream on, scoundrel!” Liu Duo served him a punch .

She could joke about not wearing anything in front of the brothers except for Ye Liu . She wouldn’t dare say it to his face . He would just take advantage!

“Little Duo, this scoundrel is serious! Or do you prefer a more practical approach, hmm?” He smirked, taking a hold of Liu Duo’s hands, fingers treading around her waist .

Liu Duo struggled as though she had been electrified . She blushed, knowing that he was up to no good again! “Let me go, or else I…”

“Or else what?” He cut in, daring her to continue .

He noticed the blush on her face and her apparent loss for words . He snickered, “How about you do the same to me? That way, we’re even!”

He pulled Liu Duo’s hand up and placed it on his chest .

“Er Liuzi, how shameless can you get?” She quickly withdrew her hand and yelled .

Whenever she got lost in lust, she was practically a sheet of white paper in front of him . She couldn’t rival him, so she could only admit defeat . She only dared to flirt occasionally in front of the other three!

She got shy just thinking about it . Ye Liu stopped teasing her and held her hand as the two of them walked down the stairs .

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