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Chapter 54

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Fred looked over at me and said . "Well, now that we are pretty famous, we could get started on that joke shop, you have always been talking about, right Caelum?"

"Uh . . . " Do these two really want to kill me, we just did a heist and now you want to open an illegal shop in the school .

George bobs his head up and down in excitement . "Yeah, we could finally fulfil our dreams, and I know the perfect spot that we could set up shop . "

Fred looks at his brother in amazement . All he asks him was "Really?"

"Yep, there is this disused bathroom on the sixth floor of Hogwarts castle . It is really well hidden, and nobody ever goes there, so we could use that lavatory to open a joke shop . there"

I hold up my hand, in a gesture telling them to slow down for a bit . "Wow, wow, wow . Slow down there, we are under heavy observation here, from Filch . If we do something, anything for that matter, that is suspicious or like what the two of you are planning . Filch will come in and bust our ass before we could say a word . "

The twins pause when they hear what I have said .

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Fred speaks up in a nonchalant tone . "Stop being a worry wart, Caelum . Didn't you hear what George has said? The place is well hidden, and nobody ever goes there . I really don't think Filch even knows where this bathroom is located . "

I feel irritated that these two are going to get me into a bigger mess, but they have a point . If this bathroom is well hidden and has proper defenses in place, there will be no way for Filch to be able to find his way our new shop .

I look at George and ask, "Where did you get this information from anyways?"

George immediately answered back, "Peeves told me!"

Of course, he did, I should have known . He is the only information source the two of you got, I think to myself .

"Well, do you know how to get to this secret bathroom?" I ask George .

George nods his head, "Yeah let me guide the two of you there . "

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I shake my head, "Show us tomorrow, did you forget that it is late now . Also, people might follow us since the two of you are now well known . "

Fred looks out the window and says, "Wow, I totally forget how late it is . "

George look at me skeptical way, "Why would people follow us?"

"It is the price for fame, my friends" I answer . You have no idea how bad it can get, fame — Paparazzi and what not would be following people ever where .

I try to stifle a yawn as I head off to the restroom to freshen up .

Tomorrow we can see if this bathroom would be ideal to set up our new shop .


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The next day, Fred and I followed George, who leads us down to the Glanmore Peakes' Corridor, which is a passage on the sixth-floor of Hogwarts Castle, located a bit off of the sixth-floor corridor .

The corridor is called Glanmore Peakes' Corridor because it is named after Glanmore Peakes, whose portrait hangs there .

"Come on!" George waved at me and Fred as he turned a corner and come to a head at an old wooden blue door, that could really use a good repair, I reflect .

Fred walks ahead and tries to open the door, but it does not budge an inch . Fred looks at his twin for an answer .

All George does is point at the portrait hanging right next to the wooden door . In it is a man who looks to be in his fifties, he has a white skin tone, blue colored eyes, and red-orangish hair . He is dressed in a blue pirate outfit that comes with a hat, and he is holding a short sword in his hand .

I quickly catch on to what George means and walk up to the portrait . The man in the portrait looks at me and asks in a gruffy voice . "Wha' do yo wants, lad?"

I speak in my most polite tone since I am the one who needs something from this man . "I was just wondering, who you are, good sir?"

At that question, the flood gate of this man's mouth opens wide . "Th' name be Glanmore Peakes! Killer o' the' Sea Serpent o' Cromer, a giant monstrosity that lived off th' shores o' Cromer, Norfolk 'n was makin' trouble thar . Thanks, t' that deed, I got meself a Famous Wizard Card fashioned aft me . "

I clear my voice to try to slow him down . I stop with the pleasantry and get to my point as quick as possible, before he drowns us to death with the incessant talking . "I was wondering if you, good sir, could open this door and let us in?"

Glanmore shook his head . "No can do, lad! Yo either know the password, or you don't . "

I look at the twins waiting for an answer, and from the blank looks on their faces, I could guess that they don't have a clue . Shit! It looks like it is up to me alone, to figure this one out .

I turn to stare up at the portrait of Glanmore, from what I could gather, unless it is an important place that is under heavy guard like the portrait of the fat lady . The password is mostly related to the portrait .

I slowly rub my chin and think, then a thought hits me as quick as that . With cunning in my eyes, I ask Glanmore, "Glanmore what was the creature that you killed?"

Glanmore loudly laughs, "O' yo mean th' Sea Serpent o' Cromer!" Glanmore pause and his smile slackens, "Oh . . . I shouldn't have said that . "

I smile wickedly, "Sea Serpent!" The door of the bathroom slowly cracks open .