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Chapter 96

I took in a deep breath to calm my accelerating heart, that was nearly jumping in joy . Hagrid placed the boxes down on the table, then he opened the lid of the three of them . Inside the boxes were three distinctly different remains of some sort of animals, but much larger and more magical .

In the first box on the right, was a brownish, golden, fur which was only a locket, I believe, but it was as large as my hand . The locket of fur had the aura of earthy feel if I could word it like that, it was like a piece of rock instead of a locket of fur .

In the second box in the center, was three, pure, white scales that glittered in the sunlight . I would have thought that it was the scale of a noble white dragon, but this exuded an aura of poisonous and dubious nature .

In the third and final box on the left, was another lock of fur but this one was blood red and blackish in color . This locket was a bit larger than my palm and it held an air of pure fiery destruction .

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I looked on at the three new remains of the mysterious, magical creatures, most likely housed in the Forbidden Forest . I looked at the remains with huger in my eyes and a craving to get my hands on them and turn them into powerful potions .

The little greedy part of me wondered and fascinated about what would it be like, if I got my hands on the full body of these magical creatures that most likely go beyond the rank of XXXXX . But as soon as that thought came into my mind, it was immediately squished then and there, after that it, for a bit of safety measure, it stomped on, over and over, by the rational part of me .

It is a miracle that I have a second life, here in this magical world, with a great family and some good friend . Now going after these beasts, that is one great way to get myself into an early grave .

I sigh to myself, my rash behavior and lust for loot and treasures, is really going to get me into an early grave at a very young age, one of these days .

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"Well, how 'bout for all three of them, I trade yeh, what . . . 2 teardrops for eac' remain, so for a gran' total of 6 phoenix teardrops?" Hagrid asked me .

With that question, I instantly roused myself from my reflection and pondering, and immediately got my full attention on to the half giant . No, it is profit time, and I would not be me, if I did not try to squeeze each and every single value and worth out of my good and tried to get the best deal possible .

If my path to the Wizengamot does not pan out, becoming a business could also work out . Now that would be a successful future avenue to take, since I do know some future invention, and I do plan on fusing magic and technology . Haa! Think about all those interesting gadgets and invention I could make if I take that path .

But that is my fall back plan, no matter how great and noble a path it is, to make great inventions and what not . That path does not lead to any power . Being a business will gain me no control over any stately matter or a position to hold power, the thing that let you change a society .

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But becoming a member of the Wizengamot, which is basically being a politician, can allow me to preside over trials and make laws . It is like parliament plus the judicial branch all wrapped into one .

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Getting back to the here and now I got into arguing for a good trade, "No . Although these remains of these three mysterious, magical creatures is valuable it is still just some common remains part, that hold little value when you look at the creatures as a whole . But these teardrops of the phoenixes are the most rarest part of the magical creature .

Also, we clearly know what these teardrops can do, but for these remains, it is still yet to be seen and will take some experimentation, which can go wrong or bring in no results . So, I propose that for each remain I give you 1 phoenix teardrop, for a grand total of three phoenix teardrops . "

Ah! The art of bargaining . Hagrid looked at me sharply, carefully choosing his next few words . I made two fine points arguing against the value of the remains of the three mysterious magical creatures . Now it Hagrid's turn to up the value of his good to increase the price, so his next few words must be valid and convincing .

"Now look here Caelum, yeh see these remains, they are one of a kind . Yeh would be able to fin' them from just about anywhere except for these parts . They 're very rare, even rarer them those phoenix teardrops . So, I say 4 teardrops for all three . What do you say?"

I nodded my head along to the point Hagrid made, the rarity of these remains . I do not know if I will ever come across the remains of magical creatures that go beyond the rank of XXXXX . These things are a once in a life time opportunity, and I guess I had my luck state maxed out, for me to get the chance to run into four remains of magical creatures that go beyond the rank of XXXXX .

Phoenix teardrops are super rare and all, but these remains truly beat them in rarity . Also, Hagrid is giving me a really fair and good price, if I was him I would totally jack this shit up to the skyroof .

I looked at Hagrid right in the eyes and said to him in a serious business like tone, "You got yourself a deal . " And with that, I stuck out my hand for him to shake on it, so that the deal could be sealed .