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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:17:00 PM

Chapter 16

Julius was bored . He was still far from his destination- Castle Thespelae . Life of a messenger, he thought . At least he was not going to battle . That would be dangerous and Julius doesn't want to die . To hell with Castonia or Tulosa . Julius was never a patriotic man . Why does it matter anyway? Why would someone sacrifice his life for the sake of an old man with a crown? He just joined the army because of the benefits .

Honestly, Julius found his task redundant . He was the so-called second messenger . He was bringing the same message to the same castle . Where's the sense in that! By the time he arrives at Thespelae, the first messenger would have already delivered the message . He felt that this entire journey would make no difference anyway . But since it was his job, he must do it .

Julius reached the first village in the fief of Baron Braun . This village had been abandoned by his subjects a long time ago . So the rumors were true, the Baron had really given up on playing the role of a lord . It's a shame, Julius thought . It irked him that the Baron would just throw away his land . Doesn't he realize how lucky he is? To have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth . Every commoner dreamt of being a noble, having power and bloodline . Yes, one can be good at business and become rich, but nobility can't be bought . Yes, one could excel in the field of battle and be awarded, but nobility can't be awarded . Only the proper bloodline could make a person a noble . There were poor nobles and cowardly nobles, but they were nobles nonetheless . As for a commoner? No matter how powerful, influential or wealthy he gets, he will never become a noble . He will never own a fief and have subjects like Baron Braun . But the Baron let his lands rot into what it was now . Julius heard that once there were thousands of people living here, but now there were only a few hundred .

Julius' horse trotted in the mud . Yes the mud! This was the only part of the road towards Thespelae that wasn't paved with stones . Other lords would have paved the roads going through their land to attract trade and commerce, but that Baron Braun… Julius frowned .

Suddenly, two people on horseback emerged from one of the abandoned houses . The house was large so its door could fit a man on horseback . Julius saw their faces . Wismarines? Why would a Wismarine be here? Since Castonia made ties with Wismar, Wismarine merchants were now common in Nirvana . But merchants, why would a merchant hide in one of these abandoned houses with a crossbow on his hand…Crossbow?

Before Julius could react, one of the Wismarines raised his crossbow and aimed at him . He pulled the trigger and the bolt came rushing towards Julius . The man must have poor aim because it missed Julius . But the second person also fired his crossbow at him . This time, Julius was able to react and turned his horse around . The bolt missed his neck by a few inches .

Julius urged his horse to run faster . His heart was racing and he was scared .


Unfortunately a bolt hit Julius' thigh . He felt nothing at first, but after seeing the tip of the bolt protruding from his thigh, Julius felt the pain . It was unbearable . He couldn't feel the rest of his leg . The pain is so unbearable that his eyes became wet . Dammit! Julius cursed . Why! Why are they trying to kill him? This task of his was useless anyway . It's redundant!

Julius gritted his teeth . If he somehow survived this, he will quit his job as a soldier and leave Nirvana . Another bolt was fired . This time, it hit the buttocks of Julius' horse . The horse cried in pain, but Julius managed to keep it running . He grasped the reins of his horse . He doesn't want to die . He wanted to live . Please stop . Stop chasing me!

The horse ran slower . The pain in its buttocks must have affected the animal . The two Wismarines were closing in . One of them, a man with a huge scar on his left cheek, reloaded his crossbow and fired at Julius . It was impossible to miss at this distance . The bolt flew like a fist punching through the wind . It hit Julius' back and he fell from his horse . Julius hit the muddy ground . His vision was blurry and his consciousness was fading . He saw the two Wismarines dismount their horses and they approached him . The shorter one unsheathed his dagger and slit Julius' neck . Blood came gushing out -his blood . Darkness engulfed him .


" Take his bag" Krul pointed at the brown leather bag on the messenger's body . The chase only took them a few minutes . They were not professional assassins but they did the job .

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" Brother" Vilme looked at him . "He's the last one right?" He then took the bag from the man . He was a young man on his twenties . His features were that of a handsome person . It's a shame they had to kill him . Vilme opened the man's bag and took the letter . The letter was inside a metal casing wrapped in a cloth . He took the letter and searched the man for anything valuable .

"What are you doing?" Krul frowned .

"Searching for valuables . " Vilme shrugged . "We will bury him anyway so anything of value he has will be wasted . "

"So we are thieves now?" Krul raised his eyebrows . It's not that he doesn't see Vilme's point, he does . But the thought of looting someone's body seems to bother him . They are soldiers, not thieves . They killed the man because their Prince ordered them to do so, not because they wanted to rob him .

"But it's such a waste!" Vilme protested "Look! He got some gold coins in his bag" he said as he showed the gold coin to Krul .

" Fine" Krul gave up . "Do it quickly . We still need to bury him and burn this letter . "

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"We will split it I promise"

"No need . I don't…"

Krul heard the approach of horses . From experience, he estimated that there were five riders .


Bisham saw everything . He and four other royal guards rushed to help the messenger but it was too late . He saw the Wismarine kill the messenger and take the letter . And then one of them looted the body . Despicable, Bisham thought . Truly despicable .

Bisham charged his horse towards the taller Wismarine . The shorter one who looted the body was quick to mount his horse and run away .

"Chase him!" Bisham shouted . "Leave this bastard with me" He looked at the other Wismarine . He was muscular and young . Since Bisham was already old, he can only rely on experience to win .

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He unsheathed his sword and aimed for the bastard's neck . Bisham may be old, but his arm strength never diminished over the years . He swung his sword towards his opponent's neck . The Wismarine was able to parry the sword in time . Clang! The two swords met . If the Wismarine was a second slower, his neck would have left his body .

Bisham quickly turned his horse around . He swung his sword again but the Wismarine dodged and aimed at his stomach . Years of fighting had trained Bisham for this . Although he was not experienced when it comes to fighting on horseback, he knew how to fight a man on horseback- dodge and aim for their lower body . Bisham redirected the sword with his dagger . He then kicked the man in the chest . The Wismarine lost his balance and fell down . Bisham again turned his horse around . He directed the horse so that its hooves will trample the Wismarine . The man's right arm and leg were crushed by the hooves . The man cried in pain .

Bisham didn't waste any time and dismounted his horse . Bisham kicked the Wismarine again in the chest . He then lunged towards the man, putting his weight on top of him . He grasped the hilt of his dagger and stabbed the man's chest . At first, the Wismarine struggled . He was strong but Bisham really put his weight on top of him . Additionally, the man's right arm was crushed . Bisham stabbed him many times until the Wismarine ceased on struggling . Bisham was panting and his clothes were red with blood . He looked at the Wismarine . The man was gurgling blood in his mouth . He was still alive but soon he will cease to exist . Bisham's hand were trembling . He's too old for this .

On the other hand, the other Wismarine surrendered after he was surrounded by the four royal guards . They confiscated his weapons and tied his hands .

" Captain, we found the letter . But the messenger was already dead . " One of the royal guards reported to Bisham .

Bisham wiped the mud from his armor with a cloth . He approached the royal guard and verified the letter . It was what they've been looking for . It was a shame that they failed to save the messenger, but sending the letter to Thespelae was their priority . As for this man, they need to extract information out of him .

" Let's see if he could reveal something useful . " Bisham said as he looked at the WismarinePlease download our sponsor's game to support us!