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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:54 PM

Chapter 21

On top of the castle, Marvin saw everything . The sudden rush of Castonians truly caught the Tulosans unprepared . But they were starting to lose the element of surprise . The Tulosans at the rear were quick to arm themselves .

The main problem though, were the horses . The horses were being grazed at the back so the Castonians failed to capture them . Now, the Tulosan Cavalrymen had begun to mobilize . They formed into two big units . Both groups targeted the left flank of the Castonians which had the least number of soldiers . The Castonians had made a great gamble . By charging in like this, they disregarded formation and any semblance of tactics . It was great at first, but it put them into a vulnerable position . Their attack was neither idiotic nor genius . They simply made a gamble because it was the only way to catch the Tulosans off guard .


John was charging forward . He was angry . These Tulosans suddenly invaded his Kingdom and they expected him to do nothing? He will show them how wrong they were . His halberd had already struck down two Tulosans and most of the enemy infantry had already fled . As for the cavalry, a huge number of them were currently charging towards them .

If it was any other army, this charge would have broken their spirits . But the men of knightsend stood strong . They were not afraid . They formed a solid wall of defense and raised their halberd towards the charging cavalry .

The cavalry charge's strength was half true and half false . Yes the momentum of the charge was deadly, horses were powerful beasts after all . A person hit by a horse at full speed could die just because of the impact . If we also take into consideration the rider, then we can surely say that a cavalry charge was a very frightening thing . But for a cavalry unit to fully utilize the effect of its charge, the enemy should be afraid of them . The most successful cavalry charges were those times when the infantry had already routed before the impact of the charge . This way, the cavalrymen could just harass them from behind .

But horses were not stupid . They wouldn't charge into pikes and a large group of people standing still . Charging the infantry from the front had always been a gamble for the cavalry . If the infantry were not afraid of the charge, then they wouldn't run away . If they presented a solid line of defense to the horses, then the animals would terminate the charge . This was the reason why the charge's strength was half true and half false . It was half physical and half psychological .

If it was a year ago, the men of Knightsend should have already routed by now . Unfortunately for the Tulosans, Timothy came to Knightsend . Just as expected, the cavalry charging towards them suddenly halted and retreated . The horses must have seen the line of halberds pointing towards them .

But before the Castonians could rejoice, a second group of cavalry hit the them from behind . Charging into the rear of the infantry was a hundred times more effective than charging into the front .

Apparently, a second cavalry unit of about 500 encircled them from behind . The Castonians at the left flank didn't notice the second cavalry unit and were caught by surprise . To further exacerbate things, this particular group of cavalry were the feared Tulosan knights .


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Marvin saw the whole thing . A second cavalry unit struck the left flank in the rear . He recognized them as the Tulosan Knights . It was bad enough that the infantry got charged from the rear, but the Tulosan Knights specialized in this . Charging at the rear of an army is what they were trained to do . Their long lances can penetrate Castonian armor, skewering the unlucky person from behind . Their horses were strong and muscular so anyone hit by the impact of their charge would surely suffer heavy injuries . The Tulosan Knights folded the left flank like a carpet . Many people were skewered by the lances, others lost consciousness from the impact . Seeing this, the other group of cavalrymen charged back . Now, not only did the left flank suffered two successful charges from the front and the back, they were also outnumbered .

The center of the Castonian army rushed to help their brothers . But they were still far away . The earlier crazed charge of the Castonian infantry had put a huge gap between the left flank and the center .

Any other armies would have routed after this, but Marvin saw that the soldiers on left flank were fighting to the death . Those who were downed earlier by the charge stood up again . The fighting on the left had become a free-for-all brawl .


John's ears were ringing . He found himself lying down on the dirt . Apparently, a horse hit him in the back . He stood up . He can still fight . Behind him were several of his fellow Castonians who were also recovering from the charge .

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A lone Tulosan suddenly charged and stabbed his spear towards him . John gripped his halberd and deflected the blow . The Tulosan turned his horse around and charged him again . John crouched and avoided the spear . He then slammed the hook part of his halberd into the chest of the Tulosan and unhorsed him . The Tulosan fell from his horse but he was quick to roll out of John's final blow . The Tulosan unsheathed his sword and swung it towards John's face . The man was able to get pass the halberd's zone of attack . John used his forearm to defend his face and the sword hit the mail gauntlet John was wearing . John let go of his halberd and grabbed his dagger . He stabbed the Tulosan in the armpit but blade wasn't able to penetrate the man's armor . Now it was the Tulosan's turn to grab his dagger and stab John in the stomach . The blade was able to penetrate part of his mail armor but the gambeson underneath was able to stop it . Seeing that the Tulosan was in an awkward position, John bashed his head towards him . The Tulosan took a few steps back, he was clearly stunned by the bash . John took the opportunity to bury his dagger into the man's face . The Tulosan cried in pain . With the Tulosan wallowing in pain, John was able to grab his halberd and delivered the final blow . The axe part of the halberd cut the man's neck . Since he was wearing a gambeson collar, the halberd failed to decapitate him . But the blow was fatal and blood gushed from his neck .

John looked for another target . He spotted a Tulosan on horseback who was harassing a Castonian . John rushed towards the Tulosan and lodged the tip of his halberd into the man's back . His strike was hard and true, penetrating through armor . But it wasn't enough to kill the Tulosan . The Tulosan turned to him but his fellow Castonian also stabbed the man in the chest . With both of them skewering the Tulosan, they managed to unhorse him . John delivered the final blow with a swing of his halberd . The two of them decided to team up and rescue more Castonians . The battlefield by now was covered with dust from the charge so visibility was low . Despite this, the two of them were able to rally several Castonians . There were seven people in John's group at first, but this quickly grew into a few dozens .

The group then found the best target they could find- the Tulosan Knights . No words were needed for orders . They all knew that they must kill the Knights . The Knights had gambeson, mail and pieces of plate armor and they were trained for years unlike the soldiers they fought earlier . It was harder and more dangerous to kill a knight, but they wanted to anyway . They charged at the Knights with anger in their eyes . These people killed many of their brothers today .

"Kill them all! Kill the Knights! Today, we will make the rooster prince proud! " John shouted as he rushed towards the Knights

"For Castonia! Long live the rooster prince!"

"For Prince Timothy!"

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Cries can be heard as the group slammed against the Knights . The Tulosans must pay with blood!


The chaotic battle on the left flank lasted for a while until reinforcements from the center arrived . Seeing the approaching Castonians, the Tulosans fled . The men on the left flank were all bloody and battered, but they remained unbroken .

In the right flank, the Castonians had finally broken the Tulosans . It was a complete victory for the Castonians despite the messy affair on the left flank . In the end, the Tulosans lost more than half of their army . The Castonians, on the other hand, lost about 800 . Most of the Castonian casualties were from the left flank .

General Marvin took 3000 men to reinforce Timothy . He left the others to tend to the wounded and guard the Castle . Since many of the villagers were also staying at Knightsend, he doesn't need to leave many men behind to maintain the castle .

Marvin then discovered that the Tulosans had just recently replenished their supplies . Now they don't have to worry about food for a while . Marvin also captured a lot of the Tulosan horses . He can now have more scouts to look for Timothy in Mercus Plains . Before he left, Marvin sent letters by carrier pigeons to all the castles and cities in the Western Region .

"Knightsend had broken the siege . We're now going to reinforce Prince Timothy"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!