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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:36 PM

Chapter 26

Four men were seated around a table, two Vanadians, a Wismarine scum and Timothy .

Timothy looked at the three with a stern expression . He actually got this facial expression from his time at Knightsend . Whenever he had crucial orders for the soldiers, he would give them this expression to let them know that he was serious . It worked on the men of Knightsend and it seems to work on the Vanadians and the Wismarine . The three of them refused to even glance at Timothy .

Timothy looked at the Wismarine . His hands and feet were tied . His face was full of dirt and dried blood . General Bourgis must have already tortured him a little .

"Speak!" Timothy commanded .

The Wismarine was startled . He opened his mouth but no words came out . "I . . I'm so . . sorry your highness!" he lowered his head . Timothy could see his body trembling .

"Erik" Timothy turned his head towards Erik who was standing behind him "I didn't asked for an apology, did I? I commanded him to speak . I asked him to do one thing, and he did another . He must think that I'm a fool right?"

"Perhaps" Erik replied

"No!" The Wismarine shouted on top of his lungs "I . . I didn't mean to disrespect you your highness! I apologize" he bowed so low that Timothy was afraid he will break his neck "I will talk now! We killed the messenger"

"Now we're getting something . " Timothy looked at the two Vanadians . They were more composed compared to the Wismarine but Timothy could still see them trembling "Does the two of you confirm his statement as a fact?"

"Yes, Your Highness" one of the said . But the man still refused to look at him "There were five witnesses to his crime including our captain"

"I also confirm this Your Highness! I saw him slit the throat of the messenger . He had an accomplice but the captain already killed the bastard" said the other Vanadian . Timothy recognized him . He was indeed part of Lucia's retinue .

"Since none of the messengers reached Thespelae and the killer himself confessed to the crime, then we can put this as a fact . Fact number one, you killed the messengers" Timothy pointed at the Wismarine . "Now for the next question, why?"

" To prevent them from sending the message Your Highness" the Wismarine revealed

"Oh no Erik" Timothy again turned to Erik "He did it again . I asked a question and he answered another . He really thinks I'm stupid, doesn't he?"

"He's wasting our time on purpose"

"Well we have about thirty minutes to talk to him . If thirty minutes had already passed and I'm still not satisfied with the information I got, then we have no choice but to resort to a more…violent method" Timothy gave the Wismarine a smile

"No! Your Highness I'm not wasting your time on purpose! Please . I answered your question truthfully . Ask me anything . Yes, I'll answer all your questions!" the Wismarine shouted .

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To be fair, he really did answer Timothy's question truthfully . Why did he kill the messengers? To prevent them from sending the message . Timothy just wanted to mess with the Wismarine . He wanted the man to fear him . Fear loosens one's tongue and makes the person speak truthfully . From the looks of it, he succeeded in scaring the man .

"So let me ask you again" He gave the Wismarine a piercing gaze "Why?" his voice was cold .

"Because . . ah . . because the prince ordered us to kill him . Prince Skall Wismar! He wants you dead to break the alliance with Vanadis . To kill the messengers was King Leopold's plan . " The Wismarine voice was trembling .

"And how did you know that my father was behind all of this? Don't tell me that you're just speculating . If you feed me wrong information, I'll"

"I was there your highness! I swear I was there!" the Wismarine interrupted him

Timothy smiled . Now we're getting a first-hand account .

"Go on" he commanded

"I was there when the King and Prince Skall made a pact . I was his guard at that time . I heard everything your highness . King Leopold planned it all . He can't have you killed by an assassin because the people would lose confidence on the royal family if that happened . So he wanted the Tulosans to kill you in battle . Since I already heard about their conversation, the Prince chose me and the other guards to act as assassins . He paired me with Krul to kill the assassins going to Thespelae"

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"Why did he hire you? You're not an assassin . Wasn't it better to hire professional assassins instead?" Erik asked .

"He did your . . " the Wismarine struggled to find the correct title for Erik . Erik waved his hand as a sign that the Wismarine should just continue . "Like what I said, he did try to hire professional assassins . He went to the merchants and asked around but the merchants failed to find a professional assassin on such short notice"

Timothy frowned . This somehow gives weight to Lucia's words . Timothy remembered a sentence from Lucia's letter . 'I came with this conclusion after hearing some rumors from the merchants . ' She must have heard that Skall Wismar met with the King and that the Prince tried to hire some assassins . If it was him, he would have the same conclusion as Lucia . Timothy felt guilty . What if Lucia was telling the truth? She had been protecting him and he repaid her with doubts .

"Get him out of here" Timothy commanded "We will punish him later" . Timothy's guards dragged the Wismarine out of his tent . Timothy then turned to the two Vanadians .

"The letter" he started "It's from Lucia?"

"Yes your highness . Before we set off to find the messenger, she gave the letter to the captain . She instructed that if her suspicions were proven true, we must deliver the letter to you . " The Vanadian explained

Timothy nodded to his explanation . "Tell me exactly what you saw"

"We saw the two Wismarines chasing the messenger . They were able to do that without arousing suspiscions because the village was slightly abandoned"

"An abandoned village?" Timothy raised his eyebrows "Where did they set the ambush exactly?"

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"We don't know the name of the place Your Highness . But a lake was nearby . And it was the only part of the road that doesn't have paved roads"

Baron Braun's fief . There was only one place along the road from Nirvana to Thespelae that doesn't have paved roads . It's Baron Braun's fief . Furthermore, there was a lake near the abandoned village . This piece of information also increased the weight of Lucia's words . It would make sense if Baron Braun was involved in all of this . Timothy knew the Baron's personality . He's a good man actually, but he loves Castonia so much that he's always willing to get his hands dirty for the sake of the Kingdom . Timothy admits that his death and the dissolution of the Vanadian alliance will benefit Castonia . Wismar is strong . But he doesn't want to die .

"Thank you for doing your duty" Timothy thanked the royal guards "I will send you back to Nirvana . Protect Lucia at all cost . I also need you to bring her a letter from me . "

"We will deliver the letter your highness" the royal guard hesitated "But wouldn't it be better if you come with us? If you go to Knightsend with your army, then there's a chance that you will be killed . I do not doubt your abilities . But it will be safer if you abandon your army . This fiasco is not your fault anyway . "

"I had actually thought of that . But I won't abandon these people . I was the one who recruited them and it's my responsibility to take care of them . " Timothy answered . There was another reason though . If what Lucia said was true, then the King would be his opponent . To at least survive, he needs to save the soldiers . He needs their support . In short, he needs power so that the King won't dare scheme against him or Lucia again .

The royal guards nodded indicating that they understood Timothy . The two of them then saluted . Timothy immediately wrote a letter and gave it to the royal guards .

The Vanadians left just as the army was preparing to move . It didn't take a long time to disassemble the camp . The veterans were experienced so the whole process took less than an hour . Since the soldiers from Thespelae were exhausted, they were put at the front . They will dictate the pace of the march . Timothy also ordered the soldiers to leave their supply trains behind . The supply trains will bug them down and they threw most of their things into the river . They only carried food that will be good for ten days . But Timothy knew that this was not enough . They still need to use the terrain to outmarch the Tulosans .

The army marched across the bridge and then burned it . Timothy turned and looked at the burning bridge one last time . Beyond the bridge lies the way to Nirvana . Beyond it, lies home . They were going the opposite way . They were going to Knightsend where they will probably stay and starve for a few months . And before they could enter the castle, they still need to defeat the besieging force . Hard days were ahead .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!