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Published at 27th of December 2018 03:16:29 PM

Chapter 30

Timothy was looking at Erik's handiwork and sighed . He can't really see the fire from where he was standing, but the smoke was large enough . Behind him were his soldiers resting from a whole day of marching . In order to get out of the forest as soon as possible, he ordered a quick march . The men were exhausted, but they got out of the forest before sundown . But now he was starting to worry about Erik and the veterans . Escaping the fire would be hard .

"Tim" James tugged his sleeves "Look!" James pointed at the forest .

Timothy squinted and saw several moving figures among the trees . The figures were small at first, like dots, but soon their features became more apparent . It was Erik and the cavalry detachment .

The soldiers also saw the approaching figures and stood up . They then cheered after seeing that it was the cavalry . They rejoiced and shouted .

Erik dismounted his horse and went to Timothy . His face was still black from the smoke and his armor was dirty . He then saluted and knelt in front of Timothy .

"Your Highness, we have accomplished your orders . "

"Rise Erik Connel" Timothy gestured for Erik to stand up "Castonia is grateful to you and the Connel family . "

Erik stood up . "It's my honor to do my duty to your highness" he bowed

"The honor is mine" Timothy smiled . He then turned to the soldiers who were silently watching their exchange "Although he gave the Tulosans a free bonfire to warm their nights"

The soldiers laughed . Timothy then slowly raised his hand to silence them . "Erik Connel and the Cavalry detachment's heroic deeds bought us a few days of time . " He then pointed at the muddy and haggard soldiers of the cavalry detachment "For that we must thank them . But this isn't over yet" he paused to let his words sink in .

"I know that these last few days had been hard . We marched all day, stopping only to sleep for a few hours . Our food was bad, our water dirty and our bodies weak from exhaustion . But this isn't over . Tomorrow we will march again, tomorrow we will eat stale food again, tomorrow me must satisfy our thirst with dirty water again . But at least we have tomorrow . Our living conditions are bad, but at least we are alive . And as long as we are alive, as long as we are breathing, a tomorrow is an opportunity, an opportunity to make things better . "

"So grab your rucksacks, eat your stale bread, drink your dirty water and look forward for tomorrow . We will face tomorrow together with grim determination . Don't look back to the past, yearn for the future, yearn for a better life . Because I assure you, we will live! We will survive! And tomorrow will come!" Timothy raised his fist into the air . The deafening cheers of the soldiers shook the earth . Their living condition these past days was abysmal .

Timothy suffered with them . He knew how they feel because sometimes even he felt giving up . But he banished these thoughts . He will survive and live on . Tough days were ahead, but he's still alive . Being alive meant having the power and opportunity to change one's fate .

Also every time he was about to give up, the thought Lucia gave him courage to go on . He hadn't decided yet on who to trust between Lucia and his father . But if Lucia was telling the truth, then he owed her his life . She had done so much to ensure his survival . He needs to get back to her . He needs to live so that her efforts would not go to waste . Also, he wants to see her again, he wants to live by her side . Timothy smiled and ridiculed himself . He vowed to remain neutral between Lucia and his father but it seems his heart had been inching closer toward Lucia's side .

The soldiers camped for the night and left the next morning . Just as what Timothy said, they carried their rucksacks, ate their stale bread and drank their dirty water . But this time, the did so with conviction .

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At noon the next day, Erik informed Timothy of great news .

"What?" Timothy looked at Erik in disbelief "The garrison of Knightsend are coming to reinforce us? But Knightsend is . . "

"They broke the siege by themselves Tim!" Erik excitedly declared . "It's better to ask the messenger directly"

"Tell him to come here immediately" Timothy ordered . Erik then left and came back with the messenger .

"John? You're John right?" Timothy asked . He recognized him . He really was a soldier of Knighstend . He remembered John as the soldier he caught drunk while on guard duty about a year ago . There was now a dry wound that runs across his cheek, but Timothy still recognized him .

John dismounted his horse, knelt and saluted to Tim "It brings me joy that His Highness still recognizes me . " He said happily "Centurion John Wilkin at your command sire"

"Centurion?" Timothy raised his brows . John was not an officer when he was still at Knightsend . Even though John was capable, Timothy was reluctant in promoting him . His record of being drunk on duty made Timothy worry of the promotion's effects on the soldiers .

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"General Marvin promoted me your highness" John shyly scratched his head and avoided Timothy's eyes "But I can relinquish my command if you desire"

"No need for that Centurion" Timothy smiled "You deserve your promotion . By the way, address me as sir, not your highness . Let's not be so formal . Now, tell me about General Marvin's message"

" We have broken the siege sir . 3000 men are coming to reinforce you . We also captured many horses and supplies"

Timothy was delighted . This was certainly, without a doubt, good news . Horses! Supplies! And experienced soldiers from Knightsend! This also meant that they don't need to break the siege anymore .

"Good!" Timothy exclaimed "But you must be crazy to sally forth and attack the Tulosans"

"It was dangerous sir . In fact our left flank was charged by the Knights from behind . The rest of their cavalry also attacked the left flank . I was there . We were outnumbered and many brothers died . But we did not rout sir! Any other army would have routed but we stood up and fought . It was hard at first, but Castonian strength prevailed . We made them pay . " John proudly said .

Timothy was also proud . What they did was dangerous, but in the end their training and courage saved them . These are the soldiers he had always wanted to have .

"And I believe your deeds in that battle were the reason for your promotion" Timothy commented

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"Yes sir" John refused to look at him again "But it wasn't just me . Many of the brothers also fought ferociously . After knowing that you were in danger, we were enraged . We wanted to break the siege as soon as possible and fight for you"

Timothy was so touched that words failed to escape his mouth . The soldiers of Knightsend were not just strong and brave, they were also loyal to him . His earlier prediction was correct . If the garrison knew of his situation, they would break the siege themselves .

"Thank you for your loyalty . But how did you know of my situation?"

"General Marvin told us sir . He said that a letter came from Lucia Vanadis that warned him of your situation . If I'm not mistaken, Lucia Vanadis is the Princess of Vanadis and your betrothed so we believed her . "

Lucia . Timothy closed his eyes . She must have used the seal he gave her . Lucia saved him again . Now, he's almost certain on who to trust between Lucia and his father . If Lucia wanted to harm him, she wouldn't inform Marvin of his situation . She had done so much for him and he doubted her . Doubting her was actually the logical thing to do, their time together was short and trust blooms with time . But he still felt guilty for doubting her . She must have done so much just to increase his chances of survival . She didn't have connections in Castonia but she still found a way to help him anyway . Lucia was smart and capable . He didn't deserve her . She was too good . He wants to hug her right now and thank her . He also wanted to apologize for doubting her at first .

But that can wait . It's his turn now to impress her . With the help of Knightsend's garrison, he now had the strength to destroy the Tulosans . He will annihilate them . He is Timothy Castonia, third prince of the Kingdom of Castonia and he will show the Tulosans how dreadful he is . He will win, for Castonia, for the soldiers who trust him, for himself, and for Lucia .

"Erik, tell the men of the good news" he smiled "Also, tell them that I changed my mind after receiving this news . Tell them that the Western Region will soon become red with Tulosan blood"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!